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  1. Hello Koll. Damn I didn't expect this to happen at all… Thank you very much for taking your time and personally taking care of the issue! Please don't punish the person giving me the support, that wasn't my goal. Yes, I complained about the quality of the support and wished the person bad stuff for which I'd like to apologize for - I was angry. I want to point out that I don't care aboout lifting the ban. All I wanted to know was the explanation of what exactly I did that I received the ban for… as I wasn't aware of any wrongdoing. Simply to prevent getting banned on my main / alt characters. But after all I'm very happy that the issue was resolved and I'm grateful for your interaction.
  2. So one day I wanted to log into my offline trader accoount and noticed it got banned. From the attached conversation you can see that I got banned for botting. I know that I didn't bot. I played for that character for like 40 minutes. Levelled it to level 15 and just parked it at MDT and started selling stuff. So how the heck I got banned for botting when I know I didn't bot? Do you really just randomely BAN people? Did this happened do somebody else as well? I don't care about getting the ban removed from this character as it's only a trader with no value to me. But what absolutely blows my mind is how could I got banned for botting when I know that I wasn't using any bots or automation programmes? As you can see from the attached image I tried to at least get the information what exactly did I do or what was used or some kind of video or something. Anything that would help me to avoid this happening to my other characters which I care about - but all I got is: "Ban is justified and that's it"? How is this a valid support? Can somebody explain to me what might be the cause of a ban? Because again... I know I wasn't using any bots or automation programs... And I got nothing from this "support" why was the cause of a ban. I'm absolutely disappointed by provided support and how my issue was handled. And also the response time is absolutely insane…