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  1. MoDoy

    CP BloodBrotherS - Ally WK

    in BR prime there are only 2 states 1) you are either all bratkas cooperating like there is no tomorrow for everything, no pvp whatsoever, 0 action 2) it is absolute bloodshed, no mercy, every prime full of fun there is nothing in between and it seems like so much fun to play in NA prime when you are in state number 2)
  2. MoDoy

    Forum Reward

    i think they just have small delay with giving those items, coz i am still waiting for my baium lvl 3 for forum attendance
  3. MoDoy

    Classic 2.0 and Summoners

    you want to tell me you dont make normal 400-500 aqua swirl in mass pvp?
  4. MoDoy

    Classic 2.0 and Summoners

    dude, summoners do that dmg on this server right now already, now imagine with skills boosted as i said, if i didnt see cubics, i would think i am watching spellsinger pov, not summoner pov, if someone asked me how summoner should look like in L2, i would show him this, coz in my eyes, summoner plays with summon and cubics, not having pony following him for TP and just smack that aqua swirl on reuse
  5. MoDoy

    Classic 2.0 and Summoners

    honestly, if the guy didnt have cubics, i wouldnt even know he is playing summoner and not spellsinger :d
  6. MoDoy

    Classic 2.0 and Summoners

    because ppl are simple creatures, they see direct dmg and they are happy, thats why they reroll why would someone play summoner and deal 100k dmg+ with his pony during mass pvp but dont kill any1 (but the amount you waste on enemy healers healing this dmg is significant many times) if you can go suicide mission with dagger, deal 10k dmg, kill 1-2 people and die? who cares that if you bane enemy DDs, probably 90% of them are going to run without acument/haste/empower/ww for rest of the pvp, which makes them useless, if you are not directly killing them? everyone is in awe when you post fully stacked DD pov doing 10k dmg, but i can tell you behind those 10k dmgs in pvp stand supports who are capable of protecting/rebuffing/healing that one madman, people dont want to be team players, they just want to have fun, so they reroll their boring summoner for tyrant and pewpew with raging force and they are happy
  7. MoDoy

    Classic 2.0 and Summoners

    with heal? or with what? max warrior/mage bane ... then popcorn... repeat... as person who played 90% w/o mage party in clan, i can tell you that summoners (especially ponies, but you are ES, so its fine if i talk about those) are annoying as ****. why? very simple, before the fight when sides stay at 2k range, summoners just send pets and nuke with them and usually they just get away with it, which means that i am starting mass pvp without CP (which makes it 5k less survivability for initial burst dmg i am going to get), also with combination of being one of the best DDs, if you have summoners spamming on you banes 24/7, thats also annoying as hell and decreases your efficiency by a lot (and now you can say hurr durr but you can use potions, yes, you can, but you are not going to spam them whole fight and ww is just lvl 1, so good luck getting to someone with melee class which is not tyrant) and what exactly this proves if i could ask? because someone who was checking how updates passed on official, i can tell you there were 3 mages who played on server, hero sps, hero sph, hero sorcerer and every other DD slot in mage party was either ES or necromancer, so dont try to make it look how bad it is compared to mages, coz eventho numbers look terrifying, reality is somewhere else
  8. MoDoy

    Classic 2.0 and Summoners

    whoever says that summoners are useless have their head stuck up in their butt, ppl are just afraid to try new things and just go for what is currently meta sure, its not from our server, but as i said its coz most of summoners here are potatoes. here you have 9vs9 from dagger pt with PS, vs most meta melee setup (2 tyrants + AW + SK) and party vs party with mages (fisher on hero sorcerer)
  9. MoDoy

    Classic 2.0 and Summoners

    depending what course admins will take in next patch, they either become imba or they will stay being summoners who do summoners stuff, not just mages with TP
  10. MoDoy

    Titan Olly POV

    wait, thats illegal! (after 2 weeks, does it look like road to hero or not really?)
  11. MoDoy

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    well, since event wasnt cash grab, i spent quality time with family instead of grinding during holidays BEST.EVENT.EVER!
  12. MoDoy

    Nightmode for forum

    we live in 2k20 but these guys are still in 2k10 :< eyes still bleeding
  13. MoDoy

    Friday 13

    nah, you can say crap about me and rizos, but gotta defend bratka yomama :d he is the best. word. (#noHomo)
  14. MoDoy

    Friday 13

    the heck man, there was no FW when my bloopers video was made :< was only me and rizos on TS, out of clan/cp, dont be harsh ;x
  15. MoDoy

    Friday 13

    never said my bloopers were better also idk what you mean by natural, its not like it was scripted