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Found 1 result

  1. So i started this topic from thread I thought its Classic L2 not only by name but by mechanics too. Coz i just realized Lineage 2 Classic is not an chronicle close to C1 to C6 (Interlude) chronicles. It has things from further chronicles like misc: Mail system and skills here exaple: Daggers have passive dagger mastery triggering per % chance on normal attack. Triggering passive weapon mastery occured in very late chronicles gracia or high five, i though we re closer to interlude and earlier chronicles, further updates of Classic re Scions of Destiny based (but i might be wrong here) still those skills did not occur then. Here we have proof that daggers re having an extra thing from the far chronicles. As i read here they ill also get hide at later lvls. How about other clases like mages? What do they get. I realized also one more thing freaking me out. Gladiator with long range stun!? Check this video as he land 3/3 stuns from distance skill Banana Sound Impulse, translated from russian Attacks the enemy with the power of the sound pulse 369. stunned for 5 sec .. Requires a sword / blunt weapon / twin swords. You can increase the capacity by means of focusing skills. Max. the number of reinforcements - 2 equipped. Crete. kick. We should really consider about some skills being implemented on our Classic server coz its giving serious boost to some classes while some is not getting anything special (like mages).