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  1. Hi, Just a simple request to have No Grade SS and BSPS added to the Coin of Knowledge vendor in Giran. Would be nice to have!
  2. 5rdfl00r gets the first vote. Even tho he could be better at what he does
  3. Do login servers throttle if population on the server reaches a certain capacity? Does this happen to anyone else?
  4. Provided results in chat w/ you. Thank you for assistance. I had stopped it after a bit while it was running and saved as txt
  5. Confirmed for login server "could not open connect to the host. This is occurring at 20:00 CST. The Proxys worked perfectly for for EU and NA in regards to telnet. Black box. Running WinMTR. For Login Server is In Progress. I haven't used this app before, but I'm assuming it will inform me when it is done? When it is done. I will export and run test on the login servers as well.
  6. Yes I understand what you're saying. I assumed it was with the channel I was passing through but I didn't know the means of troubleshooting. So I will heed advice and attempt to identify and provide information. I'm not attempting to argue, I'm providing what troubleshooting and fact finding I've done based on my knowledge of the situation.
  7. As mentioned in title, between the hours of ~14:00 - 20:00 CST, the login servers take ages. Will sit on "Logging in..." portion of login window. After extended time, will get in (somtimes up to an hour+) but by then I have to try again as something times out on the client. This 100% ONLY happens during a specific time of the day, seems to be the afternoon. In addition, If I use the USA Proxy, I will have MASSIVE lag in game. Yet if I use EU Proxy, it is fine. I am in USA, which is the strange part as well. Notes -Happens on multiple devices, not one device has issues -Network is fine otherwise, other websites, games, etc all are 100% fine. -Can't be firewall/ports as it is 100% fine during other times of the day. Thoughts on what I could troubleshoot?