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  1. @Kim ok , tell me ,How did you do it logging 30+ tyrants in eu prime?Will you tell me you do have so many people online?Do you believe it yourself?
  2. DF At the same time ,Opened so many accounts:zaken have 40char++~QA have30+ ,Who would believe they are all VIP Account?
  3. Alipaba

    RS v WK in zaken

    Nosweat hi guys ,i remember you are CO cp A WEEK ago, A slave so soon?
  4. OHOHOHOHOHOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. In front of the Chinese YOU are poor wretch!
  6. When you came to stop us,You think you can beat us!And when you fail,You're talking about unequal numbers again,I suggest you stay in town next time。i tell jzoo , zaken must die today!we did it
  7. Alipaba

    4/4 WK vs RS ZAKEN

    the Round1 : WK VS RS+ACE in toi11, who is loser? tell me?You'll just focus on the word play!
  8. Alipaba

    4/4 WK vs RS ZAKEN

    When you spend money in every castle, you pay taxes to us
  9. Alipaba

    4/4 WK vs RS ZAKEN

    Look at the facts, please! you lose baium zaken ,aden caste! YOU ARE A LOSER!
  10. Alipaba

    4/4 WK vs RS ZAKEN

    So they'll split up again for profit
  11. Alipaba

    4/4 WK vs RS ZAKEN

    We all knowthat ,RS only do dirty little things behind their backs, like a man as aboveboard is not good