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  1. So the winner of the first Golden Elpy Campagne is Axzp, Congrats.
  2. We have completed the first stage! Here is the full list of nominations: wilczka, wilczka, nrolla, axzp, nansey, miidas, axzp, san0 , WORK , fl00r, fl00r, Raper, Natsu, axzp, wilczka, axzp, 5rdfl00r, 5rdfl00r I announce the opening of the second stage: voting! For the next two weeks, you can vote for your worst enemy through a poll on my Twitch channel. (✿´‿`) (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Let's have fun!
  3. Today is the last day for the golden elpy award nominations. In the evening I will announce the list of nominees. The next two weeks there's going to be a poll to find out who's the winner ;-)
  4. = GOLDEN ELPY CAMPAIGN! = The idea is simple: Each month, we are going to vote to select one special person to be awarded the Golden Elpy Award! \o/ During the first half of the month you will be able to nominate your own candidates (from the end of one Castle Siege to the beginning of the next Castle Siege). I will then tally every single nomination into a separate post, so no one's voice goes unheard! : D The most frequently nominated nicknames will then be added to a poll! During the second half of the month, you will be given a chance to vote on who you think truly deserves the GOLDEN ELPY! You are welcome to nominate anyone who pissed you off in the game, on the forum or in discord. Whether that be trainers, a hero who didn’t want to shout your advertisements, that guy with the red gun, the scariest farmer on oly, or your friend for wearing the same hat as you!! In fact, everyone is eligible for everything - because after all, it's all about a little laughter and having some fun together, as a community. It is a promotion of the submitted people, a symbol of being noticed by the community, a distinction for your reputation here on L2ClassicClub. Is it a punishment or a reward? Well, decide for yourself and either change your ways or let them all freak out even more! Let them remember you :D. Get the Golden Elpy Award month after month! Nominations can be made in several ways, and each of them count as a separate nomination (I will not inquire about who is who, and whether they have already voted). You can nominate nicknames by replying to this topic, sending a private message on the forums or through discord directly to me, or by sending a chat in my Twitch Channel! Nominations sent in private messages will be incognito submissions - I will not give any information about who they came from - so even the most shy can also participate! I will not check the correct spelling of the nicknames, or whether they refer to the game or discord - verify yourself to make sure you’re nominating the right person. Voting will take place on my Twitch channel through a special widget. (✿´‿`) (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) = GOLDEN ELPY CAMPAIGN! = Nominate your worst nightmares!
  5. How is the bonus applied? I payed 33 euro and got 33 euro on my acc --> 3x wheel and 300 COL.