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Found 92 results

  1. WTB: IEAB 45kk WTS: Sls+10 260kk Talisman crystals 295K/cry Berserker blade 19kk Pm here or ingame on Rosenberg
  2. Eucanto

    WTB SLS +10 / Yaksa +10

    WTB SLS +10 WTB Yaksa +10 PM or Mail offer "EuCanto"
  3. underthesky

    WTB Tarbar

    WTB Tarbar bought
  4. Tobbygnome

    WTB Berserker sword +8/+9/+10

    Hello everyone. WTB Berserker sword +8/+9/+10. If you have higher or lower ++, let me know. Write me email in game. Unsearchable Thanks and have a nice day !
  5. tirannus

    WTS SB Death Whisper 7KK

    WTS SB Death Whisper 7KK cheapest on the server. contact tirinna in game (pm or mail)
  6. V4siukas

    Dark Screamer ++++

    WTB Dark Screamer +++ pm/mail ingame "V4siukas !
  7. ~~~~~~~~~~~ WTB (Buy) (Покупаю) Orcish poleaxe - pm\mail GogenzolernUP ~~~~~~~~~~~ WTS (Sell) (Продаю) Ghoul's Staff - 19kk [/target FunnySunny] Spellbooks - not aviable at the momment [FARMING] ~~~~~~~~~~~ WTT (Trade) (Меняю) Ghoul's Staff for Orcish poleaxe - pm\mail GogenzolernUP ~~~~~~~~~~~ Pm me here or pm\mail me in game [MrBlacksmith;MaJIuIIIka]; Пм здесь или пм\почта в игре [MrBlacksmith;MaJIuIIIka]; ~~~ONLINE~~~ P.S. The underlined nickname = character online! Подчеркнутый ник = персонаж онлайн!
  8. GniTs

    YeahRighT Store

    WTS BOP +6 Sealed Runes Bellion Cestus Great Sword Kris Any B grade rec/part (weap and armor) WTB ... WTT BOP +6 and adenas or itens for BOP+7++
  9. Soc

    WTB Talisman / CDL

    WTB : Talisman 4 / 5 (edit : I take offers for Talisman 6) Spellbook Curse Death Link PM or send mail offer to Socrate
  10. Waylander152

    WTB EMI +8 to + 12

    Hello WTB EMI BOW +8 to + 12 pm with your price pls.
  11. Andor

    WTB rcp

    Wtb Rcp: Yaksa mace Rcp: Berserker blade Rcp: Demon staf Send Offer mail "Andor"
  12. Chest

    WTS +8sls dual's / WTB sls+12+

    WTS > dual SLS*SLS+8 or WTT for SLSword+12+ WTB > SLSword+12+ Mail or PM in game "Jackals
  13. GniTs


  14. jas58


    WTS: -Dark Elven Long Bow (B), cheap -BW Boots -sigel rune lvl 2 (cheap) -aeore rune lvl 1 (cheap) -PL Boots WTB: -SB: Stigma of Shillien -Recipes SSB/BSSC message me on forum or pm/send mail to "unpuntable or "jayWalker, ty
  15. Hi! WTB Plated Leather Armor or Plated Leather Armor Keys (x8) Send mail to Dwemertech with u price. Thanks!
  16. DuncanFox

    WTB Jewel +++

    WTB 1. Top C Ring + 5 + 6 2. Neck Bo + 3 + 4 Ingame: ZonFox or inbox
  17. Hello WTB Deadman Glory +3 to +5 mail me here or in game.. Thx
  18. HellHound

    WTB SLS*SLS duals +3 to +5

    Hello WTB SLS*SLS +3 to +5 mail me here or in game.. Thx
  19. Chest


    !WTT > emi+16 , looking for normal offers !WTB > demon dagger+9+10+ !WTB > drake set(withgloves)+6++ FPhelmet+7+ !WTB > QueenAnt 3lv. Mail ingame Jackals, or PM if im online
  20. HaveFunBye

    WTB cursed maingauche +++++

    WTB cursed maingauche +++++ ingame name: Duskwing
  21. HellHound

    WTB SLS*SLS +3 & Deadmans Glory +3

    WTB SLS*SLS +3 & Deadmans Glory +3 pm me here or send payment request to HellHound in game... with reasonable price..
  22. Humble

    Humble's Trade Shop

    Hello club community and welcome to my humble shop. In this thread I will try and settle all my trading needs :). Currently I would like to sell of these items: - Yaksa mace+8 - Yaksa mace+9 - Dual shamshir (2) - Dual katana (out of stock)* - Dual caliburs -Spiritstaff -Zubei robe and light parts upper/lower boots & gloves -Spellbooks: currently allot in stock pm for info _________________________________ I would like to buy the following items: - Yaksa mace +/11/12 - Black ore Ring/Earring Recipe and parts. -xp/sp buff scrolls -Recipe : Eminence bow
  23. Hello, wtb BW set +3 (heavy) offer me here by privat message, thanks...
  24. Ithilaer

    WTB Karmian set

    WTB Karmian set. Pm on forums/ ingame spoiledpunk with price.
  25. Chest

    Demon Dagger+8+10

    WTB : Demon Dagger+8+9+10 Drake armor,boots +8 (if its possible) offer here, or ingame mail/pm "Jackals"