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Found 146 results

  1. Naiguel

    New Cp recruits!

    Hello there! We're a new cp, looking for members to fill out our barracks. At the moment we are aiming for a "front line" cp. As you can imagine, playing in Classic club demands to use a european prime hence our prime goes around 20sh to 24 ish CEST. Language of cp: Before getting into of what we have, what we want bla bla bla. Just letting you know, we're old players, we dont mind helping someone to get to know about the classic server, we dont mind helping here and there to get you around our lvs, but the heavy lifting comes from you. So slackers, get out of my yard! Our current set up: WC SWS EE Tank Titan Extra characters: Pony x2 spoiler (low, mid high lv, good for helping to get extra experinos for low lvs while making adena) necro (ew) Artisan(high lv, you need to craft stuff? do not look anymore, we have your back cover). What we are looking: BD BP Extra DDs( we havent decided yet what kind of dds, from warlord tyrants or daggers, but everything is welcome for a discussion ^^) Side note: We are mostly from argentina and spain, it may seem weird for argentinians to play at that time but hey, life is strange. Also in the cp we will use "language of the cp"(which is english if you havent realized it) but get used to hear some macarena around, also we wont change our "cp language" just becasue we're mostly spanish speakers, so if you are from greece and you know some english (also you want to be here, hehe) dont be afraid, we dont bite yet..
  2. Any CP looking for a DRIVER? 😀 I have a huge lot of experience on L2. English and Spanish speaker. I don't have a character (I just arrived). I play any class. I'd like to know (and happy to help while having some fun).
  3. Всем ку. Играли с другом тут года 3 назад в таге перкунас, хотели бы вернуться почилить на сервере, тем более обнова скоро, народ подтягивается, мои предпочтения любые дд профы, танки всех разновидностей, варк, овер. В л2 наверное года так с 2010, так что знаем что к чему. Профы друга хз, предлагайте в лс или тут в теме. Персов можем выкачать с нуля с вашей помощью(желательно) либо сесть на ваших.
  4. Humble


  5. BlackRebel3

    EU prime Archer CP LF members

    EU Archer CP Looking to recruit Phantom Rangers 76+ and Hawkeye 76+ and WC (play or drive our char) pm or mail BlackRebel3 in game
  6. Post skierowany głównie do ludzi którzy NIE MAJĄ wielu godzin dziennie na expienie. BD/SWS/WRC/BH już mamy na stałe, więc raczej nie szukamy,chyba że akurat kogoś z nich nie będzie (albo lognie któryś z nas na inną postać).. Więc na rezerwe do friend możemy dodać. Bardziej jesteśmy nastawieni na robienie kasy (np exp w miejscach z dobrym spoilem/dropem) niż szybki exp (jedno drugiego nie wyklucza ;>) i dobrą zabawę ,niż na szybkie lvlowanie . Reszta osób grających innymi klasami (zwłaszcza healer ) które znudził solo kox zapraszam na priv l- najlepiej- Email w grze @Przebudzony lub @IRV Gramy na luzie. Nie mamy ustalonych sztywno godzin grania (głównie wieczory , po pracy). Jak kogoś nie będzie na czas ,nic się nie stanie Zapraszam do kontaktu ludzi chociażby po to ,żeby dodać do friendlist i połazić razem w miejsca w które samemu się nie da . Nawet jeśli nie chcesz należec do druzyny, możesz mnie dodać tylko do znajomych i pytaj o drużyne jak będe online . Co do podziału dropa/spoila , dogadujemy się -wszyscy są zadowoleni. Obecnie korzystamy z komunikatora MUMBLE, ale mamy też teamspeak . Mile widziany chociażby tylko nasłuch. Obecnie mamy lvle ~ 52/57 szukamy ludzi z lvlem 52+. PRAKTYCZNIE KAŻDEJ PROFESJI (zalogujemy na inną profesję, jeśli będzie konflikt) 1 sword singer 2 blade dancer 3 warcryer 4 Bounty Hunter / Tyrant 5 Phantom Ranger 6 Prophet 7 8 9 Tylko tyle miejsc w pt, ale nie zawsze wszsycy są , więc mogą być jeszcze rezerwowi .
  7. Hello. I just started a new character. Currently, I am level 17. Will become a Blade Dancer. Any English speaking clan recruiting? Please send me a message, Nickname is Vossler, or e-mail me at [email protected] Leveling up alone is boring Best regards
  8. Hi All, I have just started playing here, currently cleric on path to become bishop one day. Playing L2 on and off since 2005- mostly old chronicles, had few years break. Looking for someone to play with; EU timezone preferably. Can use TS or other communication methods. PM on forum or in game "GingerNinja. Greetings to players and thanks to administration for running this server. See you in game. -GingerNinja
  9. Summoners CP eur 18:30 - 22:00 GMT+2 We're looking for: - Blade Dancer -Prophet (warcryer) -Sword Singer -DD Spanish or english. Can whisper in game Antraon, Earnold or Ricola.
  10. Just to introduce ourselves here in the forum ! =D
  11. About us: WhiteWalkers are a level 5 EU prime clan. Led by ambition, we strive to advance forward and establish a strong team. We have historically been a clan that values honesty and clarity, which explains our members' long term loyalty despite not belonging to a stronger side and having absolutely no support during hard times. Everything is talked straight. No misunderstandings lead to no drama. That's what keeps our tensions short and our bonds strong. Organisation: Currently, WhiteWalkers' clan leader is Lukstas with Sinasti and Fortuna as sub-leaders. We aim to achieve CP structure and further stabilize our core. Recruitment: Recruitment is open for all levels and classes at the moment. We're looking for CPs, clans to merge into us and solo players, that are willing to actively search for or create a CP. Only CPs can join the main clan. Solo players can stay in sub-clans until they form a CP. Diplomacy: We are always open to negotiations about anything. However, we're not taking a single step back when it comes to defending our clan's dignity, even if it means engaging in the sharpest of conflicts. This explains the loud minority of people that passionately dislike us, after they realised that we do not allow offenses to our dignity, despite us bearing an unfavourable status.
  12. Kirigos

    LF CP

    Hello there an old player is looking for a good and strong CP, any prime time, can play on 90% classes/ or can play on my 76 OL, pm me offers.
  13. luskan

    mage CP lf

    Looking for russian speaking people lvl 65+ Prime: 20:00 - 00:00 GMT +3 Tag: WhiteWalkers Voice chat: Discord Setup: - tank - necro - SE - EE (free) - OL (free) - SWS (free) - WL (free) - mage (free) - mage (free) Write in the game "Souldevourer P.S Ищу идейных людей для интересной игры и участия в жизни сервера
  14. Yippyaya

    BD 62 lf clan/cp US EST

    US eastern time gmt -5 bd lf active clan/cp.
  15. Dopp3lGanger

    CP Potions Questions

    Hello everyone, I was searching the forums for info about this, but couldnt find concrete facts about the current situation. I saw there was npc vendor near Giran luxury shop selling CP potions. How do they work here? Is there cooldown? Can they be spammed? Are they commonly used? Are they a problem in PvP now or not so much? Thanks in advance for any info!
  16. bsklakis2

    OL LF CP

    Overlord 73 Full gear LF CP play time 19:00 GMT +2 - 00:00 GMT +2 Leave a message here.
  17. IKooDe

    Reclut DA

    Reclut DA / SK for cp mage prime br 20;00 -00:00
  18. Psomo


    elven elder 71 lvl looking for cp eu prime. can speak english mage parties prefered clans with many wars prefered pm in game "xPsomo or post here or pm here in forum. ty hf.
  19. mTbZ

    Abyss Walker LF CP/CLAN

    As the title says, im looking for a clan or an active constant party. Got a good computer, very experienced and well oriented. 28 y/o, from brazil. ABYSSWALKER level 55. - 2 weeks playing. Actual equipment - PL SET + AKAT + DScreamer. Playtime - Random (sometimes 8hrs +), everyday, but mainly 100% 20:00 - 00:30 GMT -3 Nick ingame: mTb
  20. WickedSick Mage CP is looking for Elven Elder Requirements: -Level 74+ -Communicative English -Being online during prime time Monday-Friday and Sunday 19-22/23 CEST For more information write private message on forum or in game ("Ripwalker)
  21. Eiz


    Hola estaba jugando el classic oficial pero me he quedado solo rodeado de rusos y me aburre mucho me interesa entrar a este server ya que es similar juego arto este es mi canal por si quierne ver como juego tengo mucho compromiso busco CP muy activa y que se pa que hacer
  22. V1M1

    Necro lf cp

    Hello all i am a lonely mage lvl 54 full C grades and i am lf a cp to play with i can play alot of hours per day so just pm me to speak about prime time etc. thanks for your time !
  23. Daimond

    Hello all! LF CP

    Hello all i come back ( i have one old char at the server a mage i used to play 1 and half year ago) but i am bored of mage so i want to start again here from 0 is there any new cp who will need one archer for his cp? mine name is george 22 yo i am form greece i can use all kind of communication programms i can play from 12:00 morning GMT+3 till 3:00 night GMT+3 but i prefer to have a cp with prime till from 1:00 till 21:00 somewhere there but for this we can talk at pm thanks for your time all
  24. IKooDe

    recruitment sws

    Hola a todos , estoy en busca de sws para cp MAGE lvl 64 + , se apoyara en lo que necesite en su momento y cuando lo requiera de preferencia Latino o Brasileño , dejar su post si estan en busca de cp , o mandar un email a iKooDee , muchas gracias Hi all, I'm looking for sws for cp MAGE lvl 64 +, will support what you need in your moment and when you prefer Latin or Brazilian, leave your post if you are looking for cp, or send an email to iKooDee, thank you very much
  25. Oet

    EU Frontline CP

    European Melee CP Elven Elder Gladiator - - - - - - - 7 slots open *Start GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) : 21:00 (For questions about timezone-> ) Classes we accept. Tank/BD/SWS/Tyr/Destro/WL/OL/WC/BP/Phantom Summoner pm/mail Wolvz ingame Bring Your Own Beer