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  1. Con: Its not fun anymore to play with any type of controller. When I move and stop my character turns his back.... running around lags a litttle compared to previous client. Normally I could spin my char around raidboss without getting a epileptic seizure.
  2. Modoytranslator says this means: Maybe.
  3. I know what it does, im just letting you know server rules. I dont care if you break them neither
  4. 3th party tools are not allowed.
  5. Im the biggest midget in this game!
  6. ~Academy looking for recruits to 40- pm Humble~
  7. Im the biggest midget in this game!
  8. Hello Gm's I fell in love with a sweet elvish gril, could you please add marriage system to client so i can dedicate/expose my love to this shining diamond? k thhx.
  9. You do realize Im the only one that did over 100 class change quest on this server right? So yes I know how to lvl from 0 to 40.
  10. This is a wacryer thread not a tyrant thread. GTFO with your retarded suggestions. OP: if you like to farm solo and you are going for the DOT+lasthit style you might as well take light armor and any blunt you can get your hands on. Or dagger, but duals and fists nope. I would advise Cursed maingauce so you can double bleed the target and hit it to death in the end with 1 ssd. If you are going to raid you dont need a bow you wont matter anyway. I just hope people will be needing your buffs, else your pointless in any raidpt.