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  1. Wts/Wtt

  2. CS

    All leaders of china where dead. No one to crest Aden at that point. WK ally did very wrong on focusing Aden i mean ok try but if you can't hold it at least own 1 castle even if in last 30 mins. Still they came again and again and again and failed hard this siege poor leadership over there. At least thats what i think.
  3. Wts/Wtt

  4. Wts/Wtt

  5. [FIXED]Clan unity buff disappear.

    Try to check when you get overbuffed. We did feel that People that get overbuffed in CP the buff unity also dissapeared.
  6. Clan Syndicate

    close topic solved. :-)
  7. Clan Syndicate

    Love to play with serious people. ;-)
  8. Clan Syndicate

    Well i won't give up withouth a fight no worry i will find out who did it and i will expose that scammer to community, sure people will love some more drama story. :-) If they can't make it they should not have it!
  9. Clan Syndicate

    So as everyone knows syndicate clan was my clan since start wanna see if anyone has the guts to come here and tell me why i'm not leader of syndicate anymore, and why is syndicate clan gone?
  10. Like above says. leave Message.
  11. WTB OE BOW

    I have emi+12 on sale. 😉
  12. Wts/Wtt

  13. Wts/Wtt

  14. Wts/Wtt