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  1. whats wrong with balance? you realize there will be always stronger classes and weaker classes, they cannot balance all 31 classes at same time, so with partial updates they are changing meta and giving life to certain classes archers are super garbage, even with FC working like it works, the boost they are getting now wont really make archer viable or better than other setups as they are adding to bards heavy armor mastery, so now they will do super garbage damage even to bards. elemental mages were non existential, because of how much necro with TP was superior while nuke wise he was exactly same (you can say ele mages can AoE in pvp, however stupid 40% reflect makes it that you die after casting 1 AoE), right now with vortex + armors for ele mages, they will be finally viable again (and i would even say they will be superior to necromancer outside of olympiad). tyrant was just too OP, so he got slight nerf, i still think tyrant is better than gladi, might be wrong tho, didnt play for long time. PP getting some love so it wont be just solo players buff box class, quite big changes and wondering if auras work in olympiad for himself (if yes, i wonder if PP is going to be new imba class in olympiad). destroyer needed some love outside of olympiad, idk why they gave it uppercut which is pure olympiad skill in which it already excels, but their decision. SE getting stigma working for mages - very nice, maybe now someone will prefer to have active SE instead of EE in party (tho for this, i think they need to implement mass recharge for SE, maybe even mass stigma). gladi got some pve love update, eventho it was fine class already (sure, not so strong as tyrant, but already decent when you knew what to do), knowing the trigger skills they are adding and their chances to proc, it wont be big deal in pvp TK finally getting the bash nerfed, was ridiculous how with 0.5s stun you were getting perma stunned, because target cancel was instant, for stun debuff to apply there was delay 0.5s, they you had stun debuff for 0.5s and from stun until you start casting its again 0.5s, from which he is casting bash again, not to say its ignoring pretty much everything, so it was acting like switch/trick from daggers but on stereoids (less cooldown, better landrate, stun) about summoners, who knows how it will look like, pretty sure there will be changes on them in next update again smh ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- classes which are going to be boosted/nerfed in next update (my guess) SK - LS and mass LS will be ignoring puri (only good skill SK has and considering it can be purified, it shouldnt be problem to pierce puri as it doesnt take cleanse reuse timer) paladin - would love to see AI to be like old school (100% crit damage), however thats not really possible with introduction of othell runes and capping crit (back in the time they had to actually do make some effort to crit like getting icarus hammer with crit focus and had to stay low HP etc.), my guess is they will improve crit damage to like 40-50% and reduce healing reduction archers - reducing cooldown of double shot/lethal shot and reducing casting on those 2 skills like it is in future updates, maybe tweaking crit chance on those skills and efficiently making from archers more of a casters rather than pure auto attackers (i mean, if you play archer, you are playing PR anyway and you are casting FC on reuse while doing minimum auto attacks, might as well switch other 2 archers to casters) WC - might get some cookie, eventho he is fine as he is, but i noticed ppl started to use WC as buff box and after buffing inviting OL coz of CP healing and debuffing, so probably will get some boost on great fury that you have chance to stun enemy during the time you have it on (please, make it reasonable landrate or at least pierce puri) Destroyer - 100% will get some changes as uppercut will be insane in olympiad and i can already hear people complaining about it, next thing that could change is make over the body stackable with CoV/PoWi - he will get that extra HP/atk speed/speed to actually be relevant in outside pvp, wouldnt make the class too imba as its 15 mins cooldown and just 60s duration, but in small scale pvp should be enough for initiation, in larger scale pvp he gets some survivability DA - he will get his self heal revoked so its literally useless, because its totally out of theme for DA class and it shouldnt have so much impact (for both paladin and DA sake, i mean, paladin has other 2nd class heals and its kinda stupid to use skill from lvl 20 anyway) - as for why, without heal you will see DAs losing much more in olympiad (dont forget they got nerfed in outside pvp already by removing crit on IC, so now they just need to tweak them for olympiad)
  2. just because some skills are useless and some skills are broken, does not mean they are bugged, yes, fatal counter worked more like CDL on mages back in the time (and even then on low HP it was useless piece of crap), however you gotta face that different chronicles mean skills act differently, or are you going to whip out why mages dont make 6x dmg on magic crits like it was coded on interlude? most of debuffs worth using on classic were absolutely useless in previous chronicles, and thats because of how formulas were changed
  3. oof at elemental mages changes, hope you guys have your chars ready as they will trash everything with vortex ignoring puri and passive Pdef/Mdef boost
  4. you realize that if this server ever closes, it will be because literally everyone stopped playing l2, not because admins decided to close it, there is 0 reasons for admins to close their business with low effort and very decent steady income and by the time there will be no people playing here, even yomama will be able to RMT all his stuff, but it wont be so early, i mean, not only this server survived several phases where population was really low, it also survived yomama being hero, so after that, i might even believe it will never close, the business will run by kids and grandkids of admins and kids of players will be smashing each other at lindvior (haha j/k, with the update speed there wont be even valakas ;d) so you want to be casual, yet on other side you want to compete with people who dont play casually and on top of that for much longer time, not to say that even if new server opened, by playing casually, you would still be just meatshield for the big boiz for dont take the server casually, or do you think suddenly you will be able to compete with guys who play triple your time? have you ever played server in past 1 year? how much fun do you think it will be, when after 1 week, you, enjoying farming in 25 lvl with no grade gear will get harassed by 40+ lvl guys in top C, getting literally 1 shotted while doing 100 dmg to them, which isnt even scratch of their cp? hilarious, especially on classic, where there isnt really any comeback mechanism except sucking it up and grinding at times when your enemy sleeps (which, once again, as casual you wont be doing) these times are LONG gone, even 3 years ago it wasnt as easy as log in, search for party in 10 mins in random location and go farm. you say its impossible to be casual in this server, but i am pretty sure there are tons of casual clans there, just doing their own stuff and minding their own business, but hey, for that you cannot be greedy and wanting to lvl up fast as hell, you will sometimes need to invite classes which are not really that profitable for you, because thats simply the gameplay these casual clans have (and thats good) - example: imagine you are mage, you gather from clan party to go abg but also pp from clan asks you for party, despite him being absolutely useless there, you need to invite him, coz its casual clan and it doesnt need to instantly be top lvl or get top gear, they just want to enjoy game with others all in all, ppl should be happy that the H5 project admins had in mind never got realized and they should be happy this server never considered wipe, even when population was less than 500, because the moment they would ever hesitate, thats the moment they would lose trust of all players who would never continue to play after that and this server would be long gone with reputation ruined
  5. MoDoy


    in pvp at 1:50 and 3:20 they get WC buffs rebuffed (the bane ones), idk if they have active wc or not, but it happens sometimes well, i thought he just plays it sometimes, didnt know you just mesh whole cp frapses into one, still stupid comment if you look at it even if he didnt play gladi )) its same like when i hear people how some random slept them in olympiad several times in a row when they have zaken3/core3/orfen3, when in reality none of those epics give resist to sleep
  6. MoDoy


    you cannot do much about acumen, since its getting rebuffed for healers in pvps, so its madness to always try to remove it (and i would rather keep it before pvp so i know how many buff slots i have left during pvps before random acumen pops in), if something, i would say during time you get paladin buff, you can skip the UE self buff to keep your own buffs at minimum to not get overbuffed other stuff, as you are defensive enough at that time (and in case pvp drags for longer than 2 mins, you can pop UE after that) whats more baffling is that someone who plays gladi doesnt know what one of his main skills does (3:30 - sorry to tell you, lionheart doesnt help against fear, read description of the skill)
  7. MoDoy

    G4NK // Multipov

    that moment when you see BD pov popping out and you are like "oh no, could there be more boring pov" but then paladin pov cuts in and suddenly you sit there like "yeah, actually there could be more boring pov" no hate, just paladin gameplay is kinda roflmao for spectator
  8. why you speak like that? your forum account was created in 2017, that means you are also old player and not new player, or am i wrong?
  9. bop in his hands? pfu. everybody who plays here for longer period of time knows i "got PTSD" from the times he was using DELB and his avadon light, this is some zoomers sh1t you posted
  10. so the secret why tyrant is so insane in pve (except all the other things) is, that on 76 lvl, he gets hex skill which cannot be resisted, costs almost no MP, is ranged and on top of it, classic hex is -23% p def while tyrant one is -30% (so yeah, its even better), no need to be worried about switching for hex dagger in solo farming is definitely not good, on the other hand if you had SK/AW combo and lvled to 78, now that starts to be interesting, because of LS and aggro you can utilize focus death 90% crit damage on auto attacks if you decide to roll SK, there is no way SK and BD can make enough dps to actually "farm" giants cave (inside, i dont mean outside) thats why the suggestion is -> go for tyrant if you want class which is good in solo pve with full support
  11. MoDoy


    it was needed centuries ago, when pvps on forum were going non stop day and night, nowadays getting blinded once per week when checking new thread by some new guy asking what to do in l2/suggestion to open new server, your eyes dont even suffer anymore from such rare occasion getting flashed
  12. easy solution, 21h bosses are just easy way to xp and thats why most of ppl just log for them and log off, coz the moment they see the xp counter when doing normal farm, they ask themselves "why should i do this for 3h when i can get same xp in 10 mins tomorrow on bosses?" dont take me wrong, leveling should be easy (so new players have chances to catch up to older players), but these bosses are just pure cancer and if you want to hold players by hand and have easy way for them (coz thats how new mmos work pretty much, they give you everything on silver plate), just implement ~2 more daily quests per level range, where you need to kill decent amount of mobs (depending on locations you choose for certain levels), each daily should take like 1-2h in average group, thus if you find some twink of fully boosted guy with full buffs, you probably finish daily in like 30 mins, if you decide to solo the quest without proper equip, it will take like 2h or if you dont play that much, you are not forced to finish it every second day. same quests like you have for daily coins, but make some average of xp ppl take from bosses (not top farmers, but some normal party), put it into those quests why is it better solution? first of all, ppl wont complain about RMT RB farmers who are cancer. ppl will be forced to actually go xp on zones and on top of that they will get the xp they would get from bosses anyway, that means they will farm some adena, they might get some full drops, they might join and meet new people and there might be some random fights (tho i doubt, but at least locations wont be empty during the day and evening, as it doesnt take 10 mins to finish quest as to kill RBs and ppl would do them in different times) all i can say is giving something to do on daily basis which is worth it is extremely profitable for server and people, i am pretty sure you could see it in numbers the moment you finally implemented the idea i was lobbying for long time from official events, to add daily XP buff which increases xp every hour for like 4 hours, that just motivates people to log every day and do something during that time, same thing would be if you give players quests which are equal to xp of bosses (especially if those bosses will be deleted and ppl will be forced to go xp normally anyway, but at least like this they wouldnt feel like any loss was made as they can do the same xp on top of other benefits)
  13. i dont doubt that you will say "bullsh1t" literally to anything that doesnt go with your conspiracy theories, so no matter what i say, you will say its fabricated or anything my PW account was actually super safe, i dont think i can count amount of people who has it on 1 hand and that already includes people i played with in uchiha party when my char was SR despite me not playing, i still log for them from time to time when asked and now the best thing is, do you know that one of those handful of people who have my account is actually masha? thats mindblowing right, so if she plays, she can log the char whenever she wants, even for clan leaders duties and yeah, they definitely made me clan leader coz they knew ahead of time you are going to make this thread, make screenshot of heroes and idk what more
  14. wow, you are quite salty and clueless, i havent played club for quite some time in past year and didnt play at the time all this drama between them happened, so i never had reason to hold grudge against them (same like you are still holding hands with bizqquit despite what he has done in past, since you had no saying in that event, you dont really care what he did), we still played other games (together with some other members of party) what makes you think rizos invited them back? rizos is not even leader, never was and never will be
  15. MoDoy


    i can tell you that "subscription" model is much much better than actual f2p but p2w in game shop system, you know its not about lottery to enchant some OP item from shop in 5 bucks or 200 bucks while you know that people who can throw 200 bucks wont get ez advantage over you (just gonna say that if your concern is about the 10e per month for PA, its usually problem just first month which you have to pay, after that if you decide to get it through adena, its actually pretty easy task to farm that amount)