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  1. They allready said that have no plans for open new server
  2. Ты просишь у сервера ,прославленным стабильностью ,вайпа ? Тут уже свое коммьюнити , которое точно не будет рада переоткрытию, так как все труды пропадут, хотя я бы поиграл заново , потому что играю тут относительно недавно
  3. Good decision for this problem its alow at least 2nd window fo free
  4. Ап , нужно 3 тела в пак
  5. Snowy

    Deleting bres

    Or do cool down 1 hour for bres or something like that.....
  6. Snowy

    Deleting bres

    Newbies doesnt have death penalty cert.
  7. Snowy

    Deleting bres

    Bres from bards 5-6 sec-its enough , use ud and non stop bres
  8. Snowy

    Deleting bres

    My propose: Delete all bres , and get lower penalty for death , like in other chronicles -death= lost 1% after 76 lvl , from war 0,25% ... Eventually: we have more fights without scaring about exp, and no situation , when pvp win goes to number of bres , who have more , that party wins, evade moments when you die from other people on 76+ and waiting for someone who bres you, it takes a lot of time , and why in game waste time on this.... AND ITS MAIN REASON FOR DELETING -IT WILL BE FAIR TO NEWBIES , WHO DIDNT CATCH THE EYE TIGER EVENT , WHEN PEOPLE MAKE 1000+ BRESES.... I LIKE THIS SERVER , but bres kill all interest in pvp,its unfair