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  1. PokerKing

    the game sucks, i suck...

    ​then make the game like this - you die once, and ur character never revives. Why not ? lets DO HARDER! ​i mean if you are ok with 70% players leaving after losing top D-C-B weapons to mobs, then okay there will be a very very small community 50+ eventually but ok. 9v9 pvp with same people everyday is okay too. p.s. im ok with all the *classic* rules exept the huge drop rate of equiped items when dying from mobs, thats like the worse thing ever... for example, watch this AQ ring drop on first death from mobs...
  2. PokerKing

    Event: Flash mob

    hope there will be a new flash mob, it was fun to see so many people on the server at same place, and the rewards are great.
  3. PokerKing

    the game sucks, i suck...

    one of the biggest mistakes Russian Classic server did, is drop items equiped by death from mobs... every single top clan at 40-50 lvl are talking about it, and calling the main reason people are leaving the game or just dont wonna play anymore. i hope maybe the EU version will think about this in patch 2.0 and remove the item drop from death by mobs, witch will stop people from leaving the game.
  4. PokerKing

    We stuck in Giran after the flashmob

    ​when we recieved the gift, nobody worned us about the NPC , so we just used SOE. #thanks for help
  5. PokerKing

    Event: Flash mob

    We are stuck in giran after the event #Edit thx for spawning the NPC in giran =)