Dion x3 Classic 1.5 server - Opening 14.01.2023!


Dear friends!


Our Talking Island x3 server is up and running for 7 years. It was opened before official EU/NA Classic servers and kept growing all these years, outliving those official servers. 
7 years - a long period of time, and no one but us managed to create such a long living project and connect players from all over the world.
During this time we withstood a lot of difficulties, such as forced domain change, social network accounts and content bans, and many others.
And here we are, still standing strong.

But for a very long time, we kept being asked for a new server, a fresh start, a new journey

And we feel, that now it's a time for a New Chapter of L2Classic.club story


New server Dion x3 Classic 1.5 is going Live on 14.01.2023!

Full server description can be found HERE

Forum and discord will get new sections in a nearest future.


And our precious Talking Island x3 players! Your journey does not end here!
Talking Island server was made to stay!


Classic Team