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  1. should put some nice robe on you good staff with freoh and drain enemies
  2. Don't explain him...if someone can't take advantage of knocked up for 3 or 5 s that's mean he can't play well or don't know his character ...
  3. It would be nice ..but i already deleted items from my bards and WC around 20 k+... So no... The game should wait to done the quest and with done quest it should be set as a limit between 600 to 605 .
  4. it can be x6 server for 6 to 12 months and than merge it or hold the merrged server till main side will have some epics etc . thats work rly well on anothers servers
  5. Uppercut well used is fight win skill if you have problems to manage some skills maybe you should first learn how to play a character and than start fighting ?that's game isn't a lol where u have to push all 4 buttons at once to kill enemy ..
  6. Try to make it maybe like normal enchant window will help to increase lvl BCS now with open runes than every time when the lvl of rune is increased or decreased we have to start again from begining that takes times... Can u make it in extra window or change compound system to make it easier ? One rune son left window should be all time there and system can take the 1 lvl rune as a enchant ?
  7. Yes but will bring ppl and than after merge ,they will need to fight for RB that moment these 2 or 5 RB farmers and they are almost doing it without problems di have like fees ppl farming there ,if more come they will need to fight for spot etc .
  8. Wtf .why ppl with balance ..understand make my main op and easy to play?
  9. You can put like a limit in which the quest should be done so like server should wait till person will get 600 to 604 quest items than even if you will get 599 items you can kill mob for 1 badge or 5 and it will done the quest .
  10. Would be nice but ... Outside is also like at Oly ...why ppl should play something hard if they can make some box and push 2 skills and be amazed and hype because they are killing ppl . Spoil and craft can do a lot during pvp but way better is make some pvp char instead
  11. Announce about server u can see on yt and some video players but is old for bring new blood we need good announcement and new server which will be only for merged with old one ,after that maybe CH ,castles ,and epics should get reset so old CH which on box clans would be able to buy and for castles will bring more ppl/clans trying after that .
  12. They have enough self buff on craft good stun skills dash etc /spoil oder decrease stun cancel on stun dash and stun . I think they are ok but no one is playing it because ppl prefer to make pony/da and get in easier way points
  13. Unable to resummon during combat . So every summoner will need to hands for play at Oly after that
  14. With that option a lot of private servers are holding theirs online and fun on server ,here is only fun on epics /Oly (if you like to fight all time vs pony/da) siege and pvp in asian prime at fi ,if you going to start you will see empty spots and cities . New server will bring some ppl and cps which will stay after merge. Maybe some sides will be created .
  15. So paladin buff i don't know if is good or no...also with phoenix summon he should get big boost on 1v1 Bd have dances why give him something? Ok without jokes.. On Bd u can increase lvl of ud /posion /sting or give him something similar to triple sonic flash Da shouldn't cast fear even faster than robe users ...if it is fighter it should be way longer ... Ol even with using only dreaming spirit +fear can lost tons of mana in a moment need really good landrate increasing or decreasing mp consumption or even enlighment would be nice ,also soul cry higher lvl would help ols to be effectives (power of skills ,landrate increasing etc) Archers were weak always on Oly,can't do nothing except increase some stun Landrates. Buff for low geared is only reasonable way to add some passiv skill /vicious stance boost Destro Bleed is nice on rush but that shit gives too big DMG ... Playing destro i see the bleed almost same as DMG from blunt to someones(without limits and CRIT) Rest like elf's and dark elf's i can agree they are weak . And WC.. it is pretty good on pvp and Oly i wouldn't give him berk BCS than pp would be usable only for cc and condition with his freezing flame u can hit rly hard during CRIT DMG and in time , on pvp with good buff/debuff /great fury management you have enough to do .