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  1. MoDoy

    180IQ plays and peekays

    sot thats the reason BP went first in suicide pt attempt? i think you might have wrong priorities in party classes
  2. MoDoy

    180IQ plays and peekays

    nice to see tereza is still good old member of suicide squad
  3. MoDoy

    Adena sellers

    i dont think it increases downtime of bots, they will be just creating bots concurrently. so lets say they are botting 1 char at a time, it takes them 30 mins to go to lvl 20 (so char is finished) and then they start new char and do it on repeat, if you increase it to 40 + quest, only thing is that once they reach 20 lvl on char, they simply start another char running at same time 1-20 while other one is doing 20-30. only problem i could see is that it will take lots of time to xp 1 char with top no grade weapon to 40, but since its bot doing all job, its like w/e for them i guess, its just instead of letting run 1 box each time they will have non stop running like 10-20 chars maybe. not sure how much low lvl ppl use shout, pms could possibly hurt them but dunno, i am not saying its bad idea its just wont work in my opinion
  4. MoDoy

    Adena sellers

    you realize you can buy scripts to make your class quests on adrenaline, right? so for bots it will be just 1 more script added to their leveling sqeunce, which will result in slight time extension of creating of new bots after the change, but after some time it will be exactly same as now (the bot full creation will take longer, but since they can have 2183712784 bots running at same time starting with slight delay, in the end the guy will be making new bot every (lets say) 30 mins same like he does now.
  5. and thats your speculation, not logic you were only ones demanding answers from jerry, so by "answer them", oh boi ... :d ps: dont hate yourself, its not worth it
  6. good thing we didnt ask jerry anything here, so if he says "answer them" ... :d i like that checkmate
  7. maybe uin was hired by shaka to be COE and recruiter like sjeks got hired by biz
  8. do you think i can do it single-handedly or i should bring rizos with me? :d
  9. now only waiting for the day when reaver comes and says "biz, you are not leader of perks anymore, i am leader" and claims all perkunas items for himself, what a day for humanity that would be
  10. phew, good thing i prepared all this stuff on discord before the apparent "rape" in september, i usually do it each month in case i fail so i can post screens, usually even several times per month 1 week later: modoy still refusing to go olympiad, but he agrees on watching matches from other ppl from CP so i can tell them their mistakes or where they can improve go @Yomana, i still believe you can become farmer on SK :d
  11. it wasnt meant for us, just zaza missclicked forum instead of ticket, its for admins damn it, you must be right, you saying things vs actual screenshots how yomana asking to play SK and me saying i wont participate in hero making in september. we found the winner here :d
  12. come on, i had decent proofs that i didnt try anytime hero on september when myrm said i really did, was that one lie as well?