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  1. Humble

    How was your saturday night?

    Cant really remember but my friends told my I was at this festival:
  2. Humble

    this photoshop?

    Im a pacifist but they should kill anyone who isn't
  3. When you set your alarm clock not for school or work but to make sure you login for unity
  4. Humble

    Event TvT

    We are all waiting on an event its called where the fuk is zaken?
  5. Humble

    this photoshop?

    I dieded :')
  6. Humble

    Guide Dark Avenger Class

    Its for people that dont have 15 years of experience
  7. When you get beat up at school and run to the nearest chinese kid to ask for help :') .
  8. Humble

    Guide Dark Avenger Class

    Do some google research theres much written out there, for example: Tanks tanks & more tanks!
  9. When do you know that you have played too much lineage? When God asks a semon arsonist if he is serieus.
  10. Gm's here do similar way. They just teleport the mob around and look what the char does. If the char doesnt stop to wtf its indeed a bot.
  11. Humble

    Spellhowler Vs Necromancer

    Mage is an expensive class bro, if you want to make adena with AoE make a warlord/tyrant or spoiler.
  12. When you call the dictionary to tell them to change definition of soon
  13. You mean the full pt spawning out of nowhere autofollowing 1 dude 24/7 a day? Dont worry about that bro, its normal............. :').
  14. examples: Someone runs into you in the grocery store and you shout: Why you flag bro? You dropkick a chinese man walking his dog, assuming he is herding his "soon to be eaten" cattle. You use the word adena more then you would with money. etc. etc. Cmon server get creative and share your funniest one