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  1. Please organize the discord server with assignable roles [e.g. region (you can ping your timezone), class (you can ping the people with the class tag), rank corresponding to the forum account perhaps]. It's easy to get a bot on discord. Not to mention these days the design and organization of a discord server represents strongly the gaming community, and it'd be a huge improvement. And the channels could use better categorization as well. Just my two cents.
  2. I wouldn't be bothered by something so minor, but oh well (especially that those people probably wouldn't like an @everyone ping when a newbie is trying desperately to find an rb hunting group from 20+, even if it was on #lfparty). But overall, the goal would be to ideally breathe some life to lower-levels especially for those that are starting off on their own. As for now it seems that I'll just have to pay 10 euros for the Premium Account in order to go solo farm mode 'til 60+ with a boxed buffer. I mean, this is what L2 usually was but I'm sure it is a turn off for those that are just starting off to try to experience the classic server only to see this barrier and feeling secluded. It's easy for the server to manage its stable/loyal userbase than to focus on attracting new I suppose. Especially when it's doing well. However, it'd be nice to have an event period that'd allow some more interaction starting off as literally no-one uses the chat, nor can you see people around early on. As L2's biggest asset, especially during the first chronicles, was the social aspect of it. Hopefully I'll find some like-minded people to have some fun times with :).
  3. I'm aware of it but it's so that we can communicate in a smaller group with common goals, not to mention people seem to get offended when pinged there . Wouldn't be making this otherwise.
  4. Hey guys, Along with a lot of others, I'm sure there are a lot of new players that are lost and trying to get around and other players seem busy. I made a discord server so we could connect and share the knowledge and perhaps farm together. Especially that at lower levels there aren't a lot of people since it's an old server, I think this might help us somewhat get about on the server. Feel free to join, whether you're new, want to chat about anything or help out with some buffs/tips! DELETED <== Feel free to share the link with others, and hope to see you all around!
  5. Mkay I suppose I should make a new account for the starter package then since it's on my dwarf :cry:
  6. Won't it be hard to earn $$$?
  7. Dotori

    LF an Academy!

    Ah, perfect my memory is faded. Thanks for the response @TaBIe
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a clan with an open spot in their academy :). Also, are Clan Oath sets available in this version? pm me here or @Tataru in-game
  9. Hey guys, Not even sure if this is the right place but wanted to introduce myself to the server I suppose haha. Managed to download and install the game. I'm a veteran that played official back in Korea (since C1/2) and on a bunch of private servers on H5, but nostalgia struck me and I decided to play here which seems more populated than the other servers. Ideally I'd love to play a HK/WL at endgame. Most likely gonna make a spoiler to make myself some moneys to gear up. HMU if you're walking by and also starting and I'd appreciate buffs for my cute dwarfette! IGN: Tataru. Do let me know if you have some tips and advice for a newbie here :).
  10. Yup! There was an online community on naver as mentioned by @rlaeksl
  11. Thanks for your help! :))). I managed to figure it out somehow.
  12. I think that's their choice tbh, and not everyone wants to communicate with everyone not to mention that we played L2 from C1 in Korea before the Western release. So for us it's an additional layer of nostalgia. Besides this opinion that I didn't ask for, where could I find those text files?
  13. Hey guys, I am trying to convince some of my old Korean friends to play on the server with me as I feel that it's the most promising server. Do you guys know of any Korean language system files available? As they don't speak a word of English :(. Thanks in advance! Best,