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  1. MoDoy

    Crush of Doom

    I would like to have Half-kills and Dagger Mastery Trigger on our daggers, they were fundamental mechanics and too satisfying when they happened, i really dont understand the reason for the removal in classic. thanks.
  2. MoDoy

    Gludio Siege

    is that how rumors spread? that modoy is fully stacked, has everything, best equip, all skills, etc.? that aggro is only thing which i am afraid of? screen from last pvp i frapsed, i guess not the best combination of debuffs you want on dagger, but since my WC is doing good job with sleeping, auto attacks are doing just as good work as stabs we have many heroes in CP and mental epics usually go to people who utilize them the best (and welp, most of the time i dont utilize them well ), also i am running with BW heavy set +4 and toi 4 and i have 1x 3rd class skills learnt from books (also i am lowest lvl in party) - tho, i have AQ3 all the time at least anything else?
  3. MoDoy

    Event: Summer Feast

    QQ, then i guess we dont need update yet coz we didnt come to end game with our cp
  4. MoDoy

    Cloth piece on summer event

    are you also as excited as me that in half year when we will >maybe< get next event there will be non existant chance to win something useful?
  5. MoDoy

    Gludio Siege

    thats rest of party job, to keep you alive and keep enemies away from you (like for example sleeping them??), not help you damage when their dmg is lololo, last month i was barely using hero zerk in pvps because enemy bards/tanks were non stop slept, so i didnt even get aggro and i preffered to have some extra p def from valor rather than lowering my def with zerk
  6. MoDoy

    Gludio Siege

    this "kid" plays WC exactly how it should be played, but for everyone what he needs, maybe if biz didnt have trashy DDs like you in CP, sharkey wouldnt have to try to pretend he is DD with his 24/7 drains dealing 500dmg, we appreciate more that class which is in top 5 controlling classes focuses on his job instead of meddling into ours, also WC who can rebuff is also nice, maybe you could try it in your party sometimes as well, maybe your nbls scroll consumption will be lower DD who needs help from his whole party coz he is incapable of doing his own job (SE, WC nuking, lulz) trying to flame others, what a nice start of day cannot wait what comes next 😛
  7. MoDoy

    Gludio Siege

    damn, first they change skills of classes you play on olympiad and now this, i dont know what have you done to admins, but looks like they really dont like you
  8. MoDoy

    Cloth piece on summer event

    fixed it for you, correct word in ypur sentence is Asians, not chinese (or korea already turned them on and now its just waiting for china? )
  9. MoDoy

    Cloth piece on summer event

    yeah, i have my tallum light waiting to unseal, BRING THE EVENT ON!
  10. MoDoy

    We need good event!

    modoy soonTM
  11. MoDoy

    Cloth piece on summer event

    nah, everybody knows you farmed all of that yourself, chill, they just tease you :d
  12. MoDoy

    Cloth piece on summer event

    thats why xp buff i mentioned in other topic would kind of solve it - you want to use it on your main high lvl chars to profit everyday from it, who cares about xp boost on some 20 lvl box sh1t
  13. MoDoy

    Event: Summer Feast

    i said it before, can repeat it again, the most attractive thing for people is progression buff each event on ru offi had this thing, where each day you could claim buff, which gave little bit of stats (or doesnt have to) and it was giving some boost XP however they did it pretty smart and most of them were made like this: you go to NPC and you take buff for 1h, which gives you 10% xp boost, after this 1h when the buff fades, it transforms into another buff, which is for 1h you get 15%, after that you get lets say third and final boost, which is like 20-25% boost for 1-2h now yes, thats a lot of boosting, could be adjusted to x3 rates, but the idea behind this is, if you want to take full extend of this boost, you are kind of forced to play and farm for these 3-4 hours, because you would miss a lot otherwise, that itself was keeping people farm eventho they didnt want to, but they knew if they dont waste all 4h now, they wont be able to profit from next day boost (also note that 3rd buff is significantly better than the first buff, so people wont just log off after first hour) also to not make people somehow abuse it, you could make it that the timer ticks like talisman in inventory, that its X clean hours and you cannot just take buff, relog and next day farm for 6-8h because after it fades, you can just take new one or it can be changed in many different ways, but this way people are motivated to xp/farm especially on their mains (as what for you need xp on some 20 lvl box??), that will make server looks more lively and >maybe< brings more pvp
  14. MoDoy

    Cloth piece on summer event

    yes, but you dont have to be that guy, you dont have to have people to farm toi, you dont have to control toi you just need money to put shop in town and enjoy rift every 30 mins (pretty much same like thing if you bought clothes in town, but this way you need to do some extra work and is more RNG, but still doable)
  15. MoDoy

    Cloth piece on summer event

    i know several people who are buying unidentified stones on market and then just going rift, you dont need to farm toi to get cloth pieces