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  1. here its 1080p 60fps.... but u need reg acc of bilibili first, i can help with that if u need
  2. YOU GOT IT BRO Here new vidoe u can watch it. https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/76648-sry,i-think-i-scared-you-dear-hangle-2/
  3. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1w14y1H7XV/?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0
  4. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV16K411o75h/?spm_id_from=trigger_reload&vd_source=38a5cd1e01ea377eeae40431d7eee2c2
  5. Just Gan ! https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1FK411U7Yc/?vd_source=38a5cd1e01ea377eeae40431d7eee2c2
  6. Who care about epic? Who care about PVP ? Game is Game , Do not PM me so many words PLZ dear Hangle ..... https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1uG4y1f7e7/?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0&vd_source=38a5cd1e01ea377eeae40431d7eee2c2
  7. Hello new friend, welcome here , i am player stay here 3 years i know someone clan use Russian. here little question for u , do u think BOXES char can help with ur game farming well ? or Do u perfer no BOXES game play?
  8. !!! WTF IS HUGE !!! :) PLZ ADD Chinese version of the introduction I am not English translation expert hhhhhh
  9. Video Link : https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1qP4y1U7o2/?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0&vd_source=38a5cd1e01ea377eeae40431d7eee2c2
  10. u cute bro. i keep nick Rizos becuase I respect him. He is perfect player . And only his CP Stayed at the end of EU ally. Then i tell u, why u r really cute. Did i say i am winner? I don't care about winning or losing ! i just player game for fun. i love to play L2 And i think here is best one. That s enough . When HOM left away form WK , we just 2 parts members. But we fight WK 80+ members and HDM. Do think i want to win? Do u think ,if we get lost then quite? NO. I just play the game always. JUST FOR FUN. That is called real player. It's not like you guys: lost epic then gone , same as shabi WK Same words: Why did u quite here? tell me plz. same reason as WK s? Then i tell u what is classic: All classes is uesful ! and make good balance for all classes. That is mean real classic NOT level 1-80 mean classic
  11. guys if u want to leave just leave all sever will be same : The winner stays and the loser goes do u think u all will stay the new serve? Big jork hahahahah Tell me why u left here. Say it come on. if u want to pvp , come on we w8 for u But u know, loser will quite away again @JaneDo hahah do have ur cp? ur cp leader shabi haogu have went to play in reborn in long time,even told u all nice big jork. LOL! haogu abandoned u all , u here told us u want to re serve . u good jork maker
  12. Its my vidoe website link go enjoy it bro https://space.bilibili.com/49699640 And My point of view: all players go back to 1lv cant bring pvp, just bring more RMT
  13. If u want to play new serve, there r a lot of severs without CLUB. U can GO If u want to make CLUB better, Just come up with some good ideas that works here. If you quit here because you were a loser for wk, ok , good bye
  14. confusion。。。 Have u finished all 80 lv epic farm? Have u jioned Olym ? You haven't been to any of the original events, why u want to new?
  15. Video Link : https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1614y1a79c/?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0