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    Bot and bodyguard

    Hello, Thank you for checking. I haven't seen him around today, but I am sure the name is correct. I will take a screenshot if I see again next time
  2. I have been leveling in Giran outside the southern gate. A character named GraaaH keeps logging off whenever I am around and has been there for more than 3 weeks because I have seen this person around on another account. I leveled at this place for about 2 days now, and a pker came around by the name of FacaNasCostas and killed me. He was gone for a few hours then I saw the bot log in and log off, and a few seconds after he came back on to try to pk me. I don't care if people PK, but I don't think it should be legal to pk to keep the botting spot
  3. Nazarov


    Hello, I tried using PayOp but it wouldn‘t accept my card. I figured out san0 is a username. I message
  4. Nazarov


    Hello, I have been trying to make donation for PA, but was unsuccessful. I am in USA and the transactions are either rejected or not accepted. What is the best way for those US based?