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  1. Rizos

    Tyrant Escape Shackle bug

    Skill stops casting randomly w/o reason (cast geting interupted when nobody even hiting. Bug happens vs SK lightning strike, warlock cubic para, necro anchor, baium paralyse.
  2. Rizos

    Chain heal bug

    FK ncsoft... description says it works different T_T
  3. Rizos


    No, 3 guys from ally said stefan batory = hellious so i believed em. But dont worry, i saw hellious saying +/- same sh1t in aden stairs on white chat, so even if this is not his acc still desnt mean the doesnt trashtalk
  4. Rizos


    Helious on yt and ingame. Nick Batory or smth on yt edit
  5. Rizos


    I have also very big question for you. Can you please tell ur new cp leader to stop spreading bullsh1t flames and lies about my clan and ally? If ur new cp stop spreading bulsh1t about my clan, my clan will talk to them with respect aswell. So far i see they spread bullsh1t on youtube forum and ingame. Thx. HAVE FUN IRL, hope to see u back after holidays
  6. Rizos


  7. Rizos


    I dont support em cos they are ally, i just have friends there like jahhy, electra meskita ivex etc, i respect the clan, they are very active friendly and good players. No idea why u think otherweise rly. No sarcasm
  8. Rizos


    Thats what i ment bout ur cp other names were for other ppl i had problem with. Chill bro, u missunderstood. Im not washing ally drama in forum. Have problem? Come talk on ts or pm me About ur post, in case psychos doesnt repeat u: For more discussion pm me or come ts.
  9. Rizos


    HOLY SH1T , I WAS WONDERING if myrciu answer my post but i didnt tag him so i thought its imposible. I was wrong and underestimated u
  10. Rizos


    What, they try to help even in EU prime, they are decent players with good gear, they dont make drama and are not rly greedy as for BR ppl. I have nothing against em unlike cps that were kicked lately from SM. DS are not very active but when they are on they try to help, why would i think they are trash. For me trash are ppl who dont listen orders or think they are pro when they are not or ppl who look only for their own profit and dont work for ally good or make drama about bulsh1t (for example myrmidon cp) P.S person who fits almost all of this trash criteria is Kill4Fun, i was amazed he actually managed to stay so long in perks. What is official reason hes out of clan again? . For me this guy is worse than zorgzor and myrciu together.
  11. Rizos


    i THINK TFD are good so get better info before u talk bulsh1t
  12. Rizos

    NonFactors zerging TOI

    ye we saw Storm what was on pvp event :D. That was rape indeed
  13. Rizos

    Chain heal bug

    Clueless lol, You mean it decrease targets HP? o_O