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  1. you can create an account and go to Giran Harbor (it's free) and look how many people sit and trading.
  2. I cant talk with him and get 4 tablet... its buged ?
  3. Hi, i cant get: 1. You helped Sake Dun Zu Hestui by defeating Grandpapa Askalius. Talk to him. its a bug ? when i talk to him he is give nothing for me....
  4. Mi uze mnogo raz slisali server mertvij... no emu uze 4 goda... toka cto zajdi i otkroj stroku ishu party... a vot ja sdelal print screen dlia tebia...
  5. Hi, i have see in OBT that Dragon fruit not gives 25% HP/MP/CP and not for 3h, only 20 min ? Its normal ?
  6. I thing we must to change summoner reuse time, then we have normal balnce... if sumonner reuse time 15sek and more then we can talk about balance Classic have big problmes with fear, fear... and with summoner reuse time...
  7. I agree with you but i thing after normal working Zaken patch. Today we have many H5 or Interliud or Classis servers, each of this chronicle have own minuses, but we havent any normal MIX server, for example Classic with some interestings things from H5 (its give good economy). For example we can add: SA and have combine SA+Runes, when we have SA we can use mental bufs in Ollimpiad and havent any fear-fear-fear... we have guns > +10 and that why we can add T-shirt (for beter pdef and mdef), some interesting skils from H5 gives more interresting fight or bigger survive in Ollimpiad, and if we have normal Catacombs and Nceropolis with AA (ancient adens) we have very big and interesting chronicle mixs, for bigger people community
  8. Tell them that we have good server for new people
  9. I thing after 2,5 (Zaken patch), you with your Team can star with new server MIX: Classic + H5 (some skills from H5, SA + skills enchanting, without atributes! only D-S grades)
  10. hi, event is working ?
  11. This server is the best, innova scary