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Found 22 results

  1. Pinkysek

    Stream - Pinkysek lolPW
  2. Hi guys, I'm streaming every day 5pm - 0am (CET) at: FullHD 60FPS been streaming 2 weeks already from my day 1, maybe u catched me up already. Feel free to come to chat with me and my boys, I am borred while slacking at aoe waiting for train to come. IGN: uberNez Live Stream: Skype: nezz_isNotReady CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K, Quad Core, 4,20GHz, 8MB Memory: Viper Elite Grey 16GB Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Turbo OC 11GB Motherboard: ASRock Z270 Taichi HDD1: Seagate Barracuda 2TB, 7200 HDD2: SanDisk eXtreme 240GB SSD Disc Driver: ASUS DRW-24B5ST Mouse: Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Mouse Pad: Logitech G640 Keyboard: MadCatz STRIKE 3
  3. BoogeyMan

    Stream reward?

    What about rewards? they go from registration counts or stream hours?
  4. <- LIVE STREAM !! <- VIDEOS!!
  5. bsklakis2

    Fun Stream

    I am now to this stream kinda stuff so i will do stream for fun and relaxing Come watch say hello
  6. godleck

    My stream

    I will stream soon!
  7. TheOddOne

    Streams old and new

    Classic Club Streams Have some streams from farming and some raid bosses from our server . I'm new at this but if my videos and streams helps to inv more ppl to the server then all is good ! Hope to have lost more vids up and not just from farm ! I try to stream wen ever i have the free time . Ty all gl and hf on the server.
  8. Oet


    Welcome to my stream guys
  9. SacrificialLT

    New Streamer

    Hey guys, Watch mine stream New player gos to HERO ;D
  10. Tal1sman

  11. Taske If tired of playing, events, tracks and talk in chat. But my knowledge of English could be better.
  12. NightSeaMarina

    Stream-стримчик [EN/RU]
  13. NightSeaMarina

    Stream-стримчик [EN/RU]
  14. Triillville

    Stream!!! (19:00-24:00) жду всех !)/waiting for all !
  15. Nelsone


    ku new start dwarf


  17. Chico dc

    lets make some propaganda
  18. BeamJim


    Hello everyone, I would like to make an auction for a Stream overlay! I did one stream overlay design, had a little misscommunication with client, and it turned out to be not worth spending my time on it for the return I would be getting. So I figured I might try be part of a community and help you guys out and in return as a wannabe future BD, get some easy on the leveling process Design - is 1920x1080p, would make small adjustments for your personal needs, can add an object or two if you have something you want to personalise(i.e.: shield,dwarf,etc. :D) if you need Auction rules: // Starting Price: 100,000 (100k) adena // Buyout price: 1,000,000 (1kk) Adena. // Auction will run for the rest of this day 11/22 , 6-8hours from this point Ends at 11/27 Friday Evening // I might consider value deals, like duals or something So, inform your friends streamers, and good luck >.< Overlay with placeholder screenshot attached.
  19. Khef


    Всем привет, что я тоже не ленивый запилю стрим, стримил: - alfa x1 - x3 x7 - x50 x6k - gve - x1200 - x100k - x222 - x5 - C4
  20. Sterblich

    Lineage 2 Classic stream

    Zapraszam na stream z tego serwera
  21. Renzy

    Stream by RenzyTV

    Йоу. Всем привет, В общем, врываемся со своим адекватным стримом, вместе со всеми на старте сервера и это небольшой анонсик. Так что ждем всех и рады аналогично всем(глупых не любим). В ожидании открытия вечерами играем в League Of Legends. На старте будем топить по максимуму Смотреть здесь: Ссылка на группу: P.S. Да будет флуд, да будут апы
  22. NecroFillin

    Стрим-марафон 24

    Доброго времени суток, господа! В общем ещё один стрим Буду стримить открытие сервера и первые 24 часа его жизни, будет проведён розыгрыш Вещей из Стрима, так что фоловтесь, вступайте в группу) И не судите строго, я только начинающий стример Стрим: Группа ВК: