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  1. Arslan259

    Easter Event Rabbits Hunt!

    hi, event is working ?
  2. Arslan259

    Facebook Page Loss (Again)

    This server is the best, innova scary
  3. Arslan259

    WTS/WTT (+++ Doom | TOI 6 | AQ2 | Tablets)

    How much talisman VI ?
  4. Arslan259

    Daily Reward

    its bugged first time
  5. Arslan259

    [FIXED]Immortal life

    yes its not correct, that skill give me immortaliti 5 sek and orcs hp can be 1HP but in oly when you have 1hp you lose the game, in official its not so, you can see Rizos video
  6. Arslan259

    [FIXED]Immortal life

    Pls fix the immortal life in Olympiad, i use it 3 times and have been killed, i thing it BUG, when i have 1 hp the oly thing that i killed, but i have 5 s safeved and after immortal life i have take 1000hp.
  7. Arslan259

    Whats going on

    after fixing fishing bug its was normal, but now we have problems, i thing it with olympiad
  8. Arslan259

    dual boxing

  9. Arslan259


    and tanks horor...
  10. Arslan259


    Before 2.0 here in our server we have 1,5 min Frenzy and GUTS now we have 1 min Frenzy and 1,5 min Guts i thing its normal for destro that he have guts duration like old l2 chronicals dont fix this about this we have with administration speak, its like tanks have aura bufs with 5% patk and atks speed
  11. Then you have same problems in Giran... there people also go fishing... they fishing in Giran + buying shop + selling and you have laggs in Giran
  12. Arslan259

    IDEA for our server

    Okey, ty for answer
  13. Arslan259

    IDEA for our server

    you can combine runes and sa if you have not strong SA or a litlle bit weak rune ( othel strat from 25 crit rate and 4 lvl othel have 100 + focus 35-40 not 63 ) it will be interesting For example you have destro and you thinging you can use great sword with SA 15% hp (not 25%) and othel, or you can buy berseker with focus around 40 and add othel or add othel adn SA with atack speed ( but atck speed must be degresed and must give aorund 4% atk speed ) I want that we have more interesant things but not so strong, that all players must combine... and you have more people and more trade
  14. Arslan259

    IDEA for our server

    but you have runes... there is interesting
  15. Arslan259

    IDEA for our server

    yea, i understand you