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  1. yo, malaka. flashbacks from 2018? xD still hitting a like, coz you know how tun run behind the pillars, you know how to press buttons.
  2. how many ppl still playing on TI?
  3. lf dagger 78+ with castle circlet and good equip to play oly for you
  4. that moment when classic starts to remind a gracia / high five server. instead of reworking some dagger mechanics, to do it more playable, you add binding blow. now only critical blow, stealth and treasure chests are missing xD yet again patch is from people who dont play this game. anyway gj and gl
  5. i am right 90% of time, but sadly you did not hire such talent
  6. People are 76+ now. Where is the logic to boost newbies from 1-49 only? Whole idea is good, but not finished. Should be: 1-49 x2, 49-60 x1.5, 60-74 x1.10-15 or just change the runes, not mobs. Imho.
  7. You guys are so much tryharders 😄 The answer is "soon" (c)
  8. hello. lf dagger 76 + (preferably th) to farm oly for you and if you have good gear - to compete for hero. should i really introduce myself? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YztCR0ubKpA