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  1. Yonkou

    Zaken 2.0 Update is Here!

    Help ? '-' This error happens every time I launch server text launcher.
  2. Yonkou

    Trash macro or BOTs?

    Guy defending china because he is an ally. RIDICULOUS
  3. What prevents STAFF from acting against china bots 12h / day on toi11 ~ 12 without war tag? I think china pays something or has more privileges, they buy many cols? That would solve by putting toi 11 and 12 with PVP area. I doubt very much if there are any players who disagree with that.
  4. Yonkou


    Ha ha ha ha, don't worry about our luck, they forgot who got CORE yesterday(24/8) and Orfen today(25/08) during the siege with 1 cp? '-'
  5. Yonkou


    Clan Recruitment We recruited CP's 6/9 thinking of patch 2.5 with full focus on EPIC RB Core / Orfen. More information: PM / MAIL - Kiam / iADV / Syts Europe / America TIME.
  6. Yonkou


    WTS Othell 10 180kk // WTB Othell 13 650kk
  7. Yonkou

    l2 music performed live

  8. Yonkou

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    should go deeper into the RMT BAN's, catch bigger fish. '-'
  9. Yonkou

    Can you fix RB bug's once and for all?

    @Koll @San0 @Kse Can you say something about it?
  10. No explanation, you hide a boss and CHINA / KOREA player finds his boss using radar, but there is no proof of that shit, so a solution to that would be he couldn't get the RB out of his respown location if he goes out of a distance of his respown he returned to the same. This bug of pulling the boss to the other side of the map is already ok, it would kill him in the respwon and who wanted to fight for him in RESPOWN. And not just take it away and hide from everyone avoiding the PVP / PK.