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  1. GF China, Br, Perkunas, mobs played big part today and prolly fragged the most . Wast funny evening and finally many pvps after long break. Enjoy
  2. Yea it's summoner, where da fuk is light armor mastery
  3. give greater mighht to enemy and stop qq
  4. Well, then not my problem you let others use ur acc and answer to ppl in ur name.
  5. if krystynka in pt then ban. Rules are rules
  6. Dont create loopholes for botters to avoid bans on their boxes. I rly rly doubt botters make partys with randoms on party matching or go on rb with randoms and bot. If u are playing with bot in pt, its ur fault.
  7. Ask ur best friend pork @ which day he can log and we can set up day
  8. Fortuna said on hero chat lf 9v18/9v27 blabla, i answered on hero chat im up for it. He ignored and said on hero who want 9v18/27 pm me. So i pmed him. We setup most of details and time 21:40 in front of aden castle. Then you spoke on hero chat and i asked pork to answer (from pipen char) that we are up for it after sv bosses. Bosses ended and you said nansey went off ( while he was online during bosses). We both agreed on 9v9 after sv bosses and i said ill pm u after bosses to setup rules. I see big coincidence here . Also i pmed u at xx:32 to setup rules
  9. M def doesn't resist debufs. Mobs debugs land even on high lvl chars, I think it worked the same on official
  10. Rizos


  11. Oly is not that big problem. Open world pvp with cc + cop bufs is the real cancer of dagger, even tyrant hit more with raging force
  12. Dex increase blow landrate and a little bit of 2x crit chance, str gives x2 crit chance tested on club TH backstab skill
  13. Tyrant skills work like (p atk + skill power)* different bonuses/ enemy p def. Lets say tyrant has 3k p atk (usually on full buff you can reach up to 5k). now look how much boost is 100 power : 3000 p atk + 2200 power = 5200 - 80 skill 3000 p atk + 2300 power = 5300 - 81 skil 100 difference compared to 5200 is 2% boost for exping like half year to 81 ;D - this is with boosted skills, (right now u get 20 power not 100 which is 0.4% :D). Dont forget skill mana cost increases too
  14. Considering 80 lvl has things like counter critica, puri song, insane crusher, shield of sacrifice, these 2 lvls of dances or cov that gives 5% p atk are negligible in this comparison. There should be brand new skils like destro knock down, bluff on dagger, physical silence on elemental mages etc, or noticeable skill power boost lets say on 80 force blaser 2.2k power and on 81 2.4k power 82 2.6k power etc. Now u get 2227 on 80 and 2246 power on 81 lvl. This is very funny joke from ncsoft