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  1. Scion

    Maestro - Olympiad

    cant w8 to reach high lvl , oly so open , looks fun
  2. if you farm for a certain sb just buy it , if you need it , it wont drop. On the other hand its a good job for solo people to farm with twinks just like farming toi energy. It's one of the few jobs u can do solo with decent income if lucky.
  3. Scion

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    Oh , wait ... Something happened to Santa!
  4. Scion

    Newbie Incoming

    viel gl├╝ck wenn irwas wissen willst sag bescheid
  5. relax and w8 , i have the same problem reinstall wont help @Koll
  6. Scion


    Bump still looking for potential groups with 2-4 slots, throw me a DM ?
  7. Scion


    we dont play for bread , we play for fraps , dont worry
  8. Scion


    i dont know how looting rights work here but there is prolly multiple ways to disturb enemies , so its not just a damage race Dont compare Essence with classic , enjoy it as it is right now , i played alot of different versions and there is a reason i start here and thats not because i usually enjoy old server. check his stream and u will see there is no reason to leave his current project . server like this were just basic training , hes into bigger things nowdays , neither he's connected to that party u speaking about anymore seems like he upset alot of people on smaller private servers )
  9. Scion


    on Essence epics are lvl 76-80
  10. Scion


    no we just outlvld the enemies , we both had actually sh1t gear , other people from my cp that still play payed alot more
  11. Scion


    thx the guys ur talkin about is our enemies Lotus where Gringo(Elder+Lotus clan creator) scammed his own clan left server and then sold the stolen epics to the new leader and rmt player Skofieldaz aka ThierryHenry , i was leader of skynet not Akalyptos , there is a bunch of missinformations u got there but its w/e was trash server anyway but yes the famous Akalyptos
  12. Scion


    we ended up on our own , @Kse can be closed thx .
  13. Scion


    its a garbage zone , next patch u get ur solo spots (catas)
  14. shield makes u dodge magical skills aswell , if you perma macro from enemies or alot of ponies on enemies its worth to run shield , i always preferd 2h tho
  15. Scion

    people LF CP

    warpole cant recall that name from giran hes polish but also speaks greek were pretty aware that its summer and its less pvp atm and many people untagged , but we wanna be rdy to fight when action come back atleast we keep rolling our chars but only to farm 50-60 bosses and maybe convert them into an mele aoe party for 3way to farm adenski , but we need a goal to build main chars aswell