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  1. Iss is better for MP recovery & Casting Speed. Especially, casting is faster to buffing or healing fast.
  2. After we killed the raid boss. And this the result. So....why?
  3. When is the duration end?
  4. Buff improves every hour and lasts 4 hours in total. Level 1 buff gives +3% EXP/SP Level 2 - +5% EXP/SPLevel 3 - +9% EXP/SPLevel 4 - +15% EXP/SP Buff cooldown is 12 hours! No wonder only good for RB for level up.
  5. Hi, my class is a Assassin (lvl39). And I am trying to change to Abyss Walker. But I am confuse the quest. Which one is correct? Test of Sagittarius or Test of the Searcher?
  6. this good? --- Gladiador (Duelist) +4 STR/-4 CON +4 DEX/-4CON -- Elven Elder (EvaSaint) +3 WIT/-3 MEN +2 WIT/-2 MEN +4 CON/-4 STR
  7. Both is lvl76. (Duelist & Eva's Saint) I need advice. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have main account and 1 sub account. For the sub account, I am using healer or buffer. So, how to auto healing or buffing?
  9. What is "Permanent PA"?