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  1. Thanks guys for your answers. There are some that will be very useful ?.
  2. Hello Guys. I need your knowledge/experience to know how to counter daggers that throw mobs to a party which is farming. There are some low level daggers that insist in get mobs using lure and dash and throws them, using hide, to a full party. You can't stun them, cos you kill them with the stun. If you try to stun them with a low lvl archer the use hide before you launch the shot, or even they use switch skill to avoid the stun. They are a really pain in the ass. I tried to use ice bolt (skills from first class w/o weapon in order to not to kill them but with their dash is almost not affecting them. If you pk them you need to buy pk scroll that is like 600k so it doesn't really worth. I thougt to use skills like root or anchor or fear but only works on purple plp so they are useless. How would you counter them?. Are there skills to block white players?. It would be gr8 to use anything to stun/sleep/root whatever so mobs they they bring would kill them.
  3. For AOE. Why is reanimated the one for not leveling instead of corrupted as long as corrupted needs one less spiritshot and has less hp?
  4. I don't know why do you complain while you buy Chinese products..... If you want to have a chance stop buying Chinese stuff so Chinese will sale less. Then they will need to cut employees to equilibrate demand and cost... So players parents will be saked, then they will need to work to help family economy and won't stay playing 14 hors per day.... xD. Just being ironic and joking at the same time lol.
  5. Which spots are you talking about?. It would be great to know some of them. I was thinking about to go +Int because +wit give you cast speed so I will be oom most of the time isn't it?. Going +Int Will ley me hit harder for same amount of mana. It is my plan but I am not a mage player so..... Ps. Thanks all for yours answers.
  6. + On PP.... Apart of all said here. WC only has Chant of evasion and Vampire that PP has not but you can buy Fish stew for vampire and evasion is broken in classic so it's not a big deal. In the other hand PP has berserker and the most important and not said here blesses!!. Bless the body can let you go -CON +DEX or +STR having same amount of HP so you can hit harder or quicker for more DPS almost with no penalty (when buffed).
  7. Hello guys I just decided of having a mage as a second char. I have seen some people that I know from game making AOE and I really got impressed. I come from Hi5 and at that time noone did that. My main is a dagger and it's hard to get Adena or drops to sale and I really decided to make a mage. But here comes the big question, which mage should I make?.... I would like a mage for AOE and for the moment I have not CP. I am not going to focus him for PvP. After reading tons of forums about mages my choice comes to one of this two. I love CDL for RBs, and the chance that you have to do BtM but there are some disadvantages in each of them. Necro has the strongest DMG in AOE but you need a corpse to explode and his main skill needs a expensive cursed bone. To get lvl 50 is not a big deal coz you can find some RB to kill and get that lvl fast. But I read that CDL is hard at 70+ coz mobs hit very strong and being low hp could get you dead with only one mistake. SPH in the other hand has tempest for AOE which is not as strong but enough. His main skill doesn't use that curse bones. But I have read that tempest is capped to 14 mobs each skill so you need more skills in order to get all the train down. I will appreciate your honest thoughts about it. I don't really know if coursed bones price is a deal when you are 70+ or not and if in this server tempest is capped to hit 14 mobs. I had also read that Sorceror is a beast in AOE. But not having BtM and CDL lose interest for me. I write this because if you tell me it is a really beast of AOE and the reason.... I would think in having him as a choice as well. Ps. I can have a SE and a PP to get buffs and farm. Thank you guys!!
  8. PC/NPC range was the key... thanks!!!
  9. Hi guys. I am newbie in this server and I come from playing in official Giran server. First thing I notice is that in the official server you can see mobs that are quite far away and here I see the mobs in my radar but not in the main window untill I am very close of them. My question is. Is it because of my configuration or just server's one?