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  1. Fester Adams

    SO stranded in Heine

    Problem solved. Found a way where geodata does not throw me back. Thanks for response.
  2. Fester Adams

    SO stranded in Heine

    "TanandaFirestorm" sry forgot ^^. Meanwhile i found a way...walked on the ground of the sea towards Giran. PS: still need help. Can not reach Giran area...blocked by geodata.
  3. Fester Adams

    SO stranded in Heine

    Could any official plz port my Shillien out of the Heine area? She is standing right in Heine...or better said where Heine should be on the ground of the sea. Because of Geodata it is impossible to get her out of there.
  4. Fester Adams

    20% XP loss...bug or feature?

    Killed a dwarf that trained my Nuker. Got red. Let myself kill by a mob. Lost 20% XP---> more loss when killed as chaotic char or bug?
  5. Fester Adams

    Daggers damage

    It's easy said....you will be long dead before you reach any archer (similiar in Level and equip) so the dmg of your backstab doesnt really matter.
  6. Fester Adams

    Solo doable in Classic ?

    Doable but you have to have the black belt in Buddhism.
  7. Fester Adams

    PA account systems SUCKS plz rework

    Thanks for the info.
  8. Fester Adams

    How to use skype for L2 plz

  9. Fester Adams

    How to use skype for L2 plz

    Hi, never used skype before. Now i downloaded and installed it. How can i contact officials plz to report bots. Thx in advance.
  10. Fester Adams

    PA account systems SUCKS plz rework

    1. Even if you log in your PA first. Every time you want to change the second account that is loged in both accounts get kicked out with error message. Combined with black window bug this to say it diplomatic...frustrating to the point of quitting. After the patch it got worse! worse! worse! 2. the system is exploitable. Spam bots still advertising PA bypass. So the new security system is obviously only bothering us payers. As ive seen hacks in other games, i am quite sure it is not possible to make this system secure. So plz totally rework it, becaus it is youre Nr 1 problem. Why should botetrs care being banned, when making new accounts is easy...and multibotting using hack even easier.
  11. Fester Adams

    Is it normal?

    Sry rechecked..theres an adventurer title ^^
  12. Fester Adams

    Is it normal?

    Erm...is this a buff box following you without Adventurer title? ^^
  13. Fester Adams


    Welcome to the real world, where nobody is as important as he was made believe he is. Then simply put the guy on ignore.
  14. Fester Adams

    Drop rate decreased

    I already told them in Beta, drop rate of full items is much 2 high (Fists of Butcher, Viper Fang etc. in Orc Area, Bows, dirks in dwarven area etc.) Nobody was interested. Some told me it is absolutely no problem, who cares about low lvl weapons. Well....bot users did. All they had to do is have dozens of low lvl bots that farmed 2+ x 60k weapons in 1 hour. I am quite sure some made serveral millions this way.
  15. Fester Adams

    Bug + PA System = frenzy mode

    Wanted to craftt SSD. My PA was loged in. On second window i had to log another account in. The log in kicked out my PA with the too much boxes error message. So i reloged my PA. Loged in my crafter. Immediately after log in he had black window bug. Relogen him. My PA got kicked out. Had to relog it first. Crafted SSD. Wanted to recharge my crafter...........SO had black window bug.So i reloged both accounts. Crafted some SSD then my crafter had that shitty bug. So...if you do not want to drive people into madness...plz fix that black window bug and change your PA system, which would have the advantage to prevent people using bypass.