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  1. destro is still good in pve (he just suck incredible ballz in pvp) gladi is also good in pve, as equip rises, he gets closer and closer to tyrant and on top equip only reason why tyrant is better than gladi is because of zealot, which he can pop if he aggroes too many mobs or generally for faster cleaning of mobs - all that considering that gladi is better in pvp than tyrant, so seems fair tyrant is better in pve warlord - sucks compared to others, on official you are able to make trains with them at least, no idea what is different here (i know they have kitty buff there, but that doesnt seem like only problem he has in pve)
  2. you can be happy they switched their style of updates and you are getting some mini update every 2-3 months, back in the time we were getting some bug fixes in that amount of time while big updates were comming every 2 years +
  3. MoDoy


    you want reaction? here goes kekw, without this, the video would be missing something (ps: idk why chrome makes screenshot below disappear in 1 second, but in other browser it stays ;d )
  4. yes, that could happen, but imagine if side is so strong that half of side is enough to be comfortably winning on both RBs, then nothing will save the losing side except full restructuring of sides (some parties leaving winning side and joining losing side / winning side splitting into 2 sides / ...), no content will save that kind of situation
  5. PW in oly? sheesh, someone is not going to have fun times as far as i remember, i was +4 str -4 dex, +8 wit -? (i dont even remember which mage dye is restricted, but you can put only one, i think it was -INT that fighters can remove?) however, if you are not used to general caster dagger type (casting slow, heal, hex, power break, drain, ...) and going for more burst dmg, i would suggest +8 str -8 dex (or if you feel like you are missing a lot of blows, kappa, you can go -4 dex -4 con, but i wouldnt dare to lower con on pretty much any class )
  6. you gotta wait longer time for that, as this item not being removable was "fix" for ppl abusing getting CRP for heroes in their clan (take circlet which comes with 1k crp, delete, take circlet with 1k crp, delete, repeat, profit)
  7. many people know it and maybe they are afraid to admit it, but there are some players who despite not dominating, they refuse to give up just because of amount of time/money they spent on the project. there are many projects who are already doing what you described, they open new server every ~6 months and merge it with the main branch of server, cant say they are very successful, yes, their newly created servers have high population, but they all leave before the merge happens and the main branch is "meh" at best also like you said, not many competitive groups would join club server right now, do you actually think if new server was made with purpose of later merge, those competitive groups would show up there and stay after the merge? at best they would show up, play for 2 months to dominate server, RMT as much stuff as possible and cash out (#averageServerProcedure). but now really, lets say they opened new server, what would be adequate amount of time for you to accept merging servers? 6 months? (imagine main server losing some population for 6 months, thats actually already huge). now the question is, what will you achieve in those 6 months on new server? (or less, considering they wouldnt want to hurt their main server for literally half year). will you be able to compete with chars from old server? i dont think so, especially if market is not established, server and all the bosses/epics will be dominated by 1 side after 1-2 months (coz as i said, from start they might compete, at some point 1 side starts to lose, they cash out and quit, leaving other side freefarming and quitting right after them). club is unique in fact that they delivered what they promised, long term classic server without bullsh1t official features and most importantly NO wipes and NO closing of server, even if population sometimes drops to smaller numbers. who really appreciates those 2 values this server has, will start and play here, no matter whats difference in gear/lvl, because they know eventually they have chance to catch up to those people, be it 1+ year, but they can do it. no other server can guarantee you that, because they all close in span of 3 months, in which you most probably never catch up people on the top
  8. its actually very simple why players dont want new server which merges in future, mentality of l2 players nowadays is play 1-2 months and switch server the moment you are not dominating or top immediately, which also leaves that the guys who are dominatin on server staying alone and leaving as well, thus average lifespan of average l2 server right now is 2 months. thats why organized groups wont probably join this server, coz that would mean they would have to chain themselves to 1 project, invest into it to be something here, which is not an option because what if even after all that time they wont be top? if they quit, instead of wasting 2 months, they will waste 6-12 months. if new server is opened, many people who play current server would leave to start playing on new server, just because they are not top here, thinking maybe they will be top on new one (#spoiler: they wont). Thing that certain amount leaves from main server, ppl who decide to stay start to see population decrease, decrease in shops of market and in result will leave as well, coz they feel like server is dying. that why old players dont want merge, because new people who join new server will probably quit 2 months in if they see they are not dominating and so will quit old people from main server who switched and see that main server has no population now (coz ppl left for newly opened server), they see population decrease in newly opened server after 2 months, so they decide to leave as well. despite this server not having very competitive or strong parties in particular in its whole history, i would argue that at some points it came VERY close to famous Gran Kain (first ru classic off) in terms of competitiveness as sides/clans
  9. by no means its in "final stage", they are just not going to follow official with updates L2 has so much content before GoD (up to H5 i count normal L2), that generally this is not even half way used potential - Goddard area (IT/HS/FoG), Innadril area(fields of silence and second fields), Rune area(FoTD, stakato nest, Monastery of silence), whole Hellbound, whole Gracia continent (SoD/SoA/SoI with flying ships and transforms) - S grade armors, S80 armors (HB farming and HB pvps), vespers (gracia continent) - attribute system (different than whats on official right now, maybe some tweak of old attribute system? who knows) - still missing lots of skills for classes, which can be added later to be farmed in several different ways in new locations - from epic bosses - Frintezza / Freya / Valakas / Beleth / Tiat / Ekimus - there are just few people 83, they didnt even reach 85 cap, but i dont think there is problem even if you can go higher than that, as long as classic system is kept (or leave it 85 cap, but i think leveling is big part of motivation why ppl go outside of town and grind) - kamaels (now dont take me wrong, not necessarily new ones from classic as they are crap, also not necessarily old ones as they were OP, but possibly old ones being tweaked so they are not so OP OP, but generally decent) - improved pets (kookaburas/wolves, eventho i think wolves were kinda toxic for gameplay back in the time) possibilities are limitless, ofc i am not saying they should implement everything i wrote above and even if they decide so, it would take literally decade to get to that stage i believe, but pretty much anything you saw up to H5 (and maybe even some GoD features which are nice and not really out of l2 world) can be potentially implemented in the future. they are just done with blindly following official classic updates.
  10. for that i can just add additional idea (i play on essence and it works like that there). there is event, that from 22:00 everyday (but can be any other time), 2 mini bosses (something like loa/toi event bosses) have chance to spawn in 2 globally shared instance zones (1 is reworked LoA, one is garden - globally shared = everyone on server teleprots to same instance zone and see each other, its just separate from normal world so teleports/gate chants cannot be abused). their random spawn is 30 minutes, both of them have interesting drops (loa boss has epic weapons/jewels/rare spellbooks, other one has rare spellbooks/Top A guns/etc., so loa is better, but both are good in general - have in mind drop is specific to essence chronicle, ofc new bosses here shouldnt drop epics and other super rare stuff, but rather maybe these new spellbooks you get from sailren with like 2-5% chance depending how many times per week it spawns, some top A weapons, maybe blessed/improved enchants) now why its important for it to be 2 bosses that start spawn everyday (also does not have to be everyday here, but lets say every thursday or whatever admins decide), that those bosses since they spawn in instances, you can not save teleport/gate right to boss, so usually dominating side focuses on better boss (LoA one), while if you are losing side, you can ninja other boss in case it spawns sooner than LoA (if it spawns later, they obviously soe and regroup on second boss). Also if they are two of them, even if some side decides to avoid pvp, the pvp usually comes for the second boss which spawns (since they are not so easy to kill sometimes side manages to come to other boss when they notice it spawned sooner than one which they camped). if sides are balanced, of course they decide to both go for both bosses, that means first there is pvp for one boss and after that for second boss important notes: 1) dont make only 1 boss which will be free farmed by dominating side (as that happens a lot here that there is dominating side), but rather multiple of them, so smaller/weaker side can still try ninja and boost their side if they are in really big disadvantage 2) make sure you cannot gate/teleport right on top of those bosses, you should be able to get there in lets say like 2 minute with fast regroup if boss takes like 5 mins to kill (5 mins understand with debuffs like hex/stigma and orcs, also not 1 party but i guess stat balancing is depending on admins, just it should be like if side is fast regrouping, they should be able to get from 1 boss to another one before it gets killed, if they are slow in regrouping or they come in waves, smaller side can wipe those small waves and still get the boss) 3) make them start spawn everytime at static time and leave them small random window (~30 mins should be fine, i dont think clans will be against pvping for those 30 mins, doesnt seem too long to be boring, doesnt seem too short to not show anything)
  11. sounds good, doesnt work we had this thing implemented for sieges, were one of the worst sieges ever when nobody was losing xp, nobody was losing adena, just pure meat grind of bodies until someone got overwhelmed
  12. @Lykra thats not how SV bosses were locked, big alliances didnt risk dropping expensive items, so what they did was put poopy gear on hero mages (aka karmian + som pheonix jewels + hero weapon) and pked everyone from those few chars, while alliance was just supporting them, not pking with them that way even if they were killed, they didnt drop anything imoprtant but since they had hero weapons, they were still 3 shotting everyone idea about not dropping pre-76 seems interesting, however i believe it would be quite some shock for newbies especially if it wasnt well communicated, there would be tons of tickets with "i didnt know you can drop from mobs, i havent dropped until now", etc. etc., and what would happen if you reach 76 and you drop something? is it really that much different than being 70 lvl and dropping something? if you plan to touch range of mobs they can be pulled, be careful not to mess up AoE spots (aka you try to pull mobs to your party and they start disappearing midway)
  13. thanks god nobody cares what you are interested in someone who contradicts himself in his posts while having 0 real classic experience talks about gameplay and features, kekw
  14. what is even this butthurt message? sure, let few people have this feature on while other can carebear for rest of their lives, and if you disagree, you are rat right now there is risk they lose, there is chance they gain, thats why some people like it, coz if they are careful, they can minimize their losses and maximize their gain and thats what l2 is about true classic is korean classic? pls dude, stop joking, how hard is korean classic? you just need swipe hard enough with your credit card, thats how hard korean classic is, but i agree with your sentence "You never want to play Korean classics.", coz wiping my whole bank account to still be irrelevant, do some mindless grind, fight vs some guys who donated 3 times more there and can solo full party is not fun at all now on serious note, every change they did in this update is insanely good in general (except maybe the map and bosses thing, always hated to camp bosses with cameras, but i could see why they are doing it), even carebears should be happy that chance to drop was reduced by 50% while they didnt have to touch it at all those changes are good, but the question is, are people going to get hyped after seeing those changes? stir their interest? i guess it lacks in that aspect, but better than nothing