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  1. man really i wanted to stay out of this but you clearly had no idea what was going inside baium(maybe cause you were never there?!?!) and as i keep reading all this stuff i keep getting more and more irritated of what you all say so far...so thx for that
  2. as the others said above...we the handless greek squad have been taking heroes from 1st month so ill just w8 your answer on that since u probably dont know anything....barry hurts a lot i guess and mess with clear thinking. p.s a clan of 30 ppl made 10 of them heroes..u and your handfull friends should be ashamed
  3. lets talk next month maybe now u will play both handed
  4. tell me your stats and make me laugh plz...cause u keep talking about ports and dont bother talking that u get raped 2 times
  5. u never killed me and u never will even if u use both hands and leave pizza on your plate and as i saw pistolas barry u 2 times already...so why u speak with no facts?
  6. better stats than who? me or pistolas? i dont think so
  7. whenever u want we can try if pony can kill u just dont cry for systems and bugs later
  8. well just say thx to that broken system cause u would have lost so many more matches so be thankful to those 2point enemies cause while eating pizza is the best u can win
  9. darkania

    WTB HOMU +11+12

    wtb homu +11+12 pm me in game or leave your name here to contact u...thx
  10. hello all i didnt read all replys but ill speak of some that i did read...i am ES i play here since summer and i always been summoner. i agree the summoners arent strong enough but u knew that before u start them and that there wont be any pet ss so why cry? do you wanna speak about cubics in oly? cause it will be in our favor really...as about pet running after target for ever mine doesnt do it either...after it goes a big distance it returns to me. so the only thing i wanna ask at all is maybe consider the possibility of making buff pets full lvl,,,i know we shouldnt even have them in 1st place but since is a topic about summoners i wanted to ask smthng too. thx for your time reading this and i hope ill see more active summoners soon
  11. darkania

    siege pet pug

    in each siege the guards kill the defenders pets and when they kill it they kill master too...fix it plz
  12. ah so my patch is ok nice thx a lot and sorry again for same question