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  1. Hi, Can I fix this problem because my login doesn't work on any of my browsers (opera, chrome, IE). Thanks @Koll
  2. Dejvi99


    Hi, HEAVY DOOM SET +6 - 400kk in game pm or mail "Hefaistos
  3. Hello, I cannot log in to my accounts on the website. When I fill in my email and password, it always writes me an incorrect verification code even if it is spelled correctly. I write code arond 20x every right but never log Thank you @Koll
  4. Ne jsme roztřištění
  5. If I make a simple macro on exp as target / assist / skill / atack and release it on every mob especially this will be legal? When start macro left button mouse? Thanks @Kse @Koll @San0
  6. Dejvi99

    CZ/SK klan

    Bohužel fungující není, řeší se to delší dobu, že nejsem schopni se spojit.... I když já bych byl jedině pro...
  7. Totally agree with your opinion, the only problem will be that it is a PT about one online person (alternating more people on the character) and the whole PT is marco assist ....
  8. The problem persists I get to the screen with proxy servers when the ok ok ok nothing happens. For 2.5 years this has not happened yet .......
  9. All proxy not connect too (2 hours).....
  10. It is obvious that the chances have been reduced (two months ago) without being announced or officially published !!!!! Currently, odds are far lower than "normal" in L2. Admini is silent, which indicates something. Roolback: chance was good but not now
  11. I do 3x best B weapons on server Do something about it because in the last 24 hours three more weapons from +3 to +4 !!!! I will try it at the weekend if anything changed unless it was my last hours in the game !!!! This is not bad luck this is set !!! ADMINS your opinion? so far, it seems that the silent is the consent. Manyppl tell me that they too have the same thing in that case it has nothing to do with the normal sanctity of enchanted.
  12. YES ---> Hefaistos The more I get the information that it is that the server has adjusted the chances of about 2 months !!!! During the lifetime of the server it will come to me as unreal, please the admin's comment !!!!