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  1. But they are not dev8, how could they use dev8 clan itamz? 🤔
  2. 00:00 - 07:19 Prophet 07:20 - 10:20 Phantom Summoner 10:21 - 18:36 Abyss Walker Phantom Summoner fights recorded in last weekend of oly so its after all changes. I played SPH aswell but only sh1tty fights or feed ENJOY!
  3. Wtb Branch of Mother Tree +10 🙄 P.S. Modoy aren't you afraid about ur lovely Mother Three. Imagine how many branches it's gonna lose to make 1 staff +10
  4. How about u guys enchant some MJ necklaces/earrings +5/6/7? i pay well. Looks like its good business for you and ez to make
  5. and then die 1shoted from aoe reflect dmg kappa.
  6. Now imagine modoy playing this trash like 2 years. When 1st stream?
  7. Soon we finnish new one for you, i give it 1 week 🤣
  8. San0 = Modoy. He's gonna buy 1 3rd class skill book and finnish challenge ?
  9. You didn't need to open this poll. Every1 know that pw s gonna win
  10. check this topic. Looks like problem is that when you equip 2 part armor (doom hvy, fp hvy, bw light etc)the p def formula count u equip only top part of armor not both. In fact 2 part armors should get nerf compared to current state and lose these "18 p def" or w/e https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/17595-1-part-main-armor-p-def-bug/ Ez to test is BW hvy vs doom hvy both should result in same p def in stats
  11. i believe its bugged and off had it different. Anyway its too little diff to argue or insist on fix. After all we have some custom stuff on server and as official dying there will be more and more custom changes cos there is nothing to follow from official.