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  1. MoDoy

    Baned only CHina accounts!

    maybe, but thats just a wild guess, have you tried not using 3rd party software? that could prevent chinese not get ban for using 3rd party software. but thats just a wild guess.
  2. MoDoy

    Cubic vs guard talisman

    i dont expect it being fixed even after 2.0, the classic procedure with my reports is report -> wait half year without fixing -> make video how OP is the bug in certain situations -> bug being fixed in 1 week after that (for example warrior crit chance, spoiler stun removing guard, etc. etc.) but since this is nerf bug so you cannot make video how broken it is, its not going to be fixed, like never
  3. MoDoy

    Cubic vs guard talisman

    found it out with spark cubic, but it seems all cubics have same problem - 5 debuffs breaking talisman doesnt work for them - for some magical reason you need to cast 6 debuffs before cubic debuff wont say "Immune" on target which used guard talisman (maybe cubics have some weird perception of debuffs, which could maybe somehow connect with liberate unable to cleanse the stun PS cubic?)
  4. - money comes from PA, everyone needs some boxes with PA and i am pretty sure its main source of their income, next thing is chinese and koreans buying sh1ttons of bresses and bsoes and other crap from nostalgia, but i think its minor profit - well, maybe if you compare it with NCWest they are, but i wouldnt really call that "ready to reply to everyone" experience - community is one of the worst of all servers i played (thats what i would say like 1.5 year ago, now i think community on ru offi is even worse, this russian mentality is just wow) - its online, and yes, there are more than 200-300 ppl active daily
  5. MoDoy

    Event Winter attack!

    Spawn: I will have the last word! death: Or you can have it instead ...
  6. MoDoy

    Event Winter attack!

    cool story and statistics those 70+% win rate vs me reflects very nice considering your winrate is 33% on your main class mirror :d
  7. MoDoy

    Event Winter attack!

    ofc i got tons of your attention somehow, idk what kind of tradition it is to pm me after every match you are vs me in olympia, weird flex but ok :d
  8. MoDoy

    Event Winter attack!

    i mean, second place is the first loser, which is first in some way, so its still fine john S.
  9. MoDoy

    Event Winter attack!

    i am used to being always first place, but its fine, thanks, kind words always make me happy from comrade from clownland :d
  10. MoDoy

    Event Winter attack!

    i dont think i would be considered subleader even in the CP, dunno how people still fail to grasp that idea of me having some important role in all of this when you guys talk to me, you are talking to the lowest possible rank the guy can have in clan/alliance, so just continue
  11. MoDoy

    HP Bar Numbers

    next time be the smart one and just laugh onthem when they try to overhit RB, coz overhit on RB doesnt really work like on mobs and is useless
  12. MoDoy

    WL or PS?

    you can go mage style until 74+ with warlock coz you have infinite mana or you can go melee style like PS
  13. MoDoy

    Event Winter attack!

    can we halt the event tomorrow in olympiad hours? todays olympiad was pathetic, 1 open olympiad wave per 10 minutes, looks like event is more appealing to people than oly :d