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  1. So you are so big clan? And everyone will leave because you get banned ?Wtf you writing i jus readed 5 word in all your poem and i got it You are just retarded as fuck noob who dont know how to play this game , and if you dont give a fck why you still crying here?
  2. Hahahaha its so funny to see all these guys banned :-D and crying in forum first of all its not ant auto ban of reports admins always check you by their self not just that some idiot report you being without comunication you benn banned for an reason why i didint had this even im playing on 2 acc all the time ? Or my friends?
  3. im not saying aht admins doing nothin im saying that if people will see that people are really on duty they will afraid to bot
  4. WTB> PLATED LEATHER ARMOR GAITERS PM Spanguole with price
  5. i bet after this event in 1 week noone will botting ::d
  6. So i was thinking how get rided on bot ! so i think its best solution to make people more active for it! for each reported succesfully bot we can get reward for example 5 col per screen or part names with the bot? After 2-3 succesful hunt people can get colored name to let them know that guys are on duty on them ! People will use their time to hunt them out in spots and its sounds like event ! http://prntscr.com/8ywfad Admins what you think about that? i think it will be great decision