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  1. How many ppl are playing is hard to say... Because some of them are logging 5+boxes for daily RBS and to get enchant boxes from daily
  2. I'm with you man. After that i would use my 2k cols
  3. Wts Tallum hvy+6 set -450 Blunt 2h top b +10+othell+Aug+Lilith rune lv 2 -500 bellion +11 bo +5 Pm on discord @miscrogreen#8031
  4. That's server is dead like a Bd on Oly
  5. 1530 online according to admins info
  6. Don't cry they are making new update welcome phoenix ! And epics 80lv
  7. About what you talking ?all what you can do is making drama ?is that's all what about you looking for ?
  8. Server is perfect for join alone open wallet and play alone with fees boxes without wallet or a group of friends you will have hard solo life ,feeling like a playing on dead server .
  9. Yea the admins prepared for us something big ...what will bring new blood here
  10. Eu is kinda dead only one or two farm pt and than ppl are logging for daily for 15 min and than log out . Asia prime is also worse and worse,
  11. Seems like ...soon they will have to make every weekend a double exp and double donation bonus ...
  12. In that month that's second one ? They are struggling with €€i think , if the donation bonuses and double exp weekends are the solutions for bring /hold players ...than we have nothing to do here anymore only waiting till dead of the server
  13. We made all nice ideas ,ppl here wrre trying to help. With throwing ideas etc ,but let's face the reality ... Admins are still believing the 1530 up are from 1530 ppl ... These a guys which logs character/characters only for 20 min daily rush ...and nothing more (if they log fews account that's obviously they use up changer or internet from phones etc ) Before i was playing alone on some spots like GC etc than i was starting primes with cp now i don't see reason why i should keep 6 boxes on premiums if i can play on one window with full active ppl on reborn ... There a lot of servers with lifeline 6-13years which get all time new ppl and all what these servers did/doing are only temporary server +bug fix . You guys did good work holding it so long but it's time to start think about something more . That server have his lasts breaths lately and some patches will not change it .
  14. If you want ,you can also wank on it ... No one care about yours tears . Please man ...can you do something for us ? Leave the drama for hero chat and discord and here help us with the idea ? It is for all of us .as you can recognize we are trying to find way to bring ppl here and hold them , the admin set here is really strong and good ,server is really nice option for long term but is slowly dying ,every new player which i met ...quit before 50 because ppl want play in L2 with someone not with army of boxes .market is crap too About RMT is no way that will stop them , it should be done via admins