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  1. gasa

    I want an Event

    Throw off your picture, I will at least look at you monster
  2. gasa

    I want an Event

  3. gasa

    I want an Event

    mean soon hehe heh e
  4. gasa

    I want an Event

    and the anniversary of what date ??
  5. gasa

    I want an Event

    I don’t want an event right away, maybe in a second week hehehe xd
  6. gasa

    I want an Event

    ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️ Hello!👀💌 I really want to launch some kind of event in connection with the release of a new update. 😌😌😌 Guys to everyone who also wants an event vote! And then maybe something will work out for us.😀😀😀 💪👌💪👌👀
  7. gasa

    Патчик для 2.0

    Привет, скажи пожалуйста какие файлы отвечают за дроп и спойл лист??
  8. gasa

    Wtb Amulet

    Hello everyone, I will buy an Amulet: Chant of Rage. My character name gasa. You can send it by mail or write me a personal message about the price. Thank you all for your attention.
  9. gasa

    looking for a clan

    Hello! I am looking for a friendly and lively clan (tank 43+ and orc buff 43+). pm gasa.
  10. gasa

    Multi-colored weapons +++

    I created a theme about the fact that I am a streamer. You can look at her please, I want to know if I am suitable.
  11. gasa

    Multi-colored weapons +++

    I understand you are a representative of the server administration?)
  12. gasa

    Multi-colored weapons +++

    Do you happen to have such a file?
  13. gasa

    Multi-colored weapons +++

    Thanks for the information!)
  14. gasa

    Multi-colored weapons +++

    I agree with you, vryatli glow of arms will harm someone)).