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  1. gasa

    Патчик для 2.0

    Привет, скажи пожалуйста какие файлы отвечают за дроп и спойл лист??
  2. gasa

    Wtb Amulet

    Hello everyone, I will buy an Amulet: Chant of Rage. My character name gasa. You can send it by mail or write me a personal message about the price. Thank you all for your attention.
  3. gasa

    looking for a clan

    Hello! I am looking for a friendly and lively clan (tank 43+ and orc buff 43+). pm gasa.
  4. Запустил поток!!! Launched a thread !!!
  5. Ha ha ha! So this is the same topic, thanks a lot for the link, it helped a lot !!!))))
  6. Please be so kind as to give a link to this topic.
  7. How do you know what name you need to send bonuses ??
  8. Thanks in advance for your reply!
  9. I also wanted to ask if those people who will register according to my link will receive bonuses ??
  10. Привет Бро!)
  11. Hello! Thank you very much! How to find out what character name bonuses will come to ?? And will bonuses even come ??