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  1. Hi, my class is a Assassin (lvl39). And I am trying to change to Abyss Walker. But I am confuse the quest. Which one is correct? Test of Sagittarius or Test of the Searcher?
  2. this good? --- Gladiador (Duelist) +4 STR/-4 CON +4 DEX/-4CON -- Elven Elder (EvaSaint) +3 WIT/-3 MEN +2 WIT/-2 MEN +4 CON/-4 STR
  3. Both is lvl76. (Duelist & Eva's Saint) I need advice. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have main account and 1 sub account. For the sub account, I am using healer or buffer. So, how to auto healing or buffing?
  5. What is "Permanent PA"?