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  1. Up! LF bishop any lvl, or driver for our char.
  2. Rizos

    180IQ plays and peekays

    @MoDoy ;D
  3. Damn i think ilm going to join 😮
  4. Is the meeting with trans shazhudehanzi guaranteed in this vacations?
  5. hmm let me think... Am I patient enough?
  6. Good thread. Revealed how many lies you were spreading aboutmy CP and clan. Screens prove that most of these gosips were fabricated lies. Such a good ppl u are 😂
  7. yes and hamster was to slow, we missed power so we quit , and im rudy cygan 😂
  8. Mby u were right, just like u were right about rudy cygan etc mby that was the reason why we quit
  9. Ok we stopped playing cos lack of power not cos ppl started to work during cp prime. You know better i guess, tell me more.
  10. Cmon man, if you had poseidon in cp, it wouldnt be that easy to carry you neither.
  11. Dont change topic to some irrelevant oly matches and dick measure please
  12. Rizos

    It was never so easy to join L2Classic.club!

    Rly?) 1 boss killed, 21->32 lvl