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  1. i guess on l2wiki is new tooltip and in game we have something different, but on link you provided @Lunareaia there isnt single word written about canceling any buff :d just that you cannot recieve such buffs
  2. i have a zaken cloak, i have an event cloak, euuuuuhhh, zaken event cloak! here is full tutorial for our brothers from forest
  3. yea, and how come it also doesnt remove shield of sacrafice and song of earth? "san0, fix this sh1t" - dankolov 2017
  4. MoDoy


    as yomama said, castle scrolls have cooldown (i think 20 minutes, tho you can use them before fight and if you fight later than 20 mins, you can recast it, because duration is 60 mins, which is fine) about bress scrolls, san0 said in past all bresses were supposed to have change casting to normal ress when they changed tiger event bresses, but smh they missed the CoL ones and nobody cried, so they never fixed those ones (they didnt even know they have faster cast, they thought they fixed all of them at same time)
  5. MoDoy

    Drop for mobs

    this. not exactly agreeing with the solution, but since i started on classic some years ago, i found it incredibly stupid how on every 2 steps you have someones camera lying on floor, monitoring every single step of yours, before classic (i played gf) i dont remember there were cameras everywhere, maybe also because HB had this restiction that only 78 lvl could do the entrance quest and you just didnt have enough chars to put on every spot (so you had one on heine or TP and thats it) thats why i also talked many times about this in past on this server, that HB had this cool mechanic that after PR, you appeared in wasteland (not peacful zone), so in case you had train on yourself and didnt want to fight with mobs on you, you did PR and you could pvp without mobs, right now since GC mobs are hitting hard, many people avoid pvp coz they dont want to drop (or at least i wish it was like that, tho we know where is truth) - this might be fixed with next update if admins introduce PI (lets hope its not going to be fully useless zone), on which when you make soe in middle of jungle/plains, i think you appear on the beach which is not safe zone, thus you can pvp without being afraid to drop your gear
  6. i wish it worked like that ... on 2.0 the freaking poopers from my cp knew instantly when i started looping during pve and got blamed for it instantly
  7. idk, like yomama said, its 1 in million you get unfairly banned (but it does happen and you can actually get unbanned for free when that happens and you can prove it) usually how these stories with bots go 1) I didnt use bot, i swear 2) ok, maybe i used bot, but it was character out of party, rest of pt has nothing to do with it, its just random party 3) ok, maybe its not random party, we played together for long time, but they really didnt know 4) ok, maybe they knew, but still they didnt bot and all rest were active anyway, its unfair to ban whole pt for 1 bot, profit is so little 5) ok, maybe half of party was botting, but the other half was not, so please, unban the other half of party at least
  8. pretty much what was said just because we play also somewhere else, doesnt mean we dont log here from time to time (i guess my time to time is more rare than nanseys, but its w/e) so since i am logging every week on this server, why cannot i participate on discussions here? especially since this is heroes topic (eventho we went off-topic), i am pretty sure i have rights to write especially here
  9. so you didnt log off before premade pt vs pt with FW yday? :d
  10. i didnt tag you, i didnt quote you, yet you are here quoting me :< chill there a bit and relax, nobody laughs from you for dodging pt vs pt with FW today, everything is fine :d
  11. nansey not getting hero dwarf again can you fix it next month please?
  12. MoDoy

    Drop for mobs

    idk, admins solved this problem very nicely for randoms that you dont drop from RBs and their minions, now if you drop to mobs in regular farming while doing it with randoms, then boi you had to screw up magnificently i guess