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  1. I believe class change service is one of the key things that kept club alive for so long, it allowed to old players and everyone else to change class when they got bored or there were updates that required some changes in CP setups to be competitive, so instead of quiting game many would just try something else, and in the same time server would get some revenue. So considering the server status and update etc. I think is time to change the level penalty for class change to 79, so when you change class if character is 79/80+ to go back to 79 not 78 like it is now (ofc 80 is to much at the moment and it will mess up the server, but 79 is not to high and also not to low to not worth to pay for it) atm is just few days to power lvl anything from 1 to 78 and not really worth to pay for class change. I personally think the groups are not necessary anymore DA and necro got they'r nerfs and this new PI talisman will give fear resist so I don't think they should have a special status anymore only Overlord ,Warsmith, Bounty Hunter should have maybe should have -only to change from it, but even them can be leveld as fast as anything else now at RBs so it should be discused. Also as someone proposed in Antharas update topic I strongly believe Shyeedy Bow should be made to have slow attack speed no very slow like it has so new players on archers can have a viable top a grade weapon like any other class.
  2. just go play x1000 something, even if they give you 1 box you probably won't last till lvl 60, I prefer to pay 10 euros subscription for every account than to go on off p2w servers
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    all I see there is 7 days lvl 1 AQ, core, orfen , why would anyone spend 1 euro for this ?
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    or add option to buy one time ticket limited to 1 per account with accesory of player choice ofc for like 50 or even 100 euro , i'm sure there are a good amount of players that will pay good price just to have a unique accesory