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  1. Can i buy 4 premium for difrent acc and log to 1 pc like 1 free+4 premiums?
  2. How can I tell you grandson, this server has a very different meta and coding than other servers. Things you won't notice because you're used to just pressing two buttons and answering to your party leader. And don't be afraid, I without a party I'll be much better than you, I'm glad you're concerned about my problem, but don't worry. I played this game when you were still in your father's balls. I don't claim to be one of the usual suspects, just I'm having fun.
  3. Koliu3

    More HardCore.

    Thats mean Hardcore , to have balls to do this action even with this harsh restrictions.The Game L2 is not only to kill mobs and enchant weapons.The game is to be free all what you whant even to PK you Clan leader if you whant.Thats whay all this ppl here stay in this forsaken from god game.Not for owsem graphic and 3x biger then you GUN,or unbelivebl story.All is for freedam on action like in real life - must be hard.
  4. When OBT will come - 3 days before server starts?Whe need time to catch up new implements and refresh knowlidge from before 4-5 years. 😄
  5. This server is for HardCore fans on Linege2 not for every teen who whants to comme and make som fun for 1 week lvling fast max lvl and abusing other ppl for youtube Video.
  6. Koliu3

    More HardCore.

    Dont warry for thats Solo Players is more hardcore then Clan players.It is more common full clan leave the server then Solo player.
  7. Koliu3

    More HardCore.

    That benefits only BIG Clans.Bether Raids have reducet drop.
  8. 1.Remove all experience scrolls. 2.Remove the achievement system. 3.Experience reduction to 1 4.Remove Styx. 5. Decrease drop of aden on x 1 6.Increasing the karma of killing a character. 7.Reduced drop of epic jewels.
  9. Maby is good to be share some links to see Existing skills quests and futures to 1,5 classic patch and things addet and removet from offi Database. I was play this server since test server 1.0 . He has best managmente and politics in any other servers.And 1 sudgestion - More Hardcore- more ppl will play longer.
  10. Finaly after 4 years wating for fresh old database server. Respect. Btw it was have pet ss on 1,5 in classic? I was not remember.
  11. L2 is L2 cuse is HARDCORE thats make this Game Unique and is nbot a Game for 2-3 months.More Hard was the Game more fun it is.This Game is not for Casual Plaers is only for Serious Gamers And yes L2 is A religion not a regular Game.
  12. I told you Just Make new Server, where Fresh start was bigest plesure for one last time or for very new players.This is L2 ,newcomerrs was 4 years late to do somthing good here.Even Offi servers start every 1-2 years a new Fresh Servers.4 years old server with Zaken not fully prepeard is not enoght anymore for newcomers.I play here since betatest ,is owseme desigions gets here realy.But is time for NEW Server for New ppl.Gratz
  13. Is many new servers in the net space.The problem is very poor managment of those servers.I play in this server from the beta test in 2014-2015 y.I was always agree with you dessisions on server MOD changes and menagment.You guys was ot so greedy to get mone from ppl like other servers.I want to see aonther nostalgic old scool Classick server fromthe bigest Hardcore gaming even in less X xp.I am shure have thousends of players lik me who play l2 since 2002-2003 y.And old 4-5 y server on 3 major update is too slow even for us old gamers.This is ,why i sugest tto just make a copy of this server on lower stats (one more PC Server -mashine) to feel for maby for many of us last time good old times.Thats it you can lock this Topick! p.s. Gracia and H5 is 1 idea less abomination for l2 from GOD. I wish you all luck.