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  1. even mobs started to say that you are a la2-nerd, i guess its game over.
  2. video processing has become good, it remains to work on the gameplay pick up targets faster, dont run after one target for 20 sec (your job during pvp is to assassinate all robes, not only 2-3), dont forget to use focus death
  3. what is not clear here? why you both say +dex if i was not saying it? +str - con two dyes +str -dex one dye
  4. duelist: x2 - con +str, x1 -dex +str or x1 -str +con x1 -dex +con mighty be ok for oly, not sure ee: x3 - men +wit
  5. i guess every dagger here, especially from Asia, is skilled enough to ignore my proposes. topic is closed.
  6. hello, proposing the help in learning the basics of playing as a dagger on olympiad and raising the level of the game in general. details in PM on forum or email. videos are not fresh, due to i left the server
  7. just logged to write this. cheers
  8. what about bluff and bleed? th still doesnt have bleed, while on offi it was added in antharas patch as i remember.
  9. bro, better do what you like. your calc is useless on this server, imho (maybe wouldn't be on another) if you can, then create dmg calculator, or some kind of debuffs landing rate calculator. it would be useful on everyserver. cheers!
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    oh, you little guess who
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    i feel sorry man :-(
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