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  1. Yonkou

    First Time DA Oly

    '' First Time DA Oly '' Speaks as if it were something extraordinary, a class that has an advantage over most.
  2. And I have internet @Koll @San0 @Kse ???
  3. Yonkou


    If we express everything that has been said in a bodily way it would look like this:
  4. Yonkou


    That was just a question and not a fucking cry. IDIOT !
  5. Yonkou


    Damage DI = damage GC, now ?
  6. Help ? '-' This error happens every time I launch server text launcher.
  7. Yonkou

    Trash macro or BOTs?

    Guy defending china because he is an ally. RIDICULOUS
  8. What prevents STAFF from acting against china bots 12h / day on toi11 ~ 12 without war tag? I think china pays something or has more privileges, they buy many cols? That would solve by putting toi 11 and 12 with PVP area. I doubt very much if there are any players who disagree with that.
  9. Yonkou


    Ha ha ha ha, don't worry about our luck, they forgot who got CORE yesterday(24/8) and Orfen today(25/08) during the siege with 1 cp? '-'
  10. Yonkou


    Clan Recruitment We recruited CP's 6/9 thinking of patch 2.5 with full focus on EPIC RB Core / Orfen. More information: PM / MAIL - Kiam / iADV / Syts Europe / America TIME.
  11. Yonkou


    WTS Othell 10 180kk // WTB Othell 13 650kk