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Found 3 results

  1. hi, i can´t download the patch and updater on the website!! it´s the wrong link!!! plz help!
  2. Here are the necessary steps you need to take to be able to play the game: Step 1: Register an account(*) on the website. (It can take some time to register, so dont despair if you dont manage to log-in directly after. Give it some time) Step 2: Download the torrent from the website, and then the actual game(.zip format) through ex. the software "Bittorrent". (Which you will need to download and install) Step 3: Download the latest patch(.rar format) from the website. Step 4: Extract the game(.zip) into a new folder called for ex. "L2C". (Extract with the software "7-zip" or a similar one) Step 5: Extract the latest patch(.rar) into the same "L2C folder", and select "YES" when asked to overwrite existing files. (Extract with the software "7-zip" or a similar one) Step 6: Create a shortcut of the L2.exe file(example path to where you may find it: c:\L2C\system\L2.exe). Cut and paste the shortcut somewhere where its easily reached. (Your desktop) Step 7: Log in on your account on the website to make sure your account was created successfully. If it was, logout again, then proceed to Step 8. If not, wait a little longer and try again. Step 8: Launch the game! (A black screen may appear for awhile that eventually disappear after some time/loading, switching over to the normal "log-in screen") Step 9: Log in! (*)There are two types of accounts that you can create on the website, a game account and a forum account. In this case, make sure you are creating a game account.
  3. There are countries in Europe that cannot download via torrents,because it's illegal . Could we have one link to download the client via browser / provider ?