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  2. So what we arggue here is whether or not b grade sets+6+8 are better than a grade sets+6+8. Like hell we all know there are a lot of helmets+6 a grade. I said, its not obvious now, but it will be in some time.Maybe lossing enchantment after unseal is too hars but a middle solution sould be fine. +8 a grade 5 months ago, how much does it cost now? 500?600? how much you sold bw heavy breastplate RoolBack? 500? one piece? so a garde+8=b grade+8 . makes sence. This is making the gap between geared players "end game" and new players who came after update HUGE . Let some new players come here and comment. You guys? You lose from this post so your oppinion is ..... irelevent.
  3. Tallum heavy set in shop Aden +8/+6/+6/+3 ... Go figure ...
  4. Maibe a grade armor parts sould lose enchantment after they get unsealed
  5. Hi . For the time being a grade gear is end game and the prices for a gear are high still witch is how it sould be. The point im trying to make is a grade armor set are expensive not for the item itself but because of the ammount of cloth pieces you have to use to unseal the whole set. The biggest issue i see in this is the fact that a grade items are so cheap ( ex . a grade boots gloves = 3kk , armor = 30kk ) that people can easily make +6 a grade armor parts and then unseal them for the same they would pay for a +0 part. So basically this makes a grade armor sets+6+8 way easier attainable than they sould be in my opinion. And maibe its not obvious now, but it will be probably .
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    box death 80% x2 ofren's zaken spirit swords agathion
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    Event Winter attack!

    Spawn : 1.What? I'm not FAT !! I carry a lot of water weight ! 2.Star light, star bright, please dont let me melt tonight ! Die : 1.You broke my ice, but not my spirit ! 2.In this case, you won the race, a flower will grow in my place !
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    WTS EMI+11 pm-mail