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  1. не загоняйся исправлять не будут, на руофе спустя год не исправили, а ты тут админам что-то говоришь.
  2. Scum88

    Online servers.

    As I understand advertising on international sites has already been started, maybe it was a cheaper option than advertising on a site in Russia, and the advertising did not work. about 2\3 of the players from Russia that you turned down, I'm telling you as a Russian player. Yes clans like the Russians a lot but the majority of players in these clans or dead souls who scored, or Twinkie. Organized Russian-speaking mass on the server very little, I suspect that segodnishny the time she barely exceeded 100+. If you want the influx of players we need to start with Russia, no I do not want to offend by your words, but YOU (Europa) are very long swing, and suffers from this server.
  3. нет онлайна, особенно по выходным.
  4. Scum88

    Online servers.

    I don't agree with you about all of the Russian servers. In Russia there is a really decent server to actually making plays on the 2000 - 4000 people. I would have thought about the really popular resources for example the Resource of world renown.
  5. Dear administration! Draw your attention to the fact that the online server is moving rapidly to 0. I think you can see it yourself. And after the start of the Euros Off classic, it will not do, and all your efforts to correct bugs and flaws will be not needed. I think the European contingent is not stingy and will go to Euro off, and your server is a transit point. I already offered to put the main emphasis on the Russian-speaking contingent, you ignored me. More precisely you said that to advertise on our portals is expensive. Don't know about you, but we Russians love a freebie and it was ready to hang myself. Euro offs in Russia will cost 10 euros in our currency is 700+ roubles, for most regions of the country is a substantial amount of money when the salary in 10 000. That's why I suggest you do the focus on Russian speaking contingent. Think about whether or not to spend now a certain amount of money and run ads on all popular Russian-speaking sites, or to stay online on the server. Can throw a Shoe at me, but just to make sure, after the 15th you will remember about me. I know at least 20 Russian man who scored due to the fact that you have not entered 9 people in the party, about 15 people left the Internet, and another 9-person team with me can wait until 31 December, if your part is not action would be taken in favor of raising online, then leave us. 44 this is just my stats and how many people like me. I remember your line at the start and believe I see such a collapse, so popular the game and certainly in the Only Free server classic in the world. All you need is prislushivalsya to your players. My friends and I walked through the world saw in top location a maximum of 1-2 packs of people. So I ask you to provide real statistics of online on your server and not just the green circle with the status online
  6. Scum88

    Buy crystal error

    Can't get on buying crystals and COL. Create shopping store add material put price click to create the window is set to zero.
  7. I ask you to check it operates correctly buff the assistant beginners who must protect players from attacks of the characters older than 10 still. but not from the ACAT if the character is in pvp mode(purple nick)
  8. I was 38 and the character was in pvp mode my Junior level, say 20-25, I do not cause him damage, even though he beat me, I think it was a coin buff. 3 the magician beat him and he fell.
  9. In the game there is a buff protection of players. which is not working properly.Explain the situation: today was spotted the Orc who walked and stanil tanks mobs. the Orc was in pvp mode, when I try to kill a LVL 38 character was dealt crazy amount of damage, and the Orc remained alive. then he killed the mage LVL 38. not without getting a single damage. the coin needs to protect players from PK and not from pvp. please correct the mistake.
  10. In almost all projects, it is forbidden to use bugs in the game. Your project is no exception. Today we have seen players who blatantly used the error of the game and used it against other players. The player was under PK, after the murder of party members Pets, when you try to attack it displayed the message invalid target. that is, as if he doesn't PK, attack it only with CTRL, but was part of the state of pvp. and his companions used this. I believe that this is intentional use of bugs in the game, and asking for this player and his party members are visible on the screenshot corresponding punishment Shot00006.bmp
  11. Scum88


    Can already was, but I'm interested in is the next fact. Is using macro mouses illegal? In fact it is an integral part of the mouse.
  12. 1) Using third party software is prohibited on the server. Immediately the administration itself is breaking its own rules. Amnistiya the attacker for a cash reward. 2) I didn't mean only real players are entered into a random party of which were bots and got banned for it. 5 years ago I did that night was take a pack and put your characters on a bot with all settings at this party. People may not know that this party can is bots. I think we all know what a bot makes life much and full pack of bots enough to keep 1 person.
  13. Scum88

    Logout remove flag

    This function works properly, when a man with a purple nickname, but not in a stage of battle, he can leave the game, and if a person in combat, to quit not possible(Almost impossible)
  14. Dear administration! Due to the fact that frequent complaints from players about bots and characters have received a ban in the aftermath of the party and vymogatelstva money from the administration to get your character after it was blocked. I ask You to give us mere mortals an explanation. 1) What you want to achieve the fact that banned players for using third-party programs can easily reset your character back! 2) Why is not performing checking players in willful communion with the violation manied servers. Under intentional I mean a player participating in the party using characters from the outside IN.