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  1. @San0 Stop reading this topic with tear in your eye, and gief us update !
  2. Rizos

    Cubic vs guard talisman

    I remember QQing bout warriors skill crit rate for half year and then publishing this movie with tyrant 68 rekting oly and bug fixed within 1 week
  3. Rizos

    Elemental Summoner help please

    if u dont care bout adena go mage style, u farm faster, u waste way more adena tho. If ur poor better go meele
  4. Rizos

    Petition to make 3 ring slots.

    On live server neither does shots bonus work, neither toi talisman/baium talisman skil power/neither baium skil power work on magic skils ;), so get rdy for like 10-15% dmg boost on stacked mage on next patch
  5. Rizos

    Petition to make 3 ring slots.

    Its fixed
  6. Rizos

    Petition to make 3 ring slots.

    agree + need slot for aq + core + baium on dagger 😅
  7. For you AW is definitely harder than PW 🤣
  8. voodoo is hero right now 😧
  9. Rizos

    TH Gear/Dyes

    Clueless 🤣. U even have test acc that shows debuf chance in chat. Holy shit shane on u
  10. Rizos

    TH Gear/Dyes

    U can get resist shock, spirit chant and powind. Its alreafy pretty strong resist
  11. Rizos

    WickedSick vs Alienated vs NPC

    @MoDoy next ally to break from inside on our list? This one looks like the easiest task so far.
  12. Rizos

    WickedSick vs Alienated vs NPC

    Wait what? Im enjoying my life on vacations since sunday)