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  1. Both lvl77. Magnus the Unicorn for skill, Tidal Wave ( Inflicts magic damage on the enemy with 228 power. ) and Whiplash ( Attack of Magnus the Unicorn stuns a target for 15 sec. ) VS Spectral Lord for skill, Corpse Burst ( Inflicts magic damage on the enemy with 228 Power added to M. Atk. ), Dark Curse ( Curse decreases Atk. Spd./ Casting Spd. ) and Dicing Death ( Inflicts damage on the enemy with 8264 Power. Has a chance to cancel target. ). So....which one is better?
  2. BscBMD997


    Aeore's Rune-Stage 13 - 55,000,000 Aeore's Rune-Stage 11 - 35,000,000 Yul's Rune-Stage 9 - 10,000,000 Yul's Rune-Stage 8 - 8,000,000 Zubei's Heavy Armor Full Set - 12,000,000
  3. Aeoreā€™s Rune , Super rune. MP restoration bonus.
  4. Spellbook: Shield Deflect Magic. I need help to get this book. The chance is hard. It is Ivory Tower. The mob is called, Manashen Gargoyle.
  5. Hahaha!! Finally someone selling it and I just bought it.
  6. Reinforced Gargoyle (Ivory Tower Crater) No chance to get it. So, how? No one selling it too.
  7. Thank I bought Rune ISS 8. It is not bad.
  8. BscBMD997

    I need MP.

    How to get it? I played so many toons. I notice each time my MP going down fast. I can only play it for 10 mins then MP goes down. I have to wait for 1 hour then MP restored.
  9. hard to play lol...
  10. Hi, where to get it?
  11. ok...thanks I got it! Thanks ^^
  12. This is very bad design. ! quit the toon. This very bad for customer.
  13. I killed 1 shot a few but I still get it I bought higher no grade weapon. If not I quit. New toon.