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  1. Diversity of Olympics - Shiellien Knight Month: December / January Server: Chronicle: Classic 2.0 Saviors Name: Anytime Class: Shillien Knight (sk) Clan: Anarchy / WuKong / Defcon1 / Deviate / NonFactor Alliance: - Length: 19:48 So here we go with 5th volume of Diversity of Olympics - Shiellien Knight. Finally managed to come back to my old drive with some spare time and cut frapses from another classes i played here on the original TI. Since i am still banned on discord, posting it at least here on forum for people once again to see that classic olympiad is not only DA/necro/destro/ES, but can make almost any class work. I consider SK to be decent in powerlevel, however it requires lots of kitting around and hiding to let your dots do massive damage. Once in a while when you have chain strike ready, since its insta cast, you can interrupt any other CC enemy has (horror/stun/fear/sleep) and go for lightning strike, which is pretty good CC unless enemy has DC set (was quite rare until the update where cloths were not problem anymore). In video you can see following: Fights against OL/Necro/SK/ES/PS/Tyrant/Destro/DA/WC Enjoy. PS: still have left like 5-6 classes which are not cut and not put in any kind of video which will be done eventually i think, but i am not really eager for them as those were quite strong classes like DA/necro/destro and then PS/bishop, but it will be done eventually and added to diversity of olympics playlist 😉
  2. negative, come in 8 months for 2.0 update if you want runes, anyway half of the melees are capable of AoE, so othell rune doesnt boost them that much anyway ^_^
  3. according to 1.5 patchnotes, i am pretty sure xp scrolls were not a thing and were introduced in later updates, so when ppl say no to xp scrolls, they are not removing something that should be here according to patch notes
  4. thats not a problem of 1.5 patch, afaik on club there were 2 parties killing most of the bosses, was uchihas pt vs demon(dimon? idk, some russian guy) pt, we fought for a lot of bosses, it wasnt particulary good xp or anything, not like you could abuse it much, because there is not much xp boost, bosses are spread around the map, they have too big respawn and there are very few of them after lvl ~60 (i think highest is rahha at 65 lvl, which was impossible to kill unless you bug minions) problem started to be with too many stackable bonuses in later chronicles and the moment they introduced 21h bosses, which spawned 6-7 bosses on high lvl range (75/80) at same time next to each other and some side dominated those, hopefully they wont introduce them with the update of server, even if there are no xp boosts, coz xp from those bosses was just too insane i still remember those fights where you pulled boss to narnia and the enemy pt still found you if they knew the boss is alive, you got these kind of pvps for arak on skylancer hill or fight for rahha at westland
  5. weekly maintenance fee for CHs low tier CH - 100kk/week mid tier CH - 200kk/week top tier CH - 300kk/week even if admins dont change the amount of ppl in clan (which helps solve problem of hugging too many clan halls), if you are active clan, you wont have problem to pay the rent (40 ppl mid-tier clan, everyone tips in 2kk a week for CH and they can get low tier CH, if they by any chance increase slots for clans from 40 to 80 lets say, its 1kk per month per member for low tier CH, which is same like others on club just sh1ttier location) top clans will decide twice if they want to bid for box CHs and pay the 400kk/month maintenance fee for their box inactive clan for low tier CH is it too much for starters? then dont bid for CH very first week or very first month and bid once you know your clan is ready to support the CH fees, suddenly you cant pay fees? no worries, with these prices CHs will rotate and i doubt every CH will be taken non stop, so you can again bid for other CH once your clan is again ready to bid
  6. 1 thing is total xp you need to achieve something, but with that you also have to consider how much xp you make how much xp can 60 lvl mage party pull on c4 in 20 minutes? and how much can same party pull on classic? pretty sure the number is not same and that you gain much more xp in classic, which means its not exactly 3x harder to lvl up on those 2 chronicles even if total xp is 3x higher removing xp scrolls is minimum what you can do, only xp boost which should ever exist are fishing stews (10%) and clan online bonus (15%?), and those are both 2.0 i believe
  7. that has easy solution as well, do NOT introduce improved enchants, suddenly you wont have ppl running with +8 sets and +16 top weapons after getting lucky 2-3 clicks
  8. just remove the xp scrolls fully and keep it x3, you can do this strix nerfed thing on 2.0, but even then it must be time limited scroll to use never introduce xp scrolls in CHs/castles, in events if you want, rather have longer/better buff for xp boost during it rather than big drops of xp scrolls as a reward, dont let people stack up on them, its total game killer, ppl will speedrun sh1t out of this chronicle either way, no need to make it even easier for them about xp loss, its already 1/2 or 1/4 if you have wars up (so 1% or 2% instead of 4%) and in future chronicles that should be even lower after 76 lvl i think (1% to non war, 0.25% or 0.5% to war), on top of which if you add CH and possible addition of clan luck (less % loss on death), that should be more than fine. as long as ppl dont get infinite source of bresses and dont get used to 100% resses, they wont even notice the xp loss
  9. sh1tty to play in mage party* absolutely useless in pvp as you cant go close range, absolute garbage in pve as you need to circle for hours for your mages with mobs, never had problem with bards in melee/archer pt
  10. what else you use for CH? like i said, only top CHs and top castles should actually have buffs, mid/low tier CHs/castles should have only WW/mental/shield/decrease weight and thats pretty much it, so ... CH was always mostly for the xp loss and the mp regen, not for the actual buffs also i dont think it would be problem to raise maintanance price for CHs with each update, like i said, admin implemented provisional CHs at some point, so if some clan starts to play and at that point of update the maintanance adena is "pocket money" so no CHs are going to be free, they just keep renting provisional ones until next update when the price gets lets say 10x bigger and suddenly CHs slots will open, imo much better solution than actually losing CH for long time ps: dont add xp scrolls or any xp boost except maybe fish in CHs/castles/events, having 10 different boost items and just logging for bosses was biggest sh1t ever which ruined pvp for spots
  11. 1) biddable clan halls we saw how club eventually changed and how ppl were scared to pvp coz of losing exp, not stnading unless they get bress. now imagine CH bidding is every 2 months, someone decides to overbid you and you lose 50% return xp for 2 months, thats absolutely crazy if you asked me and will decrease amount of pvp. once you succeed to get good CH, i dont think you should be worried about suddenly losing it because someone decides to screw you up. You want to get rid of adena on server? you want to not have dead clans sitting with CHs? make it that you pay big adena for actually maintaining CH, lets say 100kk for low tier CHs and like 500kk for top tier CHs a week. that way once you big and win CH, as long as you are active and managing your clan, it shouldnt really be problem to keep the CHs running (lets say small clan of 30 ppl of casuals, that would be like 3kk a week from everyone to keep low tier CH). nobody is going to keep pumping that adena to keep CHs and small/mid tier clans will be able to get hands on their own, while big sides dont need to be worried to get screwed over. On top of it, eventually we know club had mechanic ready for newly arriving clans and thats exactly what you said - provisional CH - "infinite" amount of basic CH which is biddable every 2 weeks i think? so even if there is no CH left at the moment, clans could take those until some CH with dead clan gets free 2) no boxing sounds good, doesnt work. i agree its frustrating to be able to log full party and then do pve yourself, but i can tell you exactly same frustrating thing is when you log in and you cant do anything because you cant even log basic buffer for yourself, while waiting long time to find some random main buffer, if you even manage to find one. 1+1 is not big deal, yes, there will still be ppl who will do 6 boxes with their pc+2 laptops, but its much more annoying that on old club another thing why it works on those servers you mentioned but wouldnt really work in here is because first of all, elmore is C1, the lower lvl you are, the less buffs you need on top of that gameplay being "use dot, run around with mob for eternity, 1 hp last hit", you dont need buffs for that gameplay reborn is interlude, which has subclass system, which means 1 guy can have access to 4 class chars, which makes it figuring out party much easier, but dont forget you aint getting this on classic another thing you need to consider is that CH shouldnt have full buffs like you are used to it, hell even low tier castles are not supposed to have CH buffs, so you shouldnt be able to do the thing they do "just take CH buffs, haste potions, lets go farm with 1 destro and thats it" - thats not how classic works 3) lower rates i could totally see it going at least to x2, eventho now that they announced it, idk if they can change it - why? - x3 talking island server was made before skelth or NA classic even came to scene, which means only small % of ppl who followed russian/korean classic had info on whats good, how to do stuff properly, etc., so ppl didnt have the best setups, ppl werent the most efficient, but those times are long gone, 1.5 classic is already explored and ppl who abuse the meta will reach end game MUCH sooner than what it was back in the days, so to slow down the progress a bit, i could see it becoming lower rate on other hand, club has updates ready this time (hopefully), so you dont need to wait 1.5 year for updating and you can go forward on slightly faster pace than it used to, because simply updates will be comming faster (lets say 6-9 months i guess?), which also makes it fair to old ppl if it ever comes to merge of old server and new server
  12. melees are not playable in 1.5, reason why someone even played it on club is because they had double, on some skills even triple the chance to crit other than that, dmg from melees is terrible and they are unplayable (except warlord, which is more of a mage setup char than melee)
  13. the heck? you work until 18 on friday? feels bad man
  14. Sieges - you can move around to sooner time as its weekend event, probably making them sooner is the way, as waking early on sunday is more possible than staying late sunday for chinese and trying to go to work on monday Olympiad - i think olympiad was kinda early for brazilians and i remember them joining mostly on saturday, coz they were finishing works and stuff, moving it even sooner eill rekt them on friday. Suggestion here would be to make it not same on both days, keep the time on friday and move time drastically on saturday. That way brs can come from work on friday and play, some chinese can stay 1 night to interrupt feeds and stuff (since next day is saturday) and on friday everyone should have oly in some reasonable time to feed and interrupt.