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  1. I am here for only a few months but I can share a bit what I realized here, coming from official classic 2 years ago. Any melee class have no problems to level up from 1-76, main + WC/PP + BD can do efficiently enough. Any mage class can do the same but less efficient as no vampire and mp could be a problem. Furthermore, melee can use macro next target>attack easy, but mage need to manual click on target as some skills ranged 900 which next target cannot be used or you dont really want to get close to mobs. 1-70 is easy, up to about 50, RBs daily can easy bring you up to 70, actually 76 but slowly later on form 70, if you want to solo LOA, you need to invest some gears and try to optimize your solo party with multi box what I mean is taken (hex, stigma, gears) efficiency, (heal, mp) sustainability into consideration Ideally you want hex and stigma to allow you farm efficiently without costing much on gears, I believe either one debuff here have better effectiveness compared to a QA3 which cost you over 3bs (didnt look deep on maths here, correct me if im wrong), so consider cost effectiveness on gears and party setup to get a good balance to achieve what you want Im still 70s, trying to touch GC but that is totally different levels Using B gears to tank giant is just so crazy, A gears is getting common but +6 set cost you at least 2-3b If you want to solo multi box in GC, you really need to plan early. From my test, you need Main + WC/PP( ideally both for cov and cc), BD+SWS, SE with some good gears but that can be discussed later when you are 76
  2. Hi everyone, I know this kind of topics have been discussed over and over again but I want to focus more on my setup. To begin with, I am considering a few classes, Knight (SK/DA)/ Dagger AW/ Tyrant, less favor to Tyrant as Orcs look too good to me... My target is to be more efficient and to solo with multi box in GC (I know cp is much better, but I just play too random and in avg 1-2 hrs max each day) My party setup: AW, BD, WC(cov), PP(cc), SE My play style on AW is Hex>attack, switch to SE assist AW Stigma, then switch to BD macro assist AW attack for a few sec then follow AW (is going to be a bit delay) So AW is the main, SE for stigma only and BD for a bit more damage output Now the char are about 70-74 lv and LOA is a bit slow (can't go beyond bridge as too many debuff, I can't control well) I tried GC but is impossible as 1 hit is about 1k to me and my AW got only 4K hp So I am considering to reroll to SK, as SK have hex as well, more defense and LS to keep 5s safe to regen hp Tyrant is acceptable, I can hex with BD just thats going to be a bit delay as switching between boxes, but is it tanky enough in GC compared to knight Or should I keep AW, can AW tank in GC if I get it like 76? currently its 72 and mobs are much higher level then me in GC (LOA is easy tanking) Not adding sws as its just too many char, can't manage all with comfort My gears are now PL+8 on AW, DD+12 with orfen3 and toi6 If I switch to knight/tyr, I will prob get BW+6 and B+10-12 for weapon, BD is FP+6 and Dual SLS+7 with toi6 While SK will have much lower dmg as expected and Tyrant not sure with more hp but is that going to be enough in GC Also planning to get QA3 but not sure if thats going to be a big change in my dmg output in terms of pve Any advice for my setup and what is the ideal class combination you guys think?
  3. WTB Orfen Lv3 / 2 /1