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  1. i dont know the WL's stuns landing rate, but if they are arround 70%, like some debuffs in general, then 70 * 0.60 (40% ressist) = 42% landing rate. according to your info (11 / 29) * 100 = ~38% which i think are ok.
  2. Poseidon

    buff scrool lv2

    *but only for mages
  3. Poseidon

    buff scrool lv2

    yes, what a unfair scroll. i think you should add and chant of victory too. mages FTW!
  4. put all marks ON and you will see that you miss, or mob resisted your attack. plus some mobs have no drops at all, or it has a chance to drop. f.e. 70% to drop adena
  5. WTB 2nd prof DYES +3 DEX - 3 CON, +4 DEX - 4 CON pm here or in discord Poseidon#0875
  6. cant deny, hard life for all except mages
  7. as chevi says akat is better and that was the point of my question. akat wins vs rest lower bows even if they are slow
  8. Poseidon

    Comet CP

    bro, i came here to see true pvps, but this music...
  9. tks feature is that he is very fat in the end game content and is unkillable for most of classes, plus he has the best agro rate, if i remember correct, coz his cubic can aggro (it was useful when mobs were loosing agro and hitting different people, not only puller who agroed it. nowadays only cubics root remains useful). this patch that currently is running is totaly bullsh1t mage patch and admins havent done any actions to increase melees status comparing to mages. in most of the times, tks place is in the mage party, where he is just a puller and is an absorbing shield during pvps, that can save your pt member via tol and simply boosting the party with the pt icon. returning to the topic and checking majority of pvp videos i suggest to play the class you like, not what is op, because many people do not understand what to press and what to do even on meta chars. in 2,0 and in general on higher levels tks power will grow not so much in damage, but in surviveability. even now with this unique guard stance skill most of mage nukes can be blocked by shield, which will win a few important seconds for your dds.
  10. What do you want to know exactly? Bonus values?
  11. bump looking for a cp to be a part of it and deliver great gameplay as a dd available prime hours 19:00-23/24:00 CET or many hours more if it will be really needed discord Poseidon#0875 or pm on forum