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  1. You know they should not develop anything but just configure the server they have? I think its more marketing and money decision what will be open right now. Don't think we need other server though.
  2. mazoku


    Някой добър и запознат човек тук може ли да ми отговори на няколко въпроса?
  3. But the boxer is not summon its walking mana potion. And you are using 40lvl skills because the above skills are nerfed. And you are happy. First profession skills stronger than second and more useful? Am I the only one asking why? Ok its easy, go buy red weapon and own, no problem. I need good classic server and I have to continue to search obviously.
  4. But if I want to level up as mage I would make a mage?! Or if I make a mage I should level up archer?! Its stupid. I guess lineage2 will disappoint me again. Can't they hire decent game designers and balance the game? Its not like scratching your ... If you are mage the best way to fight and level up should be magic (common sense) If you are summoner - the best way to level up and fight should be your summon (not magic or bow) (common sense) Common sense anyone?
  5. Бе то вярно че бг играчите все са малко ... ама Здрасти Търсим хора 40лв за райдки.
  6. Will test all of this, thank you. Already summoner but merrow looks weak.
  7. This server is a bit strange as all mages are going around with bows by the way. Isn't it strange? If I want bow I'll be playing archer, not mage. As I see it all classes are nerfed way too much here. It wasn't like this on Chronicles as I remember.
  8. Thank you @blackmarket So the 7s reuse time make the merrow unplayable? Going to 77 with fishing?
  9. Why would you play healer when you can be good damage dealer especially aoe? 8 summoners party was something scary some time ago. How weak are they now? Will I be very disappointed?
  10. But why not merrow? It was pretty op on old classic?
  11. I am playing for more than a week, currently almost lvl 40 and plan to make ES but I don't see any unicorn merrows going around on the server. Why? Are they weak?
  12. Няма ли никой за поне едно здрасти?
  13. Ние сме двама и играем предимно вечер. В момента около лвл 35. Пишете ни дори само за здрасти - име в играта - mazoku Ако някой се обади тези дни може да наминем един бос лвл 34.