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  1. ? in this solution there wouldnt be "range", but rather calculates on buffs of ppl who are hitting the boss, which means that it cannot be avoided this way as in first solution
  2. these zones ppl mentioned at start are unrealistic bullsh1ts tbh, ppl would find a way how to abuse it eventually if they really wanted to abolish RB farmers and have the classic raiding, what they could do is they implement on bosses some kind of cancel buffs mechanics (buff canceling was part of RBs on previous chronicles) now idk how it would/could work, if bosses would AoE cancel on start, so parties would need tank and do active rebuff after the boss is started (that would mean the high lvl chars buffing would be a bit rekt) - problem: this could be avoided i guess by sending sacrafice char to hit boss letting it cancel and right after you send the real farmers other option would be for real classic experience, you could make bosses to have "intelligence" to cancel buffs which classes take 9 lvls higher than boss lvl, that way you would have to gather full party of your lvl and raid the boss with the stuff (example - for lvl 35 boss, only buffs you can get for it would be maximum from 44 lvl char, if any buff you learn from higher lvl would be buffed to you, the buff would be canceled) - problem: there is not really big enough population to satisfy and find full support for every level range, i cant imagine if in any RB party there wouldnt be 1 guy who just brings his high lvl buffer so eventho the rest of pt are randoms, they can smh manage raiding
  3. so first of all, tyrant is the biggest beast out of melee classes in pvp and pve, so there is nothing like you said about balance "its good in pve but sucks in pvp or it can be good in pvp but sucks in pve" about second statement, have you played on dagger yourself here? coz if not, boiiii, those are some big statements
  4. the idea in pve is, that instead of boosting everything else, you lower pretty much melee farming speed, so for example without CC, in GC you wont feel like sh1t if you go farm with your main mage party and no need to log your tyrant box party just to farm same goes for other zones CC was added in hellbound chronicle, so interlude PP didnt have it also CC was working even worse in past chronicles in pvp, because back then you didnt have reflect damage from all source of dmg like now, so only time CC could proc is if some DD focused you and made enough dmg, on classic it procs after first skill because you reflect enough to proc it
  5. you realize by removing CC and CoP, even if some melee chars get extra DMG from it (only when its triggered), your targets lose the bonus for defense (which is always up) also by removing CoP and CC - supports lose some overall defense from it, so ppl will hit them harder on average, but you wont be getting those lucky 1 shot crits (or at least fewer of them), which means good playstyle, keeping HPs/CPs filled will be promoted, instead of getting IK no matter what you do so in general - ppl who profited from triggered CC will now profit on average dmg boost, ppl who profited from non-triggered CC will now profit on not getting ridiculous spike lucky damage only ppl who could be against removal of CC are PvE ppl, who love to farm bosses with CC triggers (from epics it affects baium and zaken? but at least ppl wont be killing it with 1 destro party right?) or have melee chars (*cough, cough* tyrants *cough*), which in my opinion (and pretty sure many others have also this opinion) should be nerfed anyway, as its way too strong in PvE compared to any other class
  6. question is, why they shouldnt delete CC? why is it better to do something else? would love to see arguments on why its important for that buff to stay
  7. the whole idea behind this removing crit reduction buffs is, that from what i was thinking from, it has only positive effects and on classes, which are not that popular to play (daggers/archers/destro and slight negative effect on tyrant, which is also + in this case, as i believe admins were thinking for long time how to slightly nerf tyrants pve) only bad thing is farming epics like baium/zaken (antharas is farmed with mages anyway i heard), which will take more time, but still should be more than killable
  8. from what i understood, you would love to rebalance archers, as its not very appealing archetype for party and even if some party like that exists, its usually full PR because anything else except "fatal" does not really make damage. there are 2 approaches for balancing archers more 1) make archers skill based classes and forget fully about auto attacks - these changes happened in future classic chronicles on official, where double shot/lethal shot got power increase, huge decrease in casting speed and reuse, huge decrease in their MP consumption, increase crit chance on those skills (archers were literally able to spam skills and deal decent amount of damage with it) here is some idea how gameplay looks like on such archer (ignore the fact there is million changes in UI, just the fact that playstyle is kinda real target, lethal shot, double shot, kite 1s, repeat - that way other archers should be at least slightly competitive with PR setup and not to say that skills damage is not affected by crit dmg reduction buffs, which rekt archers pretty much) 2) fully remove crit reduction buffs (CoP 30%, CC 30%, ??) - before those skills were added, archers were viable party setup (eventho not the most popular), because their aa crits were at least doing something to opponents instead of tickling and they were main force in long term pvps (as mages and melees would run out of mp, thats the moment archers start to swipe everything) - however with addition of all crit reduction buffs, funny thing was that your critical auto attack was doing less dmg to tanks than your normal auto attack now with removing those buffs, what you will achieve is far greater balancing than with first solution, because old school aa archer archetype will be saved (needs to be tested, thats just my idea it should normalize dmg a bit) by removing those buffs, parties wouldnt have to box buffers just to get that extra 1-2 buffs (mage parties WC for CoP and spirit, all parties PP for CC and bts), which is annoying by removing CC, you get rid of the cancer RB farming, where all melees get 100% crit dmg bonus, so on high lvl bosses, you dont have to stand with several chars and nuke your destros to proc CC on them, on low lvl bosses, RB farmers would farm them slightly slower (tho not sure if they use CC or not, even if, only 1 DD gets the bonus, but i think they farm bosses with 2-3 chars anyway) tyrant, the long term king of pve should lose quite some of his power, dont take me wrong, it will still be strong, but without CC procs on strong mobs like in GC/FI, his farming speed should lower significantly, sometimes should be even problematic in case he aggroes more mobs (right now he doesnt care, he pop zealot, CC triggers and he vamps back and kills mobs in few hits), without CC he should be more careful situation with daggers would normalize as well (lets face it, they are trash) - by removing crit reduction buffs, their overall dmg should increase, however by removing CC, you are getting rid of those crazy "lucky" powerspikes dagger has (example: 5a) right now, you are dagger, you can hit for 2k [and thats kinda low], if you crit with skill, its 4k, if you have CC proc on, you hit for 8k, which starts to be close to 1 shot mage on full HP if you had slightly better gear 5b) if you remove crit reduction buffs, dagger will hit 3k normal hits, if crits, its 6k, but you eliminate the next double damage option with CC trigger on, so you dont get those crazy 10-20k numbers, but your average damage and damage from 1 rotation should increase slightly now, first option is more lazy, require less work and should make archer works, second option requires more testing how things behave, but generally should solve much more balancing than first option
  9. you are getting down scrub @SemenArsonist
  10. no, no, no politics, wanted to wish you happy new lunar year as well like you said, its just L2 forum, no need to get salty
  11. ah, and also i forgot, necro is also not summoner, bring back old mechanics where necromancer needs corpse of mob to summon pet, not this mindless resummoning, he is not summoner, he shouldnt have such powerful tool
  12. DA increase casting of dark panther to some ridiculous amount, like 45s with casting speed setup and 1 minute if you dont have wit dyes/casting speed set. what is this ridiculous "7s and i summon new pet", he is not summoner and ppl who say he doesnt have heal for pet to keep it alive, he has 3 UDs (which pet gets as well), he has aggro/mass aggro to protect it, once it dies, you should pay the price for losing it summoners drastically increase mana consumption for summoning new pet (be it even like 1000 mana) drastically decrease mana consumption for healing pet (lower it to some ridiculous amount like 30-50) you shouldnt just ditch the pet like that, healing your pet right now is pointless coz it costs same amount of mp like summoning new one pretty much, that way you promote gameplay which you actually have to play around your summon, not just "go my slave, i dont care what happens, i will go like rat somewhere and wait", when he goes for healing pet, he cannot have wall in between and needs to get exposed it has slight advantage for summoners as well, because not resummoning it means it keeps pet buffs you give him
  13. the thing with uppercut is that it has 10% resist chance, no matter how stacked your opponent is or how weak your destro is, 90% chance to land something that he cannot move after for several seconds - that gives you window to use 2 of your other stuns/fear i heard ppl finally started to resist some of the fears from destros (those who reached lvl 82 and have full epics), but you have to understand if you are lower level than 82 or you are not fully stacked with epics, uppercut can be landed without chance of interruption, because fear has immediate cast and ppl get comboed from 100 to 0 just like that (fear - demolition - armor crush - uppercut - hammer crush), because on top of giving non resistable debuff, it gives crazy damage
  14. 1 thing you forgot to mention, for love of god, please, never introduce blessed and improved and giant and destruction and whatever enchant scroll for new grade, this RNG sh1t with "oh, let me put 3-4 improved enchant weapons on gun and randomly make +10-12 weapon" is such a crap honestly chance to make fighter weapon +10 "normal way" is 5%, chance to make mage weapon +10 "normal way" is 0.7%, chances to make sets +6/7/8 are even less probably (lazy to google enchants for armors), thinking that this kind of overenchant should be normal is crazy in my opinion, thats why rizos idea to abolish all this star wars with new grade which is hard to enchant appeared. sure, you play a lot? you can make like +5/6 S grade weapon, you are newbie? you craft your S grade, make it +3, if you are ballzy and want "shiny" weapon, you go for some risky +4, nobody needs to see red/deep blue/purple weapons everywhere, these shiny armors comming from ppl proccing ez improved enchants in a row - sure, make it possible, but not easy to make by any means this could work if admins upped levels of all epic bosses to 80 lvl, so there is actual fight for it with your mains (lets face it, everyone hates this lowbie fiesta, it serves no purpose anymore as even if weaker clan appeared, it cannot really ninja epics), because if implemented right now, i can just imagine ppl being forced to farm these scrolls daily on their epic chars to have big advantage in case of death