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  1. Can`t summon the cow ???
  2. L2 is L2 cuse is HARDCORE thats make this Game Unique and is nbot a Game for 2-3 months.More Hard was the Game more fun it is.This Game is not for Casual Plaers is only for Serious Gamers And yes L2 is A religion not a regular Game.
  3. I told you Just Make new Server, where Fresh start was bigest plesure for one last time or for very new players.This is L2 ,newcomerrs was 4 years late to do somthing good here.Even Offi servers start every 1-2 years a new Fresh Servers.4 years old server with Zaken not fully prepeard is not enoght anymore for newcomers.I play here since betatest ,is owseme desigions gets here realy.But is time for NEW Server for New ppl.Gratz
  4. Is many new servers in the net space.The problem is very poor managment of those servers.I play in this server from the beta test in 2014-2015 y.I was always agree with you dessisions on server MOD changes and menagment.You guys was ot so greedy to get mone from ppl like other servers.I want to see aonther nostalgic old scool Classick server fromthe bigest Hardcore gaming even in less X xp.I am shure have thousends of players lik me who play l2 since 2002-2003 y.And old 4-5 y server on 3 major update is too slow even for us old gamers.This is ,why i sugest tto just make a copy of this server on lower stats (one more PC Server -mashine) to feel for maby for many of us last time good old times.Thats it you can lock this Topick! p.s. Gracia and H5 is 1 idea less abomination for l2 from GOD. I wish you all luck.
  5. Anyway a chance of New fresh server somwere in time ? I am shure many ppl will join.Only difrence is rate all politics is very good.i was play all the time in this server ,i finish my game before Cugar event finish cuse i get 2500 brez + 50 premium boxes for 1 week on day 3 on event ... the fk.And thats only me.I realy need to play Hardcore l2 classick server in Very begining when the fun is Bigest i realy hope Admins only job is to provide new server with rate 1x1x1x1 with same politics on server 6month 1.0 ,6 month 1,3 , 6 month 1,5 etc. p.s. Sorry for my very bad english.
  6. And Again is any chances for new fresh x1 server from Very beginig 1.0?
  7. Like i say if you have some progres to 2.5 just make New very low maby x1 New srever .I am shure will be full and will be bether then old 3 years old server with +5000 + brez scrools in hero Cuse i have this one.Mak new server a server politics is very good with no EWx EAx in shop nad will be most wellcomed.I play all the time in this server ...i finis after cugar event ..you broke the game with so much boosts.I hope i se NEW x1 SERVER and more work on Expandions.If you start from Bginig you give mor then 1 year to make new expandion..
  8. Why not open new very low rate server from 1.0 ???
  9. Hello Guys,last night i left one of my heroes to fish in Aden town.After 8-9 h of doing this action see what i found wen go to get my event scroll from NPC.Shot00001.bmp and my question is - Its have some kinde of fix to not leave chars in my load l2 client when chars leve the area??? Shot00001.bmp
  10. Btw, why All still trying to lie who is Phantom Summoner (Spectral Master)-Hero for April ??? When the Hero is the same like last month (March) - Kill4Fun???? It is so easy to go to Pillon of Heroes and chek!
  11. Ye , a, m not expert on Oly ,cuse is my First,but i thing Same ,the Oly Reward is calkulating strange for me?? How Much i must Have with 39 win ,12 looses and 288 oly points when all is done cuse i get 1500 battlemarks ?Maby is correct ,maby is not.I realy whana see proper calculation wit samples.Ty.
  12. Do you see Anyware I comment mounts and skills?I comment only Magical tablets (BTW Where to seen proper 2.0 Drop list?)
  13. The 77 lvl summoings are the Only (THE ONE) Summoners skill who make the Exp of the Owner,AND suppost to be with Magical Tablets???? The Skills with This Tablets is always buff,debuf or making you stronger skills not crushual for the owner PvE PVP exp. BTW drop of Magical Tablets is preaty owsome In this surver must be 5 - 7% per mob //l2wiki.com/classic/Guardian_Archangel#Type 2 if the drop is lots difrend ,maby thats are proper topic for Disscuss!!! Before in 1.0 - 1.5 noone complayn from Summoners,no pet Shots - No Problem.Now Everybody complay from them.Next Pach all will Complayn from Daggers and etc. .... Thats l2 and updates Get it or leave it :)Whay noone complay from Gladiator Ranget stunn???Thats Overpower skill - Ultra Burst DMG With Ranget Stun!!! P.S I am realy sorry for my bad English.