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  1. спасибо, добрый человек
  2. скинь ну гугл диск-поделись со страждущими
  3. не будет работать из за ивента
  4. ставь только цветной чат и локализацию.
  5. BenQQ

    Luxury Store

    you no longer have a classic, but some kind of remaster 3/4 magic servers. drive overkill mobs with D grade staves, yes! give 2! destr with a two-handed blunt - nooo, a lot of damage. funny
  6. parts of armor and weapons are more difficult to obtain. I think this is right.
  7. BenQQ

    adena sellers

    wtf dude! you didn't fix it! no limit on private messages! limit private messages to 1 profession!! fuck those bastards! he shitted me in a PM in less than a minute!
  8. BenQQ

    adena sellers

    This is a normal practice when dealing with sellers. with so many spammers in private messages, only on this server thanks! today no one has written yet!) it's cool!)
  9. BenQQ

    adena sellers

    leave a general chat. limit private messages.
  10. BenQQ

    adena sellers

    in half an hour, 4 adena sellers wrote to me on third-party sites. do you plan to do anything about it? why can't you limit the ability to write in private messages to 1 profession? up to 20+ people are not going to the party and there is no need to write to someone. maybe you are in cahoots with them? in share? it is useless to throw you screenshots of violators, they multiply very quickly. at least getting the first professions will limit them in time.
  12. по мотивам "blya kak ti pishesh po russki, u menya ne poluchaetsya" закидываем, заменяем. что там есть-руссифицированный систем чат, отображение агро и имен мобов издалека, патч дроп спойл, возможность писать на русском. без критов. patch.rar