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Found 4 results

  1. MoDoy

    Little Monkey

    "They say there is no place for little monkey in this town", still top pointer character after second week
  2. ManuelHera

    Soul Cry (and mp concerns)

    Hello! I'm playing as an orc shaman. I noticed that soul cry doesn't give the usual fixed amount of p. atk (it gives a small percentage). At max levels it gives something along the lines of 10%. If I'm correct, a classic server is similar to C1. That means that characters won't have really high stats (like In GoD), So, I believe having the original (fixed) bonus of soul cry is far more beneficial to the class. Also the mp consumption of skills like drain life, wasn't that high back then. Warcriers and Overlords have serious mana problems when it comes to skills. Before Gracia it was a pain, because they couldn't restore their mp through melee fighting. But in C1 there's nothing like that, so I think it would be better to update the mp values according to C1.
  3. Bittersweet

    About warcryer

    Hello, im planing to play warcryer when the server comes live (I already have one right now on the OBT), I found the class pretty fun to play, great sustain, great CC and stuff, but I dont rly know if light woth better than robe, some people told me "robe for party, light for solo" but I feel that robe would be better for each of the situations, solo and party. So what you guys recommend (me and everybody who wants to play WC) as armor and weapon? robe? light? physical blunt? magic blunt? one handed blunt? 2-handed blunt?
  4. Hello ! Dunno if someone already asked,but can anybody tell me where can i find-buy amulets for my orc shaman ? I am talking about skills pre-40lvl . Thank u !