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  1. haoleflip

    Event: Flash mob

    You can't even measure anything by looking at these pictures. We need a bird's-eye view to see what the population really looks like.
  2. LOL ​Too bad i don't bot lol ​On this server...
  3. Yeah this isn't really a questing game. The only quests worth doing are the level 10 quest mentioned above and class transfer quests. Otherwise, grind, grind, grind and farm to your heart's content!
  4. ​Is a server issue. They are restarting to solve it. ​Sorry, off topic, but khaligoth is that really you in your avatar pics or are you just obsessed with Susan Coffey ??
  5. haoleflip

    server live?

    I voted "never. allways obt" because who knows.....??
  6. 1. Sometimes when logging into the game and try to move your character, the screen will blink every time you click and it acts as if you're lagging out. You can't move or do anything while this is happening. Only fix I've found is to restart the client. 2. When trying to open two clients at the same time they sometimes keep reverting back to full screen instead of staying in windowed mode.
  7. I think that it should be! I hate having to travel from Oren to Giran to Dion just to buy most things lol it gets pretty expensive And it will only be too laggy if you're playing on a potato, but it's 2015 so i hope you've upgraded since Lineage 2 launch 10+ years ago
  8. ​See, someone gets it. This is exactly what's happening. I am trying to sell my +7 sword. But yeah, I'll just move to naming a price from now on I guess, just to make it a bit easier for these plebs
  9. Well yeah the argument is pointless obviously because it's apparent that the economy doesn't work the way that I'm used to on this server.
  10. ​Nah, they know what I'm saying. I just had 2 out of like 5 people flip out on me yesterday because I asked them what they'd pay for my sword. The other 4 understood, made offers, and then moved on with no issues when I declined. I never usually have that kind of backlash on most other MMO's I've played, so it kind of threw me off guard.
  11. I guess this is just an NA gaming thing because I have received so much backlash for doing it on this server, when it is a normal thing on most other games I play. Anyway, when someone links something for sale and tells you to "make an offer" that means that they are looking for you to name a price. You are the buyer, so how much/how little are you willing to spend on the item in question? Don't get pissed and keep asking the seller how much he/she wants for the item and them tell them to "fuck off" when they don't give you an exact price. This is business 101. Make an offer if you'd like to purchase!
  12. The past few days I have been having trouble logging in two accounts at the same time. I do have premium on one of them. I am able to log in, but I have to "trick" the system and log in with my 2nd account while 1st account is logging in loading screen.
  13. ​This^ Got an email last week that retail opened a new server, so I thought I'd download and go try it out. The only thing I can say is, BOTS EVERYWHERE and it's impossible to get anything done. You think the bots are bad on this server?? Hahaha...