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  1. ​I now what im talking about, because we are 3 orcs in my clan and all of them haves the same issue, so there is big issue.
  2. ​no it hasn't, im telling you by mi experience that doesnt work with any monster of any lvl, it works sometimes, but only sometimes not always, 2 of 10 times works for example.
  3. Hi mi main caracther is a orc shaman lvl 27 and the principal skills cold flame it´s bugg, why? because it never land on the target!!!! I thought that the issue was my m.atk but it wasn´t, because i bought a better weapon (Mid D blunt) and still doesnt work! I had read several posts like this one and nobody in charge gives answers!! so GMS take part of your server and take action of these bugs, because we are more than 100 mages orcs with the same problem!!