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  1. no, i dont manipulate anything, 1 cp apparently recruited 1 guy who you think is scammer (tho you said yourself like 3 different guys who this guy is), and you put whole "RS recruiting scammers", so i just came with "china recruiting soft users", because half of your guys are using illegal software, either for pvp, farm, radar, etc., and leader himself of such a great alliance is well known for doing this, as he got banned his char 3 times is china recruiting only cheaters bruh? the 20 CPs egggyeee spoke about, is that few guys logging parties on soft?
  2. ah, so now its not about clan but CPs? until now you put into same bag whole RS because of this korean, suddenly when same thing is pointed on china, you go "i dont have one in cp", well, guess what, i dont have one in CP either and its not my business what other CPs do and wild guess, if i pointed exactly guy from your cp for something fishy, you would go "well, its not me but that guy, i dont do such stuff so not my problem" btw, be proud of your alliance, lead by guy who got banned like 3 times for illegal soft? such fair play, considering half of the chinese use soft
  3. except the fact that this fight wasnt supposed to be 2vs2, but 1vs1, but your china friends decided to do some shady stuff and bring more people than expected, hard concept to understand, right? still you counted and numbers were same? then you would know china had actually more numbers than 2 parties, so its not 2vs2 btw, are you fine being in clan with botters? how does it feel like, being fine with quacking cheaters?
  4. haha, you are funny denko, really, so we killed zhttty party in GC, after that they called us to go pvp again, while they didnt say anything about second party and after that they tried to hide the fact that they were 2 parties by saying "9vs9", because they didnt think we would notice that and bring second party but what am i even talking about, that classic china gameplay, you lose, you just bring more numbers, so why do i even complain you did something like this in premade fight, right? total angels and nothing wrong with it
  5. wait a moment, again hypocrisy? YOUR side posted this pvp first with title 9vs9 when they very well knew THEY HAD 2 parties (we killed zhttty party in GC, they called other party and asked us to go fight them again, they didnt say anything about more parties but since we knew they group more, we brough second party as well), and until now its not changed, whats up with that? dude, seriously, if you run out of things you should point out on enemies, better look at your own side first and then you can speak china the proud warriors
  6. MoDoy

    4/4 WK vs RS ZAKEN

    i bet you logged all those lowbie chars and trade spammed them and thats why they lost, pfu, better learn how to fight like a man ordi a not like a pussy, such dirty tactics, you should be ashamed china #1
  7. MoDoy

    4/4 WK vs RS ZAKEN

    you know who you play with? can you tell us more about that chinese party on toi 11 botting non stop for past 1.5 year? tell me their secret (lulz, did i say their? i bet its just 1 guy with bot, who am i trying to joke with)
  8. so @YipMan, how many koreans did you count on rizos fraps before first fight happened? and as you can see, we were surprised ourselves that this crest appeared there (2 guys? which i guess just came to watch?) now go make more propaganda for yourself so you feel better
  9. MoDoy

    4/4 WK vs RS ZAKEN

    yeah, because we didnt babysit new people since ancient times of uchiha cp running in ABG with rizos, we definitely just accept 80 lvl full stacked parties
  10. oh, you are 100% he was on one of those low lvl cameras, wow, or maybe you know he was on all of them, huh? as i said, it was 99% koreans (dunno which ones), but i also said WE DIDNT CALL them, but rather you invited them there by spamming crap on HV and they just came coz you guys hate each other apparently way too much we dont invite RF to CC on zaken fights? so on which of the video which was posted past 2 days from zaken you see RF parties? and what do you think this last party in our CC is? oh, correct, those are toons to farm zaken, so yeah, you are not only one who has boxes in CC or you dont remember PKing our boxes close the door there? and apparently, as long as wukong and dev8 is not alliance, neither will we be RS and RF alliance, just because they fight you on sieges which is convenient for us to keep you away, same like dev8 tries to keep away stuff from us by helping you, RF wants to screw you guys up
  11. MoDoy

    RS vs WK + CS

    first time it happened, we didnt even try to discuss anything and it was mess-up of higher-ups (sjeks-jwan, not deciding on schedule and sharing it), second time this was to happen, i tried to change it and discuss it out, but guess what, you guys didnt and now comes for your words i dont care to continue this discussion, everyone who was there, especially you, knows i tried to communicate it out before taking actions, it ended how it ended, we got punished for it and in cp i claimed responsibility for getting us kicked, but trying to put whole thing just on us while hiding behind white shield is really stupid
  12. MoDoy

    RS vs WK + CS

    yeah, you are right, i could do things differently, if i knew how stubborn you guys are, i wouldnt waste more than hour discussing with you that day, would just straight go and do my stuff about sjeks recordings, he did nothing wrong to me to post recordings of our discussions/TS to undermine his image all i am saying is that i tried, but i guess you guys were too butthurt to even communicate it out before i took actions, and if you deny that you are freaking liar, because that day i spoke exactly with you
  13. stop embarrassing yourself and get your head out of ass plz ;d and yeah, it was +- 2 vs2 parties, maybe some chars extra/less, but you cant know how many actives each side had, so thats why i said 2vs2, which seems fair to me i would bet those koreans came because YOUR people were shouting in HV to come ABG instead of arranging it with us directly, so only people you can blame for that are yours
  14. MoDoy

    RS vs WK + CS

    i heard different TS recordings from sjeks after we got kicked if i were in mood to cause trouble, i wouldnt waste freaking 1h talking to fortuna/sjeks/you and god knows who else that day and day before it, trust me, its not like i woke up in the morning and decided "yep, time to screw some dev8" did we get kicked because of my decision? yes, but dont present it like i was waiting whole day, couldnt wait until i screw you up and then laughed hard, i actually tried
  15. so call that a devil, not an angel