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  1. Rizos


    Holy sh1t, why so much hate that we play in WK? @[email protected] Are u racist or just dont like my new friends?
  2. Rizos

    Auction Logic?

    summon @MoDoy 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Rizos


    Agree for agro power increase, it wouldnt affect pvp at all, only pve. About reducing mass agro reuse i disagree.
  4. Rizos

    Olly 2

    damn you are cruel, you just ruined his life achievement just cos of some little forum argue ☹️
  5. Rizos

    WTB MJ Robe and Helmet

    does he woof in chinese too? 😆
  6. Rizos

    WC Oly

    oh you dont know how summoner works, now u dont know how Bishops chain heal works. I hope you atleast know how tyrant/sws works :X
  7. Rizos

    WC Oly

  8. Rizos

    WC Oly

    last time i played wc on oly was like half year ago, it was same back then, Im almost sure it ever changed but u better confirm at @San0
  9. Rizos

    WC Oly

  10. Rizos

    WC Oly

    Im pretty sure its normal, same as official, mby im wrong, never checked cos i was sure its correct. Any proofs that its bugged?
  11. Rizos

    WC Oly

    In case of tereza i more convinced that she's actually "blind" 🤣
  12. Rizos

    WC Oly

  13. Rizos

    mana regen wtf?

    My "premium" expired so cant log qq. Anyway this guy probably came from some XXXL2CLASSICPVPXXX x5000 server adn wondering why things work different here 😮
  14. Rizos

    mana regen wtf?

    37 men 13 mana per tick 58 men 16 mana per tick It works, its just not so powerful that 10 men will make u see big difference