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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, My name is Bluewings and I play in The Black Team CP. I will be streaming our farms, events and other irrelevant stuff we do together. Welcome to join!
  2. Hello Guys, I am going to stream on twitch and here is my account to check out. Twitch user name : YouTube channel: The streaming would contain daily farm, rbs, enchanting, pvps, siege, Oly and other funny stuff. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and approval. Cheers
  3. Hi guys! o7 With great pleasure, I cordially invite you all to join me on my Twitch channel: (✿´‿`) (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I've been playing lineage for well over 14 years - the one MMO that has made me most addicted! ;-) I appropriate L2 for many different aspects, but the one that I find most important is the community! On this journey you will find friends to share the joy and struggles of the game, yet the day you gain real enemies is when your endeavor will become truly meaningful ლ(´ڡ`ლ). I stream in two primes - NA and EU - you can always find the exact schedule in the information tab on my Twitch. I try to keep a balance between showing pvp (pt vs pt, castle sieges, fights for epic bosses), and showing everyday struggles with the world in various locations (both low lvl and end-game). I'm a complete rookie on Twitch, I started this adventure just a few weeks ago. I will continue discovering my own style, and with your support, I'm sure we will be able to create amazing content! ◔ ⌣ ◔ Polls and interact with viewers using various widgets help me stay in touch with the audience. Sometimes I can try conversations or contests. However, it's not always easy to stream without delay, especially when it comes to ally activities or dynamic pvp. Regardless of where this journey takes me, you are always welcome to join! <3 (✿´‿`) (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
  4. sometimes maybe good,sometimes maybe shit. MALAKIA EVERYDAY
  5. time to time streaming pve farm on ES
  6. What about rewards? they go from registration counts or stream hours?
  7. Taske If tired of playing, events, tracks and talk in chat. But my knowledge of English could be better.
  9. жду всех !)/waiting for all !
  10. ku new start dwarf


  12. Hello everyone, I would like to make an auction for a Stream overlay! I did one stream overlay design, had a little misscommunication with client, and it turned out to be not worth spending my time on it for the return I would be getting. So I figured I might try be part of a community and help you guys out and in return as a wannabe future BD, get some easy on the leveling process Design - is 1920x1080p, would make small adjustments for your personal needs, can add an object or two if you have something you want to personalise(i.e.: shield,dwarf,etc. :D) if you need Auction rules: // Starting Price: 100,000 (100k) adena // Buyout price: 1,000,000 (1kk) Adena. // Auction will run for the rest of this day 11/22 , 6-8hours from this point Ends at 11/27 Friday Evening // I might consider value deals, like duals or something So, inform your friends streamers, and good luck >.< Overlay with placeholder screenshot attached.
  13. Khef


    Всем привет, что я тоже не ленивый запилю стрим, стримил: - alfa x1 - x3 x7 - x50 x6k - gve - x1200 - x100k - x222 - x5 - C4
  14. Zapraszam na stream z tego serwera
  15. Йоу. Всем привет, В общем, врываемся со своим адекватным стримом, вместе со всеми на старте сервера и это небольшой анонсик. Так что ждем всех и рады аналогично всем(глупых не любим). В ожидании открытия вечерами играем в League Of Legends. На старте будем топить по максимуму Смотреть здесь: Ссылка на группу: P.S. Да будет флуд, да будут апы
  16. Доброго времени суток, господа! В общем ещё один стрим Буду стримить открытие сервера и первые 24 часа его жизни, будет проведён розыгрыш Вещей из Стрима, так что фоловтесь, вступайте в группу) И не судите строго, я только начинающий стример Стрим: Группа ВК: