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  1. Humble

    Why people does this?

    Maybe if gms would fix this then server wouldnt crash from 390278454705649864895689 fake offline shops.
  2. Humble

    Attantion - Online falls very much.

    conspiracy conspiracy's
  3. Humble

    Attantion - Online falls very much.

    Yes please lets take back all the people who try and abuse our server! So we can become biggest bottest server in the world!
  4. Humble

    Need advice

    @Fortuna Dont hate the player, hate the game! ❤️
  5. Humble

    Need advice

    Find someone in giran harbor that sells avadon boots, proceed to ask what he wants for it. Set up shop 1kk lower. But if I had to geuss I would say 50/75kk.
  6. Humble

    Mage weapon 1h vs staff

    Ok cool bro, but I figured since you quote me you react to me but I dunno forums. Maybe a wild modoy will appear and tell us.
  7. Humble

    Mage weapon 1h vs staff

    You shut down dogs who bark to loud? Man do you see ghosts sometimes? I only told the op to not listen to you because you only shout something without supporting your oppinion. Something about barking dog? Welp I didnt know general population disagrees with me, I figured they just cant afford a second +12 mage wep especially for pvp thats all. I mean we cant all be humble. Anyhow op good luck with your summoner, you'll find out that its the hardest class to give a label because it can do many things.
  8. Humble

    Mage weapon 1h vs staff

    If you want attention make your own topic. You are not helping only flaming for "insert reason here".
  9. Humble

    Music Thread

  10. Humble

    Clan VenomTeam

    Unisciti a noi abbiamo la pastatinis!
  11. Humble

    Mage weapon 1h vs staff

    @TrekPazt Sure is, mages are weak in term of defence, having a shield can mean difference between you being dead and you being alive still doing dmg. Dont listen to JzOo, you dont need 21 more matk, the defence you get from shield is in my opinion more important. It blocks physical and magical damage. Higher survivability means more dps in the end anyway.
  12. Humble

    Nerf Moon Knight monsters.

    New people get good starterset + shorter quest change quests. I dont think its even important to do moon knight quest, might as well skip it. There are probably 100+ clans with free d and c grade in cwh. So play the game like its supposed to be played, in a group. Else if you really want to go solo to lvl 80 you should not cry about the first quest you come up with because then this game is obviously not for you.
  13. ~Update~
  14. Humble

    Nerf Moon Knight monsters.

    Easy solution is to not do it solo, this game is meant to be played with people. So find some people and do the quest together.