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  1. Humble

    Humble's Trade Shop

    Shoplist updated! WTB Eminence Recipe
  2. Humble

    EU sps lf EU nukers clan

    Hello Earshot and welcome to the server, please take a read here and here ty o/ Humble
  3. Humble

    Looking for clan/cp ENG

    Hey guys! Please check out my recruitment thread: Also you can hit me up in Discord: HumbleDeibu or ingame on : Humble/Dumble or Jumble
  4. Humble

    Head accecory in auction house

    its 1 year + and still headgear on auction......... whats up?
  5. Humble

    Custom pets

    Please add 3th poll option: Remove customs bring in the originals! Striders and wolves people CMON!!
  6. Humble

    level 25 Shillien Oracle needs help.

    If you can dual box its a good idea to make an spoiler to lvl yourself. Other suggestion would be to find some friends and play with them. Because this server is to hardcore for solo.
  7. Humble

    WTB BW Heavy set +3 or more offer me

    how about bw bp+3 and boots+4 for 80kk?
  8. Humble

    WTB BW Heavy set +3 or more offer me

    I have bw breastplate43 for 47kk if interested
  9. Humble

    Join the Goodlife!

    Why not? You know this all started by your clannie v4 he pked a whole lvl 60 rb pt just for funs. Then his friend in my clan left because we badmouth him for having idiot friend. So not much we can do right there.
  10. Humble

    Estou aguardando uma resposta...

    the people you post screens off sell for ridiculous price to make sure offline shop and thus their msg stays up. you display to sell an doom set but instead of a doom helmet theres a leather helmet in there. total difference you scammer xP I know because i made screenshot too hueheue but i didnt report you because your title didnt say FULL Set. [/img]
  11. Humble

    Humble's Trade Shop

    added -Blue wolf Breastplate +3-Blue wolf Helmet +4-Doom main +3
  12. Humble

    Join the Goodlife!

    still that vid shows 1 member from our newly formed alliance, theres more politics to it then i would like to handle. Also Rip i dont think you are chinese but I know you are related to them and thus treat you as one. I mean why would you want to fight alongside china if you are not asian. I like to play with people in my area aka gmt but hey thats me, recruitments up! International but EU based GMT+1 Come join the Goodlife!
  13. Humble

    Join the Goodlife!

    We are our own side, Jungle helps us clean abg from high lvl china because noone else wants to. If any clan/ally wants to do that please let me know. China is taking over the server so grow balls and lets face them together! PS: moderator please clean my recruitment thread Thank you.
  14. Humble

    Join the Goodlife!

    We had people in clan that are friends with WS and all them its you decided to war us. not actions from members but you! You just gonna war any clan that takes your rb even from your untagged players. Thats ok but dont come telling us its because bad mouthing players and hatefull actions towards red crested people. We tried staying neutral but any china and friend should suck it. pathetic rly how they are all top lvl and spend their time on a lvl 60 clan trying to make its way up. But sure go for it we are here to stay.
  15. Humble

    Join the Goodlife!

    Its not that we want to but you guys pk anyone at sight in any farm location anyway. Its time to give the noobs a chance we will try even when we are low lvl and outnumbered. So anyone thats not into holding china dicks come join the goodlife we have cookies!