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    I think some preliminary discussions were held in order to balance the DYEs in 2.0
  2. You should play what you enjoy the most and try to search for an "Academy clan". My cp started as a Melee one and later rerolled to Mage pt, but this was strictly related to the number of hours we can invest weekly. The grind is real, but the server performs really well, also patches and fixes are delivered often so the overall game experience will meet your wildest expectations.
  3. Jut look for a Siege video on Youtube and you will be convinced ^^. The community is nice, admins and game testers are very responsive.
  4. Searching for active PvP oriented SWS / Bishop / Nuker, lvl 40+, prime time 19:00 - 00:00 GMT +2. Please contact GustavAthebaldt / Hellixs via in game email.