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  1. good ideas like many in past. Till now none of them applied, also they wont magicaly bring 1k ppl to server server needs different action than new patch with changes in farm zones/skills
  2. Nope. I'm totally fine. Just comming back from awesome vacations. Had an awesome time 🏝️. And how are u? Still farming RBs on d ad server?
  3. It was fine up to some extent for last months cos atleast asia prime had pvp. But now when u log in asia, there is nothign going on, 2 parties make plvl in fi/gc, there is fi pvp 3v3 cp on fi beach for 40 min then ppl log off and thats it. Even asia prime online drops. I repeat SERVER DOESNT NEED NEW UPDATE FOR 100PPL. IT NEED SOME ACTION TO BING NEW PLAYERS AKA FRESH START FOR NEW PPL I already feel like last retard playing here ppl ask me why i still play on dead server
  4. Go farm gc or anakim if you need exp. You can have fun playing nonstop, not standing semi afk and waiting for rb. Who cares about rb, system is broken after lastest patch, rbs die as fast as normal mobs - huge absurd. But you have boosted farm zones, as random you dont need RBs at all after 65 lvl... Yesterday farm in Anakim (3h) in 6 ppl party - not some plvl duo, 35% exp scrol owl fish stew tower scrol. Party without epics can make atleast half of it Anyway server doesnt have problem with update/features/farm zones/RBs. Current update is very balanced, Op classes are nerfed compared to official version(DA/summoner), weak classes are boosted(elemental mages, some tanks, archers, pp), each type of party has its own farm zone, can chose farmign adena or exp, update is not the problem. You can make update of dreams of every player, you can make every player happy(which is impossible) but it will not bring new ppl here. Make some action about bringing new players or updates will not have any effect. Check how other servers do it. Organize kind of fresh start for new players(you decide how you do it not to fk old server) Consider Paying streamers/clan leaders to join here like other servers do for 1st weeks of "fresh start"
  5. No1 care about dagger, no1 play it except for pulling mobs cos its trash, even My cp started to play mages. Btw check pm on discord
  6. where is 3rd option to remove this sh1t in general?
  7. So from making newbie friendly changes we jump into who farm what and how to fk enemy side? This is why i stopped posting topics that affect sides balance/class i play. Ppl search in every change profit for themself not to improve playing experience. I could start topic to update daggers cos its sh1t class and no1 play it but ppl instead going for valuable discussion would jump there to flame me how i want to boost my class or how op it is already. The same for these bosses. I honestly dont care, i farm with my cp in new zone aoe, making 250kk/buff in full pt on 50% scrols, so why to stay semi afk watching boss cams if u can have fun training mobs and make exp of 1 boss in 20-30 min playing actively in full pt. This topic is more about chaning stuff that broke oportunities to pvp or zoned new players away from some part of game, but if you prefer to measure ur e-dicks here instead of discussing the problem then keep going
  8. i think its a lot of work for devs to make such zone around every rb, how many rbs we have, they will faster make new update than this thing for every rb, i think they have to do it for each rb manually puting location range where it silences. Also imagine ull go farm in toi, run with wc to gate and u get silence cos far away there is some lowbie rb
  9. I think its improvement for new ppl compared to old players cos new ppl dont have/dont have to exp pp80 plus old farmers dont have so much advantage over randoms on RBs, although rb farm is totally destroyed by new sk buff About daggers i explained above why its nerf
  10. i think you dont understand how daggers/cc/cop works. Daggers would be nerfed by this change cos they have how u say "50% crit pen" and ignore half of cc and cop effect, so in the end they would hit 30% stronger on every stab but lose 100% crit dmg boost from cc
  11. destro is new meta modoy. Novadyas even bd farm solo better than tyrant but i like the CC/cop idea in general Mages and archers would be nerfed tho by this change Q_Q
  12. tbh i would be more than happy if dark elves get new lvl of poison on 82, with some reasonably boosted dmg per tick ^^
  13. kekw. Imagine tank vengence, no other class can do dmg to him, but then destro comes, rush it and cause 4800 dmg in 30s duration of vengence while tank prolly has like 7k hp. Legit right? What other class can cause 5k dmg to tank on ud? Uppercut? you mean skill that can crit for 4k to +9 bw set bishop that has 6k hp? you do upper cut and when it crit on full hp bish, you need just 1 more skil and he is dead. Definitely underpowered skill :D. Is there anything that even helps to resist it? cos for other debufs there is
  14. clarity kiss of eva doesnt help for toggle skils. best result i managed to get on "box" pp with +12 wit dyes was losing 3 mp/tick with +6 robe, iss 13 mana regen bw robe regen bonus, water song, cov and siting. If you are active you can hit mobs and do pretty well with mp management. Maybe if you dont put - men dyes you can sustain mana nonstop while siting
  15. On last update people focused on updating skill lvls on 82, new zone 82 etc etc. I had a little bit of brain storming with my team one eveing about why eu ppl dont join this server. Here are our ideas. Premium - Similar system like 1st post on forum from new account. If new guy comes to server, he should contact admin (make big ad on main page about it or during account registration some special button). Admin can shortly verify if its new person joining server via chat/checking things from technical perspective and grant 1-3 months premium to his new 1-3 accounts or grant new kind of premium account on his main account that lets you log 2-3 additional chars w/o premium. The guy would be able to check out server w/o paying for premium. If it works maybe you could even extend this option and grant to his main acc some 1 month time limited items, like b weapon +10 armor +6 aq3 orfen 3 w/e. Drastically increase event rewards - mostly by time limited items. We all know how tiger event influenced on server. To make sure server economy doesnt get fkd by changes, add mostly TIME LIMITED rewards. But The rewards must be worth the efford! There are many options of items you could add. Baium talismans, fi6, B grade sets +8 a grade sets +6-8, B/A weapons +16 with chosen rune like 2h blunt with othel or mage weapon with cast speed. Add epics lvl 3 time limited. AQ3 core 3 orfen 3 baium 3, these are pve/pvp epics you could skip antharas/zaken if some ppl complain about influence on olympiad but in my opinion why not to let new ppl join oly with fair gear? Are old folks who already gathered gear afraid of newbies in time limited gear? I think most of ppl agree its more fair for every1. Make these time limited rewards last for 15-30 days and be pretty common. Ppl could farm 1st 3-4 days of event and collect few epics/items from opening like 30 chest rewards already - lets say 10% chance. You could even add this new anakim/lilith to these time limited items so ppl can test it out. You could consider adding real epics lvl 1 with lower chance as an option for new clans that have no chance to farm epics, to have a chance to farm it different way less efficient way. Prepare suitable zone with good exp/drop for new ppl. We have it already! The zone with very good adena and exp which is not suitable for 80+ yea right! Its devil isle. The zone needs just very little tweaks. Make mobs not being able to be pulled too far, maybe decrease p atk a bit or consider removing social agro from them. I think after eliminating "pulling train" problem there, its perfect zone for new ppl. Also you could increase gem a drop in new aoe zone so high lvl ppl feel no need to log boxes and abuse this low lvl zone farm. Remove drops from RBs or add time limited items instead of real ones so it makes sense for newbies to collect these items but makes no sense for old players cos items cant be sold for adena .Also remove death knights or atleast remove it up to 65 lvl rbs. If its done, you dont even need to bring back old map without rp respawn delay, bosses would probably be more available on map - the bosses up to 65 lvl atleast Consider adding more "full buff" consumables for newbies - preferably time limited so old folks dont create new accounts to abuse it Add this S grades already, make enchant rates very low so even top farmers run with +4-6 max. Items itself have huge stats, +0 is like +16 b grade, new folks could jump into s grade farm straight and dont care about star wars items of old players Make more newbie friendly farm mechanics instead of farmer friendly mechanics - i mean things like knoriks in loa. Similar system should work in gc/di/fi/new aoe zone. Lets say you farm DI, when you kill mobs there is chance to spawn midnight nightmare, when you farm gc, there is chance batur(boost drops ffs, havent heard any1 dropped anything from that sh1t so far) spawn, when u farm fi there is chance trex spawn, for new aoe zone you can add some new mini boss Looking for more ideas from community! cheers!