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  1. Aduha

    fake shop

  2. Aduha

    Diversity of Olympics vol. 3

    aha Ultimate Evasion also but never.
  3. Aduha

    Diversity of Olympics vol. 3

    its how it works qq
  4. Aduha

    Diversity of Olympics vol. 3

    LF 80 DA to drive
  5. Aduha

    Diversity of Olympics vol. 3

    Crusher CD 15 sec seems legit AXAXAXAXAX
  6. everybody knows that real perkunas is uchiha naruto
  7. Берешь бабло, инвайтишь чара покупателя, передаешь ему клан через НПЦ.
  8. Aduha


    its always was there. gg
  9. Aduha

    First 80lvl

    u mean zaza?
  10. Aduha

    olympiad schedule September

    damn... that probably is really hard one... (that post says that you are lucky bastard). The fact you can not see that you got outplayed many times but comeback by RNG resists shows your knowledge. if you really wanna talk about getting hero on DA: @You farm with topfarmer class as catcher in chains. @You ask to relog from another farmers to top farmer class and not feeding other pretenders. @With random system that not based on winratio its about luck to get solid enemy and not 1 points box in open farm. @That month you had 10 hidden points that was added after oly period ends and you won by 2 points. you playing this class not to farm, but basically to get hero for this class using all resources you have. (you could use better class for that than useless DA)
  11. Funded by Gabe Newell
  12. Aduha

    olympiad schedule September

    no luck just skill (c) pistolas if you know what i mean
  13. Aduha

    olympiad schedule September

    I was feeling bad when i saw perks by uchiha on enhas what bug? it was bonus for being innova tester. And Dok got penetrated by leaders for showing that on stream