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  1. konivck

    starter buffs /npc boost lvling

    Yupp as u said it Koll ?? starter pack is enough i guess ?
  2. konivck

    starter buffs /npc boost lvling

    ​​Dead with this buffs and top ng weapon is really hard... I never got top ng weapon the buffs yea i did that also from col wheelspin
  3. konivck


    hello i just wanted to know why dialboxing is not allowed ?? I mean its allowed but u have to buy a 7day or 30day pack. Why 7 or 30 day i mean just remove it and let people dual box 2accs max from 1pc and 2accounts from same ip address.. That way no botters will make full pt and just bot...plus i lnow this server has an awesome bot report programming which will get them bots if they are ?? botting .. or u can just make a 1year pack for dualboxing and add it with the 7 or ,30 day pack...
  4. konivck

    starter buffs /npc boost lvling

    U mean the buff scrolls which u use and uppn death its gone !! Come on Morim....??? But yea i get ur point well atleast i tried for a suggestion brother ✌️✌
  5. konivck

    starter buffs /npc boost lvling

    And that also for lvl 1-20 not more then lvl 20
  6. konivck

    starter buffs /npc boost lvling

    I completely understand what ur saying Morim, buffs can always be minimized to useful buffs only like bless the body ,bless the soul,wind walk It doesnt have to be all buffs just 2-5buffs which increases hp/mp walking speed .
  7. hello all im just wondering why don't we put a npc buffer system which can be used for getting buffs just till lvl 40 so the low level people can level abit faster. I know its supposed to be a classy server which is 100% awesome... But look at this in another prospective buffing will help in more pvp,pve, action and more people would join also knowing that the server has somewhat of a boost with lvling from 1-40... but hey its just an suggestion please feel free to share what u'll think below, Thank you all and have a splendid day/night