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Found 47 results

  1. мы слышали что ведутся работы с ошибкой - при которой не обновляются клан бонус и клан сундучек но сегодня уже после плановой перезагрузки - заглючило и не дало баф и не сундук we heard that work is underway with an error - in which the clan bonus and clan chests are not updated but today, after a planned reboot - it turned off and did not give a buff and not a chest
  2. When i try to use Fa it says Fairy recharge cannot be used due to unsuitable terms. Whats the problem ?
  3. I placed my valhalla (with level 6 wynn rune) in to my warehouse, next day the rune disappeared including enchantments. I recieved blank sword from the bank.
  4. LandrarK

    drop boss bug

    Hello @Kse @San0 @Koll! So, i and my clan killed a boss, dropped 22 runes as shown in the chat, but it was not to the ground and neither to the backpack of any player, what could have happened? Are we going to run out of runes?
  5. 1. Inconsistency in SS use of a newbie weapon, e.g. dagger is using 1 ss per hit and sword - 2 ss, etc. 2. Herb of progress is not dissapearing, written on it that it is dissmissed in 10 mins, but it is not. 3. Clan activity count on login, should be 30 mins after the login. 4. When enter the wrong password - client crash on login with an error. 5. If title is empty then in a few seconds new title appears - adventurer.
  6. Hey, daily missions are not workin since server was down last time.... can u rr server, so we can get rewards on low lvls? Thank you. "uberNez
  7. Hello, I am having difficulties with lounching Lineage 2 classic. When starting from system/l2 or by updater I am getting an error. It is in polish but means: Aplication wasn't correctly started 0x0000142. I am using Windows Vista 64 bit. please help
  8. Admin plz check Test Of Maestro Mob Quest Monster Evil Eye Lord not appearance when I click Kamuru corpse.
  9. It seems the skill is bugged. The character keeps taking damage even when the damage is deflected back on the attacker. Tested with different lvl players and even with mobs. As I know the skill should deflect back the damage with 60% chance. Also it seems the skills does not deflect the whole damage, but only part of it. As I know if both players take the damage this should be a bug. I do not know how it works on L2 Classic official server, but on the official L2 server it works like I described it.
  10. hi i saw a lot of ppl that aggro de rb and run w8 to far and the escorts get bug so they only need to fight the rb alone...and the escorts stuck in the same place where the rb respawn
  11. Hello, I have a SteelSeries keyboard for 2 years now. But everytime I play on this server the lights of the keyboard turn off and my keyboard doesn't respond anymore. I have to re-plug the keyboard again untill it goes off 2min later. Anyone here had the same issue ?
  12. Fll

    Bug, cant see enemy

    Killed our of nowhere, cant see the enemy, cant take him to target. Bug or cheat?
  13. zekjunio


    Galera me ajuda,,,, nao estou conseguindo jogar.... meu char nao para de andar sozinho... já estou chorando de raiva... me ajudem pf :'(
  14. Good afternoon , I saw that the cubic ( Binding, Storm) do not attack. there maybe a bug in the Warlock race. ? could check . ? Excuse my English , use a translator ...
  15. eisG

    Sonic Blaster issue

    Gladiator Sonic Blaster skill doesn't inflict damage on guards, today i have tried it on sige time. Check it plz.
  16. I am not sure if this is the right section for this, but i would report that when you get killed by RB's you can drop your stuff, but you should not drop when killed by RB or Boss like QA, Orfen etc
  17. Hi, Before the update I was able to use the macro /useskillforce Sleep. Now, it simply doesn't work. My character just doesn't move when I try it. It doesn't happen with root and other offensive skills so I think it's just sleep. Best!
  18. Hello so i have a problem with geodata. I killed mob and he droped item (non grade weapon) on the rock. And i cant pick up this item. Please fix this. I want my item back. Shot00001.bmp
  19. Now that an alliance has been created on our favourite server, it' time to check the powerfull overlord buffs on alliance and... it works only on clan members. Do your best ! Thanks you.
  20. В темеразбаньте/ почему-то в последнем (на текущий момент) сообщении доступна кнопка Edit. При нажатии на нее выдается ошибка об отсутствии прав на данное действие, что, в-общем то, верно. Но само по себе поведение странное. Скриншот прилагаю
  21. Hello, Holy attack vulnerability attribute on mobs doesnt work propely. With using skill "Distrupt Undead" power 21 and "Wind Strike" power 21 you do same damage or even lower. What the fuck?! All you do is waste 5 mana and 200 range every skill use (widn strike 15mp and 600 range, distrupt undead use 20mp and 400 range) Better to use Wind Strike on Healer class because Holy skills doesnt work propely. Please fix this ASAP!
  22. Acumen Buff of Cleric is not effective. Look Images Using Acumen: ​Not Using Acumen:
  23. endstand2

    Elven fortress

    Elven fortress misses some columns inside. First attached photo is with columns, second - the real look today.
  24. Many mobs in Dragon Valley should have 2 different droplists. They have same lvl and stats but differ visually. In this server both types have same droplists which causes impossibility to craft certain items e.g. Full Plate Armor set + a lot of low B gr stuff. Links to classic database with droplists + chances :Пещерный_Слуга_Воин - Cave Servant WarriorПещерный_Слуга_Главарь - Cave Servant CaptainКоролевский_Пещерный_Слуга - Royal Cave ServantГоргулья_Охотник - Hunter GargoyleГромовой_Змей - Thunder WyrmСуккуб_Малрука - Marluk Succubus From what i have tested all mobs have only Type 1 droplist and Type 2 doesnt exist even though Cave Servant Warriors and Captains Type 2 look different than Type 1, they still have bad droplist. These are not all mobs that have bad droplist, only some examples, you need to check whole Dragon Valley! This problem shouldn't be hard to fix at all. I believe you will resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.