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  1. MoDoy

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    nah, i didnt really get mad so what that its laugh for you? other ppl can take it as provocation, thus can be reported by rules you linked ps: calling you monkey is also just a laugh so just chill and enjoy, kk?
  2. MoDoy

    [WEIGHT IN] Events

    personally i would like people to slowly start transitioning to A grades and not be stuck with C/B grade +++ equipment. i think we are not going to follow official updates from now on and it would be very sad if going for A/S grade would be less worth than staying with C grades +10 and B grades +8, because that feels like game does not really progress (PS: gratz for 1k posts, welcome to big boiz area :d) i would for sure not put shop with items like during tiger event, even if prices are ridiculous, if you give someone opportunity to buy bresses cheaper than with CoL or stuff, he will just stack them once again and all this fiesta will never end. let it be full RNG what you open you get, put some very nice rewards but with very low chance as it was said (for example like there was only 2 winners of this green cloak during 1 spring event or something), also i would put less items to be exchanged for reward, but change rewards according to it (so good things will be less likely to get), that way ppl get enjoyment of opening the event items, and eventho they get like 3 buff scrolls, 10 fireworks, 5 qhp, but 1 enchants, it will be better rather than exchanging 3 event items and getting 1 enchant, 1 qhp and 10 fireworks also you could make interactivity like in tiger/pumpkin/snowman event, where you spawn some creature and have to interact with it (for example there was bonfire event on official), not just exchange at npc and thats it this daily buff for boost xp was nice (personally it didnt bring as much as i expected coz the numbers were kinda low, would slightly boost them maybe from 3/6/10/15 to like 6/10/15/30 so the last hour would be actually big reward). i would put this buff in the special buff slot like clan unity and other boosts, not normal buffs so it cant be overbuffed. Also if its not big hassle, during this buff duration, you could have special transofrmation on people (i can provide some screenshots from valentine event/halloween event/christmas event from official), that way people feel kinda special and different tl;dr 1) make event items drop more often (chances to get something good adjusted to it) 2) make less event items needed to open 1 item (chances to get something good adjusted to it) 3) boost a bit last hour of xp buff, making ppl trying to xp more and be out of town on daily basis 4) keep it RNG (except maybe cloaks/aghation how you made it on last event, event items+CoL) 5) let people feel special during event, let them have some fancy transformation and interaction with NPC when trading event items (some might consider it annoying, but its pretty change of pace imo)
  3. MoDoy

    small group lf cp

    i dont think we have 4 slots unless rizos kicks me, but then they wont be able to be called forum warriors, will they?
  4. MoDoy

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    so they try to help top players but they disable duels because top players were using it to their advantage at farming bosses (and yes, i was doing it same, everyone with at least few braincells would, it was L2 mechanic which allowed you to farm faster, why not use it?) well, okay, lets see how long it will take to chat ban half of blood river clan for these rules you mentioned, because literally every single sentence which comes from BRs mouth can be considered as provocation (including KKKKKKKKKKKKKK) so if thats the way BRs want to play, i have no problem to chat ban half of the server after getting reported for such petty flames
  5. sorry, cant, you are one of those ppl who is stuck with same gameplay since 1.5, refusing to acknowledge the game has changed and so you have to adapt to new gameplay - you cant teach old doggo new tricks (pls kse dont chat ban me coz i called someone dog)
  6. ah, right, its not OL from interlude, must be weak well, i am not even surprised you cannot see potential of OL when you play like you play, in correct hands OL can be beast in mass pvps - tho not yours ofc
  7. MoDoy


    oh boi, how many of those matches were because of "resist"? do you even know how the debuff land rate is scaling overall? you know nothing if you think OL is weaker than WC in this match-up, git gud best OL
  8. except overlords are already boosted with fact that you are able to buff party members as well as clan members and if by "crap" you mean healing 700/1400 CP to 40 people every 3-4s and being kind of decisive game changers if pvp takes longer than 2.5 minutes, then yes, they are utter poop
  9. MoDoy

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    how is number 2. broken? he never said portuguesse is monkey language, but he said the guy spoke to him with monkey language, he flamed the guy, not ethnicity for number 4., welp, good that he got offended, flaming without other side getting mad has no reason behind it ps: @Kse, maybe these kind of reports could be added together with whisper? since /block [nickname] also blocks your communication with person in trade, shout, hero and general chats (ofc i mean these soft core flames like monkeys and poopers) also i guess its time to start reporting BRs for using different kind of language in case they make some post on forum, used to happen in times since they want to play by rules so much
  10. MoDoy

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    nah, not really need to hate, i dont hate my enemies and enemies dont hate me, its nice relationship
  11. MoDoy

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    i said native speakers in USA, not native americans (so i meant everyone whose mother language is spanish, will it be immigrant or indian or any1 speaking it as native) ;d
  12. MoDoy

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    to be fair, with current state how america is, i would call it 3rd world country, but nvm, thats not the point :d i would really like to see you trying to speak spanish with non native speaker in USA and how well it would go, just because they study it in school does not mean they actually speak it
  13. MoDoy

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    and? unless you go to some specific 3rd world countries which are too busy playing GTA V Real Life, then you probably wont be able to use spanish to any extent (and yes, that goes for chinese as well, it was just joke - learn and speak english for your own sake)
  14. MoDoy

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    please dont, just because people learn it as 2nd or 3rd language does not mean they are actually speaking it / can understand when someone talks, its like german language forced in high school, painful 4 years of learning for no result whatsoever
  15. MoDoy

    *Dont stop belieev... sucking*

    its true, it at least works for me in olympiad when i run with up arrow, same principle like in old racing games, thats the secret to become the fastest boi