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  1. It is,but 80% of server will have it
  2. SOLO exp prophet is pain and you will suffer finding party with prophet,most of ppl will just have PP as box out of party
  3. Asia prime king 😄
  4. Well,he have to kill whats left on server 😄 dont blame him haha
  5. unban Encube on forum @Koll he cant defend himself
  6. For me there was no competition,i agree, i just destroyed all VISA players
  7. EU SUMMONER CP with the best summoners CLUB ever had is looking for SWS and OL Playtime 17-01 TS3 is a must We have achievements of "SERVER FIRST" 82 lvl on summoners in each category. Looking forward to dominate olympiad once again. We dont plan to play in any side yet.