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  1. bump, still looking for people for our cp
  2. MoDoy

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    i like this, not everyone is 25+, freaking old geezers :<
  3. MoDoy

    Biggest Scammer of 2017(from WK)

    when i saw name of topic, for a second i had my hopes up for promising topic and then i opened it and saw post from 2k17 you are fake news!
  4. MoDoy

    Class choice

    because i asked uin on TS few days ago
  5. MoDoy

    summoner is most expensive character

    not my business you played under sh1tty leadership
  6. MoDoy

    summoner is most expensive character

    why would i do that? CP was providing me with shots, so it was in my best interest to kill as fast as i can, i just said its expensive, never said you have to afford it as solo player
  7. MoDoy

    summoner is most expensive character

    you know whats expensive? SR in freaking loa, eating 5k shots in 20 minutes
  8. MoDoy

    Class choice

    yeah no, thats not how it works nowadays good idea, nolife farm for 1 year to get somehow decent equip, steal hero and then still find out that he is useless what could go wrong, if he actually wants to prove it i can just cheer him on, once i lose hero at least i will play class which is capable of making dmg in pvp
  9. MoDoy

    Class choice

    well, thats gracia final where daggers were standing on par with kamaels in being OP to warn you, no, classic and especially this update is nowhere close for dagger 1 shotting people even if you are the most stacked person on the server
  10. MoDoy

    Class choice

    in what universe is PW fun? if you like yourself at least little bit, go for tyrant, if you are masochist who likes to waste time with 0 results, then you can try PW, but i dont give you much time before you quit
  11. MoDoy

    Event PvP

    laugh now, but dont cry once update comes, you were warned
  12. go yourself and stream it "fake yomama vs yomama - Who will win?!?", definitely not clickbait and all donations will be used for legit RMT throught Coins of luck to help server
  13. MoDoy

    Event PvP

    sweet summer child, if thats your concern, i dont want to see what you have to say about 21 hours bosses which we will get in zaken patch
  14. MoDoy

    WTB Drake boots +0/6/8

  15. MoDoy

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    dont be too sad, you will make MJ heavy back again soon, you wont even notice you missed it for some time as i said, RMT is in the rules, exchanging item for item is not, very simple