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  1. That's a good solution if we dont have a ping problem on test server. Something like 2 secounds delays which its very significative for the results (and i open to ask, if its only with me?).
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to suggest to create a Olympiad training arenas! Me like others players cant play Olympiad every weekend and some "life hacks" we just learn if we practice. So, if we could have an Teleport (Gatekeeper) in a place like Coliseum that we can move to arenas like the Olympiads arenas (four pillar, fount and open arena) with a friend it would be great to improve out tactics to play oly and have more fun!! What everyone think about it?
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  4. Im doing the 3rd part of quest to become a Warsmith, in the final i have to Talk with Researcher Lorain located at the entrance to the Cruma Tower. But the NPC is not there. I have already searched inside of Cruma and outside but is not there and i need to do it to finish the quest.