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  3. Wts/Wtt

  4. Melee party can do it easy with gear they have at moment. All you need is warlord and destro, Stun lands pretty well on mobs and destro destroys everything. Maybe Will not be fast XP cause of waiting for CD but defently doable ofc im saying lvl 76+.
  5. Wts/Wtt

  6. Wts/Wtt

    Emi+10 Emi+12 Great Pata +16 Pm here or send mail to Macroshade for offers.
  7. Siege 27/08/17

    @Kure you know i like to share.
  8. Siege 27/08/17

    Thats not important, people forget that in a year alot of things happend, thats all you have to take from what i said, but i can clean you up on that info, i have a specific breed of dogs and i let them reproduce themself. Breed is called Bouvier Bernois. If you wanna look into it.
  9. Siege 27/08/17

    In a year i moved to my home town, got a new job, got a new dog, my 2 dogs are making love to make beautyful little puppys, i got new forniture for my new home, as you can see alot happends in a year. ;-) (i don't have pic sorry to dissapoint you, numbers/excuses is not everything for me)
  10. Siege 27/08/17

    It's fact that you are always looking for excuses, And back in the days when DL was growing strong i was a SM member from DL side. :-D I also gave contribution to that strong side, oh and if i remember well i pushed all my CP back then to push Epic farm characters and guess what when i left they dominated Epics so yeah cool story your saying not knowing shiet cause your to young here to act as you know everything.
  11. Siege 27/08/17

    Oh yeah i forgot that your excuses dont end. Its CC numbers/lvl difference/epic jewels/OE gear and it goes on and on and on. @Myrtan i'm not saying we had not bigger numbers then you, but with your numbers and all you did is take Dion ia kind of pathetic. There are 5 castles only giran and aden are heavly defended and still you got only Dion. 1st in whole month i play in siege and things are still the same. I tought you evolved alittle bit.
  12. Siege 27/08/17

    People to busy on OBT and i guess badproducts dont want discuss siege Dion is enough.
  13. OBT - first impression

    So far i am pleased with OBT. Why? Cause not even 24 hours of OBT passed and People report bugs constantly to be fixed, more then that even beeing OBT some People are actually making effort to test stuff. I have to congratulate gm team on not making enchants available on OBT cause most of People would stay in town trolling with it. In a few days on testing i'm hoping that administrators will hold a event in OBT to kill and test baium with them, and all other lvl 75+ epic RB to be sure its working fine. Everything else players should be able to detect.
  14. 2.0 update patch notes

    OBT is corrected its root.
  15. will open in 45 mins i guess.