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  1. ​1. Don't know numbers, but I can see people everywhere, as europe gmt and even at late nights,... 2. With the new patch a wave joined the server, which can still be seen and new clans are made each day as we speak,... 3. Server clearing them up each day, they doin' a good job,... 4. Yes, they try as they can ps. played numerous names of servers from c1 till kamael and shiet, so far one of the best server, low rate, but you enjoy,...
  2. Then don't believe it, good luck on seekin:)
  3. nimoxoki what if I give you 4 or maybe 5 archers 50+, you interested, pm on forums,... As always healers missing:)
  4. ​How come the first two sieges gm was announcing one hour before siege started and then when siege started, and in midst of siege, this time, there was one announce like " that giran siege is on ", but ten minutes after siege started,...don't get it wrong, I just smell something bad,...I wonder if it's 'cuz perkunas got a castle and magicly all gm's started doin' less? I know when sieges are on, don't tell me that, I was there,... Yet again, do we have just 2 gm's on whole server?
  5. Make a better excuse for not streaming,...two persons handling whole server, couldn't you make some announcements for sieges, not just once announced ten minute after siege starts,... GG
  6. ​LOL, rather accept war than hiding and whining on forums:)
  7. Sejmur

    SA - Question

    Greetings, since I haven't found out on search button, when SA will come in the late future, will the over enchanted weapons lose enchants? Regards
  8. Pozdrav svima brate iz Yuga! \m/...\m/ svi koji igraste stignite tu, i nazovite se! Pozdrav svima!