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  1. so how come time move option lost :O. Who voted against?
  2. just a speculation, but i heard GOSSIPS that haogu asked whole clan to vote to keep old oly time because they have BRs in ally and for BR its worse to move time and their enemy ally - RoyalFamily doesnt have BR players. So in the end WK ally get negative impact with activity while RF ally doesnt get negative impact. So 90% of asians on this server will keep playing in eu prime events because of 1-2 BR cps in WK and because of political decision of 1 of ally leaders. Dunno how much truth is in this gossip tho but me and many friends were very surprised option to keep eu time on events "won" on server where 90% of players are from asia. When its hard to find logical explaination for things that happen, conspiracy theories appear
  3. Well you in eng can me single or plural p.s. dunno what was the event and what was the abuse Makes sense, you should relise club couldnt produce an event worth to farm, based on previous events. In this case you are right!
  4. Please fix new skills to be correctly affected by lvl. For example bluf and this bd fear debuf. They work as if they were 77 lvl debufs but you learn them on 80.. 81 lvls already have higher resist vs this debuf , checked just these 2 but maybe there are more debufs like this (i would check skills added on recent update)
  5. IMO make change that suits shabis the most. Most of server population and reason why server is up is Asia prime anyway
  6. Also suggested to add time limited epics, adding to oly also makes more ppl join oly which has good effect. Good idea
  7. looks nice you addrss problem with adena farm for lowbies/more coins of knowledge, but did you remove 1h 100% scrol daily completely? why Edit i read wrong, i thought its instead of old daily quest ;d
  8. SYSTEM IS BAD FOR HIM BECAUSE HE AND SOME ITALIANS farmed this rbs, and most likely rmt adena. You cut their income so they cry
  9. funny how only ppl who cry about removed drop are high lvl, and most of them abused this low rb farm, didnt see any lowbie crying about it. Only ppl who never pvp just keep farming and farming keep crying about it Only part i can agree with you is that weapons that cant have runes dont make any sense on classic
  10. what is missing way for new players to catch up with items/compete in oly w/o spending 10k euro to gear up
  11. 1-76 Also dont you think this weapons you buy from rb 20-70 will be useless for fighters as you cant put othels in them?
  12. Agree about titan op and tyrant shit. Tyrant was nerfed hard cos of PvE power. Now it's shit on PvE and pvp. Destroy was best class on Oly or 2nd best and still getting boosted...
  13. In general nice update. <3 P.S. why antharas still lvl 1 while other epics lvl 4? 🤔
  14. good ideas like many in past. Till now none of them applied, also they wont magicaly bring 1k ppl to server server needs different action than new patch with changes in farm zones/skills
  15. Nope. I'm totally fine. Just comming back from awesome vacations. Had an awesome time 🏝️. And how are u? Still farming RBs on d ad server?