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Found 3 results

  1. Here are the necessary steps you need to take to be able to play the game: Step 1: Register an account(*) on the website. (It can take some time to register, so dont despair if you dont manage to log-in directly after. Give it some time) Step 2: Download the torrent from the website, and then the actual game(.zip format) through ex. the software "Bittorrent". (Which you will need to download and install) Step 3: Download the latest patch(.rar format) from the website. Step 4: Extract the game(.zip) into a new folder called for ex. "L2C". (Extract with the software "7-zip" or a similar one) Step 5: Extract the latest patch(.rar) into the same "L2C folder", and select "YES" when asked to overwrite existing files. (Extract with the software "7-zip" or a similar one) Step 6: Create a shortcut of the L2.exe file(example path to where you may find it: c:\L2C\system\L2.exe). Cut and paste the shortcut somewhere where its easily reached. (Your desktop) Step 7: Log in on your account on the website to make sure your account was created successfully. If it was, logout again, then proceed to Step 8. If not, wait a little longer and try again. Step 8: Launch the game! (A black screen may appear for awhile that eventually disappear after some time/loading, switching over to the normal "log-in screen") Step 9: Log in! (*)There are two types of accounts that you can create on the website, a game account and a forum account. In this case, make sure you are creating a game account.
  2. My wife cant enter on her forum account, when she tries to reset her password the email is not sended to her Also she cant reset her PIN, when she goes on Account manager and click on reset PIN it says it was resset but nothing happens on game PIN's
  3. Здравейте ! Гледал съм безброй клипове ,но не мога да разбера като цяло замисъла на този нов л2 ...Какви скилове имат играчите , до колко е вече максимум левела ,гиъра ти до кой грейд може да се вземе ,локацийте същите ли са от Интерлуд например или е по изрязана откъм това ??? Между другото , търся си ЦП , което да играе предимно вечер , без значение от типа игра (лол реиндж , меидж ,съмонери ,арчери ) като предпочитани от мен класове са : SE,BD,SWS,BP,OL,Dagger,Nuker,Spoiler.