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  1. Agree, no for exp boost that stays on relog. Runes are fair mechanic, they expire when u log off. OFC if we need any exp boost at all
  2. Please dont add exp scrols and dont make rbs crazy exp like TI
  3. I would most likely take doom light set (3 dex) and put 1 dex dye(- con) so its 7 dex in total - to remain tanky but land more blows, you can go 2 dyes as more glass cannon setup for bigger landrate(my preference)
  4. Its affected by dex. By adding 12 dex from dyes you can go with deadly blow landrate from front from around 48% up to 60% +-
  5. hey! dont complain. Atleast you have soulshots on TK, unlike some other classes :D
  6. well we made aq chars more recently than you so in theory it should hurt us more, yet we suggest this change. Anyway Trashnali made aq chars so you shouldnt be too sad
  7. SUMMONER too stronk Q_Q
  8. TKs, tyrants, daggers, SRs, HEs, DAs, Palas all need to wait later version to play ;), although from this group TK/DA/Pala is still usefull on current patch as puller for aoe party while rest of classes are total crap
  9. I played SPS on last siege. Was fun :D. BTW you wont see these changes in game skill description. Need to check l2db.club to know power and mp cost. BTW mp cost is more significent change than the power. Check it
  10. Anyway to defend admins little bit, this mages have like 5-7% dmg boost by this change. Its not game changer imo, still better to have transfer pain and debufs
  11. I 100% agree. Someone who joined server after long break or doesnt read all convos on discord had no chance to know that. It was discussed on discord few weeks before server start. There were suggestions to make full list of custom features before server start - but didnt happen. There was smart sentence from 1 guy on discord - "if something existed on TI antharas patch and is not explicitly announced to be changed, you can expect it to exist on dion" Malaka dunno if you noticed but even bug fixes and changes of drop chances are not announced on this server.
  12. welcome to linemage. Most of ppl know it from start thats why so many mage parties. Background of idea is good. They boosted elemental mages so they have smth to offer that necro doesnt have, cos necro is OP compared to elemental mage. What went wrong is instead of nerfing necro, they boost other mages and keep archers/meeles untouched while these setups were always underdogs on 1.5 update
  13. imo fk hero skill, fk hero weapon, just add cloak and glow :D
  14. Still here? Thought u dont play on servers owned by russians