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  1. Aduha

    siege 1/12

    zealot (check) Counter Critical (check) autoattack (???)
  2. Aduha

    Baium fight 26/10/19

    guys from his party, lend him some money for better PC
  3. Aduha

    Sup folks

    privet noob
  4. Aduha

    bsoe / mounting casting

    there is two different BSOE on retail, from daily mission and quest level 19, and normal. normal you can interrupt other not. JUST FOR INFO.
  5. Aduha

    Daily PvP

    I got epilepavycrtgnblfôyvefc
  6. Aduha


    I would change totally, to have something like 1.3, when if you strong you farm DV, if you beaten noob you go EV, but for high level. 1.3 was best times + LoA update.
  7. Aduha


    you have best version now, why to update?
  8. Aduha

    2.5 admin??

    Kse is a half cuz she is a girl?! You are sexist!
  9. Aduha

    irrelevant randoms with colored titels

    10 buks that rizo was on nexl at that moment
  10. Aduha

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    videos! we need videos!
  11. Aduha

    Ancient Adena with Cata/Necro

    Chant of Revenge? if you don't know... you can have it, just find some warcryer.
  12. Aduha


    With 10 sec CD just like crusher.
  13. Aduha


    For sure that will protect destroyers from RBs attacks (no)
  14. Aduha

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

  15. Aduha

    WC Oly

    can res in silence on retail.